Poor Golden Retriever Can’t Sleep Because of Annoying Kittens

Poor Golden Retriever Can’t Sleep Because of Annoying Kittens

Uncle Bailey is the most patient and loving babysitter in the world. You can tell he’d like to sleep, but he truly doesn’t look irritated. 😂❤❤Obviously Bailey has been raised in a calm loving home, he’s gorgeous and so are the kittens…LOTS of Cuddles from me You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many kittens giving you baths. 🐾What a good boy. You definitely owe Bailey all the belly rubs he wants, also double rations of the dog treats.I like that bailey and the cats seem to get along, these videos are a calming thing to behold.So freaking cute! I’m looking to adopt a kitten pretty soon!OMG~~Thanks for this~~I’m actually smiling~~I’ve been with Bailey and Rocky for a while now and your vids help me to forget everything I’m going through now~~I just love your fur babies~~How many animals do ya’ll actually have?…Their all so beautiful and loving~~A home of love is what ya’ll have~~😃😃😃💗💗💗Somehow, I don’t think Bailey minds the attention one bit.If only we humans could learn from such love!🙏❤
Those cute kittens love the big brother~👍 Thank you for sharing this video~🤗Those Kittens are the Sweetest most Adorable Babies ❤🐾🐈 and Bailey is so Gentle & Nurturing with them ❤🐾🐕I think Bailey may be secretly enjoying all the goings on and know they will eventually settle down. Otherwise he would move somewhere else. So lovely to watch. Thank you.😂❤😅Never met a bad person with a Retriever. ..xxThis is too much!! What a sweet dog and those kittens- Cuteness overload.Those kittens basically own Bailey now !!! Beautiful little family.Bailey is the best boy. He loves his kitties and is so patient. He knows he’s responsible for them. Good boy, Bailey❤I think that doggy is enjoying every minute of it. What a sweety.This lovely dog is so patient and adorable!! Let’s all pray the kittens get tired soon and at least take naps so the poor object of their loving attention can get some sleep..♥ ♥For all you know, what seems annoying could be the best moment of his life being around by his other furry friends.Sus amigos gatitos lo consienten y él tan bello no se resiste para nada. Hermosos❤❤❤Poor Bailey. It is too much love he receives in unwanted time.This is the animal equivalent of letting your young nieces and nephews to do your make up for fun. Adorable.

Bailey’s the best. Is he really annoyed or does he miss them sometimes when they are not there with him? 😮😊Poor doggie. He is so patient with them. He’s just a beautiful dog.The adorable meter just hit the roof…. the look on the dog’s face is…. PRICELESS!!!!….🤣🤣🤣Sama słodycz🥰😍😘😘😘❤. Mia🐶 to jest ostoja spokoju😊😄. Przytulam te piękne słodziaki🐱🐶🐱🤗❤. Pozdrawiam serdecznie🤗🇵🇱❤👋.Bailey looks like a yellow lab, not a golden retreiver. Bailey and the kittens are adorableSuch a good boy !! & those kittens are so Floofy & 🥰 cute🐾Funny & cute…is this Bailey who makes funny videos with his dad?….the kittens are oblivious that they are keeping him from his nap….but there’s nowhere they’d rather be than with their big bro…enjoyed the videoThat little kitten is so cutely grooming this over sized pillow with his tiny tongue while the older cat is just annoyingly rolling all over 😅To the person reading this, even though I don’t know you. I wish you the best of what life has to offer 🙏 🙌 😊❤The kitten giving him a bath is sooo cuteHe knows he is being pestered by the sweetest of the sweet….what a lovely dog.Warning, this level of cuteness is parental discretion advisedAhhhhh….these videos are like therapy for my soul and emotional wellbeing. Thank you and God bless you. ❤🙏😍I want them all and we can lay around all day and try to nap. HeavenWell, who put the kittens close to him in order to film the three of them?!? ❤I hope Bailey gotta little something special in the treat department for the patience he exhibited while being repurposed as a giant cat toy….

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