Stray cats gathered in my backyard

Stray cats gathered in my backyard

I would adopt all three. They look like they’ve been through a lot together and could not seperate them.

I played this with my cat in the same room and she lost her mind. Immediately started looking around, sniffing my phone, mrrping anxiously. Adorable.When I heard their soft voices meowing it melted my heart So cute and lovable kittens 😻😻😻Adorable! This happen to me about a year ago. My husband and I fed a stray cat and she kept coming back. She disappeared for a few days to have her kittens somewhere. About 6 weeks later I opened the back door to see mom cat and her 4 babies!I definitely wouldn’t mind this invasion it’s so adorable ٩(◕‿◕)۶It is very difficult to resist so much cuteness !!! I would adopt all three of them!!!I love how the other two casually wander out after letting the brave one test the water😅Such cuties!!! My kitty was asleep until he heard the mewing of the kittens and then he got up and started searching around the house looking for new playmates.So cute! 🥰 I foster kittens. I love their little squeaky meows! Thanks for caring for these itty bitty kitties.I was showing this to my cat and she started meowing at them in a sad way like she’s never seen a phone before 😭😭😂😂

How cute are they , no please don’t separate them now. They’re absolutely beautiful fluffy little teddy’s ❤it’s actually a huge mystery: HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO BE THIS CUTE?If these 3 showed up in my back yard…I would be the proud owner of three kittens! 😻😂This has to be the most precious kitten video I’ve seen all day 🥺🥰How Adorable! 😆 I love them all, but the 2 with the white shoes are somewhere beyond cuteness!I like how the two in the back sent the first one to go talk to you and then when he didn’t get eaten they came out as well.I still love how the all grey kitten has a higher pitched meow than the rest of themI like how the kitten walks back out like it’s his backyard, then the rest followed, they’re all adorable 😄Thank you for extending your compassion and kindness unto these three precious kittens. This exactly melted my heart.They are so cute!! Even when I was at a hotel, there was this stray cat we called Bloxy. Bloxy was very attached and I get how those kittens feel. I’m glad you were very wonderful and could take care of these kittens. :)These little guys are adorable. How could anyone with even a shred of humanity resist giving them all the help they need. Up to and including a home.Beautiful kittens, so precious 💞 I so hope they get a home 😻🐈‍⬛My cat invaded my backyard and I had her for 14 years until she passed November 7, 2020. Best animal I ever had.

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