Unusual Animals That People ACTUALLY Own As Pets!

Unusual Animals That People ACTUALLY Own As Pets!

What was the best moment? Let me know in the comments, I read them all. I hope you have fun watching this video. Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂The Coconut Crab was quite fascinating. I’ve heard that they possess the ability to deliver a pinch with a force comparable to that of a lion’s bite!! I hope the owners are cautious and handle them with care.The interaction between humans and animals is amazing.Cool videos and all, but maybe a disclaimer is maybe needed about the fact that owning wild/exotic animals is not right most of the time.The fact that the bears and other big animals are good to their owners can be explained by one phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds u”Never heard a koala before!🙂The late Robin Williams got to meet Koko and they became good friends. Oh yeah and by the way, pythons, anacondas and boa constrictors are very dangerous to other animals and to the people too. Cobras that are pets usually have their fangs removed and even have their mouths taped shut, and it is because of people that these animals are endangered in their native habitats. Capybaras need others of their kind around, because they live in family groups. In other words folks, stop getting exotic animals as pets because you are contributing to their demise and to the destruction of their homes.Wonder if those pets actually own their people??? 🤣❤The Coconut Crab was an interesting one. I’ve heard they can deliver a pinch with the same force as a lions bite!! Hope the owners careful.You can not own a kiwi. That’s illegal. You must have a licence to have a kiwi and possible it can not be released because of injuries4

Anyone can swim with the polar bears. Only question is can they survive?Animals so sweet understand too she’s knows who take care of them as wellI don’t know why actual pet animals aren’t good enough for these people but it does lead to very interesting content.An ex-girlfriend of mine–her mother and stepfather had a cougar… They went on a little week vacation, but we cat sat it… We had a party(drinking and grilling) and a couple of us thought it would be a good idea to take him out for a walk… Let’s just say I got bit in the ass… Mistake…

Fun fact! This Russian couple not only own a Puma/Mountain Lion/Cougar but they also own a Cheetah named Gerda. The puma is called Messi.I’d love a little tribe of finger monkeys. Build a large natural environment and breed their numbers up to live in a protected environment, free from predators and watch them thrive as a finger monkey community! Would love to sit with them as I feed them the best foods I can obtain for them to be healthy. What a beautiful animals !! Please take good care of them !! Be bless !!Sometimes people have a tendency of owning wild animals as pets.I always believe that if you treat your pet or any animal with love he will amaze you ,he will show you how smart he really is .The lady that had the croc for a pet is crazy. At least she stayed her distance, but then again he just walks in the back door. She might want to keep it locked.😉🙂❤👍I think it’s awful for them to keep wild animals in captivity. Sad.Comme d’habitude, vos vidéos sont un régal 🥰👍. Merci et meilleurs voeux pour 2023.🙏well, to be honest, most of these wonderful animals belong to the nature and are not pets, but prob trophies …Unless you’re a licensed/volunteer animal rehab person, you shouldn’t have ANY of these animals in your home.

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