What Does a Golden Retriever do when He Finds His Owner Sleeping with Another Dog

What Does a Golden Retriever do when He Finds His Owner Sleeping with Another Dog

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Bailey is always more rambunctious than Mia, and nudges his way in! So precious!! 😂Bailey is such an adorable floofybutt. He just works it until he’s in there! 😂 Gotta love his persistence!😅 🤣🧡🧡Mia’s trying to run away from Bailey’s jealousy 😂😂❤So cute Bailey wants to pile on his daddy and scoot off Mia as king of the hill. Love this fluffball 🥰I absolutely love boisterous Bailey and mindful Mia, they show the difference in temperament between male and female Golden Retrievers That is just the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve seen all year. My chihuahua Izzy would do the exact same thing. LolBailey seems to love that you were purposely trying to amuse him. Hence, all the licks and kisses. Mia understands so well and just wants to chill while ignoring Bailey.Never seen this kind of love. No humans can love as dogs love. So faithful.So funny. Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment. 😂❤Aww️🥹 Bailey is so jealous,just like me when I was younger🥰That’s the reason I like golden retrievers, they are great loving dogs for just about anyone.Love your channel. It always puts a smile on my face.. they get so jealous of the smallest things. One of our Goldens does this when their brother gets patted when out for a walk.Sooo cute! I miss my Golden Retrievers. They are so comforting and loving!It’s a beautiful thing how animals love

Mia is and Bailey are absolutely beautiful Dogs . Bailey just wants some cuddles from his Dad just like Mia How’s Teddy give them all big cuddles.Having a doggo in liife is like the best part of it.. 😍We have a Bailey too! Exact same pooch! She does the same thing. 😂❤Ohhh mi Bailey, un celoso de Mía, pobrecito, tan bonitoooo y adorable, siempre un juguetón y Mía tan tranquila, que bell@sss, me reencantaaaan 🐶🐶I love your videos Bailey and Mia brings so much joy in my heart 🐶🧡🐶🌻🌷🌸❤Brady doubled back as if to say, “Wait one minute… This is unacceptable… That’s my spot!”The other dog clearly knows that they have something going on and just wants to get out of their way.😂Dogs are so much like people!❤😂😅😊I have 2 Papillions and their only downside is a craving for constant attention especially if one receives it and not the other. The middle ground is having each one sleep on a different side of me.This is adorable but he should of grabbed Bailey (the jealous cute dog) and give him a big hug .I so miss both of my dogs that have recently passed away!Bailey was just like Yeah Nah just gonna move you out the way this is my person thank you very muchBailey is so sweet and has so much personality!! I think his parents are Polish. I love Polish people.One day this child will burst with jealousy just because of this father’s love.😹😹😹😹😹😹

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