After the accident, she was left on the side of the road, no one stopped the car to help her!

After the accident, she was left on the side of the road, no one stopped the car to help her!

We came to know about an unconscious cat on a roadside. Last night, a car hit her while she was crossing the road. The person who told the story informed that the mama cat immediately gave birth to three premature kittens. That person couldn’t seek help from other local shelters, and then, he contacted us. We hurried to rescue them in early morning. The mama cat went through regular treatment, and we took care of her as per vet’s advice. The kittens grew up and are under the care of their caring mama. She’s living a happy and comfortable life with her precious kittens. Please subscribe to our channel and support our work. Thanks for watching!

Thank you so much for your incredible efforts in rescuing the mother cat and her kittens. It’s heartbreaking to hear about the loss of one, but you’ve truly done an extraordinary job. Mother cats are remarkable creatures, and you’ve given this one and her remaining kittens a chance for a better life. I noticed the improperly set jaw fracture. At this point, it’s functional, and I’d recommend against any further surgical intervention. The risks and potential complications outweigh the benefits, given that she can eat and drink normally as is. Please keep this special kitty close, either in your home or nearby. She’s a treasure and deserves a life full of love and care. Your dedication to animal welfare is genuinely inspiring. Keep up the excellent work! Best regards, Viktor Larkhill Let’s Adopt InternationalThank you..God bless you . Cats rule… keep helping them every chance you get… you made my day much better.. I’ve saved cats myself it’s always worth it..!! You are a man with a golden heart.God bless you for helping the tiny little kittens and their crippled mom to live. Your effort of saving the innocent creatures is highly appreciated.

It’s nice to meet you, friend. I cried all the way through this precious video, dear friends. You literally saved her life and the life of her kittens. You are truly human angels for this little one. I can’t thank you enough for your tender, persistent care for this little fur family. May you be blessed always for that. I wish you a beautiful week and happy holiday with these purring darlings!You put faith back into what it means to be a child of God! Thank you and your wonderful team for taking care of this mother cat and her premature babies! You did a great job! Wonderful to see her walking ! 🐈What a heart wrenching story!😪 The world needs more people like you. Thank you so much for saving them!❤❤❤🙏❤❤❤You rescuers are real angels on our planet, God blessed you for having such a beautiful heart ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Hallah oiii 😥 nkkaawa nman si meng2 at mga kuting nya.. Buti na lng at may mabubuting puso na kagaya nyo.. Na isave ninyo buhay nla mgiina.. Maraming Salamat po snyo.. God bless you always This world needs more empathic people like you ❤Thank you sooooo much for not giving up on the mama cat and kittens. So many agency would have just put them to sleep in America. God bless you and the vet for not doing so.How could people ignore her? My heart is broken. I started bawling uncontrollably upon seeing her a few months later looking so healthy and beauty with her babies! Thank you, thank you, thank youWhat an incredible turnaround. Thank you for all you do for these animals. They so desperately need our help.Beautiful mama and kittens! Thank you for helping them. 😊❤What a traumatic experience for that poor mama kitty! You were a Godsend. Sad about the loss of Spirit, but so glad the others turned out well.

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