Kitten Kiki’s growth record for 365 days since her birth!

Kitten Kiki’s growth record for 365 days since her birth!

She was the only survivor in the litter of 4 kittens, and she grew up with a heart and breathing problem in her early days, as well as other challenges. And now here she is, 1 year later, still alive and happier and sweeter than ever. I couldn’t imagine this channel without our precious baby, princess Kiki. Love you forever cutie.  Happy Birthday! ❤🎉Kiki went from a fragile sickly little kitten, to an absolute sweetest CHONKIEST onee-chan in no time 🥰🥰🥰

Your cat videos brings me so much joy. I used to have three cats. The first died in 2020, second in 2021 and the the third one died in 2022. I have no cats at present. My cats were actually my mother’s cats she died back in 2012. Losing my cats was like losing a part of my mother as she loved her cats so much. She always had cats throughout her life. Your cat videos has helped with my grief. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cats.
Happy Birthday, Kiki!!! You are officially an adult cat! My heart goes out to you, princess! 😽👏🏻🎉🎊🎂🐈💝
Kiki is a miracle baby – she beat all odds & has grown into the most beautiful cat! She will forever be my favorite girl! We all are wishing her a very HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY! Everybody loves our Princess!

We are living in a beautiful and challenging world together and Kitten Kiki has helped so much We Watch her grow and we are not strangers any moreThank You Everyone

Después de todo lo que pasamos cuando naciste, no sabíamos si ibas a sobrevivir, verte ahora hermosa y fuerte, te deseo Feliz cumpleaños guerrera Kiki!The final scene of Mimi’s grooming Kiki has not been shown before and is a very pleasant surprise! Kiki has always been desperate for her parents’ attention but alas mostly got ignored, so it’s really nice to know that she got her wish sometimes.aahhh this honestly made me cry a bit! Kiki had such a rough start, being the only survivor of her litter, and then having heart problems… she was growing so slowly, but thanks to the love and care from her parents and owner, she’s grown into a strong, big girl! i hope she continues to have a wonderful life <3

Mimi is a special Mother. She saved her kitten,she was working hard day and night for her kitten. Deserve everything best. Happy Birthday Kiki.🎉 Everyone was worried and praying for your health. Now look at you, beautiful and healthy. I wish you everything , best in Life 🎉I haven’t seen more beautiful than this.. this is Kiki the most adorable kitten in the world.. I think the owner feel the sameHappy birthday Kiki!! 😘😘😘 Kiki has the most beautiful sweet and loving personality. Love the final scene – so happy to see Kiki and Mimi still sharing a strong bond. ❤ Thank you Mr Owner for looking after our favourite cat family so well!

Happy 1st birthday, sweet Kiki! You will always be my favorite cat! 🥰 😻 ❤ ❤ ❤ 🎂 🎉 🍀 🌈

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