I put it in the trunk to bury the cat that was hit by the car, but a miracle happened.

I put it in the trunk to bury the cat that was hit by the car, but a miracle happened.

In this video, you watched the kitten’s first treatment after a traffic accident. The danger to the kitten’s life from internal bleeding is over. This kitten is under observation at the veterinary clinic for epilepsy treatment. The updated video about the treatment process will be published as soon as possible. Do not worry. The treatment process was started to be done by veterinarians in the best way. By veterinarians who treated and cured the paralyzed cat Asia

Gott sei Dank ist das Baby gerettet worden ,dank euch Engel!

As soon as Luna saw the volunteer’s face, she stopped meowing and started purring. The volunteer was surprised by the sudden change in behavior and reached out to pet the kitten. Luna nuzzled into the volunteer’s hand, as if she knew her.

The volunteer realized that Luna had recognized her voice from a video she had posted on social media. She had taken a video of Luna and her siblings playing a few weeks earlier when they were still with their mother. Luna must have remembered the volunteer’s voice and felt comforted by it.

The animal shelter can be a scary and lonely place for many animals, especially for kittens who are used to being with their mothers and siblings. This was the case for a little tabby kitten named Luna who found herself in a shelter after being abandoned by her previous owners.

Luna was only a few weeks old and had been crying non-stop since she arrived at the shelter. The staff did their best to comfort her and make her feel at home, but nothing seemed to work. Luna was lonely and scared, and the constant meowing was starting to wear on everyone’s nerves.

One day, a volunteer at the shelter came to visit Luna and other animals. She was walking down the row of cages, saying hello to each animal when she heard a tiny meowing coming from Luna’s cage. The volunteer was immediately drawn to the kitten and knelt down to get a closer look.

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