Kittens abandoned in icy water! Meow gradually weakens, A miracle saved the lives of four kittens

Kittens abandoned in icy water! Meow gradually weakens, A miracle saved the lives of four kittens

Kittens abandoned in icy water! Meow gradually weakens, A miracle saved the lives of four kittensThey’re cruel more😢 pitiful for little kitten bag abandoned in water..thank you was saving all cats 🐈 God bless you you my friend ❤🙏💙♥Até onde vai a crueldade das pessoas? Que vergonha… graças a Deus ainda existem pessoas pra amenizar e fazer a diferença. Viva a compaixão! Obrigada a todos que resgatam os animais Thank you for saving these precious kitties. 🙏🏻 I just can’t believe ppl can abandon helpless lives, so sad.Bless the cats hearts being in that cold water.Thanks for helping the cats.I hope they are all alright and get good homes.Thank you so much for helping these innocent kittens.You’re an angel! Thanks God you found them and saved their precious lifes just in timeLove has won over cruelty!Como puede haber gente tan cruel y sin corazón… espero que sean adoptados por personas amorosas y amantes de los gatitos…que reciban todo el amor que merecen….!!! Gracias por rescatarlos Dios te bendiga…!!!I thought people quit doing this type of cruelty in the 1970’s! I hope humanity will find more kindness in their hearts and that in this day and age will become more enlightened. Finally. Thank you for you beautiful kindness in saving these babies.I’m heartfelt glad these dear four are in the most loving care. They are preciousThey look nice and healthy now, you did a wonderful job Thanks so much for rescuing those beautiful creatures; The Lord will reward you with abundance of good health prosperity and happiness; finite of thanks!!😿😺😽🙋How can people have no remorse! They literally left the babies to their death! Thank you for being their saving guardian angel! The world needs more people like you! 🙏Bendiciones para este joven que rescato a estos pequeñitos gatitos 😢 me parte el corazón😢😢de verlos que estaban tirados en una bolsa cada uno 😢😢dios bendiga siempre a este joven

I am so grateful that there are still such kind-hearted people who strive to alleviate the madness. Stay healthy and continue helping the poor animals.They all look so healthy. Your taking excellent care of them. God bless youVery proud of you for your rescue efforts ❤How did he know they were there in such an isolated area? Makes you wonderQue hermosa acción de amor por estos bebés no tiene palabras dios bendiga. Ese joven por salvarlos ❤I cannot imagine .. why there are people without mercy. The kittens are so helpless.. thank you to the one who saved , rescued them.Thank You for saving them 💖 Please always feed them when they are on their tummy, not on their backs XX

How horrific some human beings are! I hope karma finds them! Well done to the person saving these little ones

This was terrible…..thank goodness you heard their mewings….you got to them just in time…. I cried all the way through but happy tears in the end…thank you for saving them… from one pet lover to another …thank you ❤❤❤❤❤They were so exhausted that they instantly fell asleep once under that heater and on a comfy blanket <3 Poor babies 🙁 <3Thank you so much for saving the 4 little kitten!!!🐈 They are so cute 😍 & I don’t know how someone can do that to them or any animal’s…. That is so mean to do to animal’s. Thank you again so much for saving them. Love ya, Dana 💜 💕 💓👍

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