Golden Retriever Puppy Reacts to Duckling Bathing in the Pool (So Funny!!)

So adorable! Beautiful, gentle giant of a dog is being so sweet with that gorgeous little duckling… they are both quite ‘quackers’! So cute,best way to start your day is watching puppies dogs,cats etc. Pure happiness,l love dogs I’m obviously in the minority here but I think the duck looked stressed, moving as far from the dog as it could, which isn’t very far. 🥺

My heart melted when I saw Bailey patiently sitting there while the kitten was playing with his ears! Have a beautiful day everyone! 🐕 😸 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 ❤❤❤❤❤❤The video also showcases the patient and calm demeanor of the dog, who doesn’t seem bothered by the kitten’s persistent antics and continues to relaxBailey doesn’t ignore him but tolerates him with so much LOVE. Bailey is best than any therapy…Love how Bailey doesn’t even care and let the kitten continue playing with his ear lol

Could watch bailey all day so relaxing. So funny to watch kittens paw at his earsKitten is like, “Are you my mother??” So cute. ❤Typical Goldy. So chill and loving. Always match their attitude to level of those around them. Excited one minute, total couch potato the next.Kitten: You was scawy at first, but I likes you now. Bailey: I likes you too, little catto, but please let me sleep.Bailey doesn’t want to play but he doesn’t mind if the kitten is playful. Bailey is warm and needs to pant; Bailey wants to rest and he wants to watch his humans.

Golden retrievers are so gentle, patient and sweet with all living beings. The best dogs on the planet!

The kitten is having the time of its life.I was thinking, the first time the kitty claws the tongue, it will become an hors d’oeuvre! LOLKitten: PLAY WIF MEE OR I BOOPS YOU AND EAT YOUR EAR Bailey: Geez, now I now how dad felt for all these years.My cousin had a huge German Shepard and a cat. Whenever he say, “Munch the kitty.” the dog would go over to the cat, open his mouth and put the cat’s entire head in his mouth. It was gentle, he never closed down and the funny thing was that the cat loved it and would patiently just stay there with its head in the warm, moist darkness.


That’s a Goldie for you….the most patient breed there is….which is why they make wonderful service dogs💕Out of all dog breeds, I love Golden Retrievers because they are well calm among things around them.Sweet video Bailey knows can’t do very much with the kitten but just there while the little attacks his paws and ears is enough for him

Goldens have to be the most patient dog. 🐾🐾Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs and so maternal.Bailey and Mia are the sweetest dogs on You TubeBailey this is very beautiful thanks you too your friends. Have a nice dayDog: you know I’m strong enough to crush you until there’s bones in your stool? Kitten: yes. Dog: you scared of me? Kitten: nope.This is why Golden Retrievers are the greatest dog in the world. Their temperament has no equal.

Kittens at this stage in their growth would not have learnt to retract their claws. The dog would need to have the patience of a saint to refrain from accidental nipping back, if its nose was scratched for instance.My grandfather was the same typ like mister BAILY ,but if i had problem ,he listen to me very concentrated and gave me advices.

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