Thank you for understanding the rough collie double-coat needs and being so calm, patient and dedicated to this collie girl. They are such lovely, gentle dogs.👏👏👏❤What a beautiful well behaved dog she is! Wonderful job!! And thank you soo much for not shaving the whole dog 👏What a great improvement! It is so good to see her pretty and clean!The transformation is remarkable! At the 19:34 mark in the video, you can see her feel more confident! The glow is gorgeous and proud.

You did an amazing job! I have had Rough Collies for 47 yrs and cried at the end when you hugged her. She’s beautiful! 

Omgoodness, this poor dog! She looked so miserable before. She’s an absolutely beautiful lady now! Thank you for doing her breed justice!

Beautifully done! Glad to see a groomer who doesn’t reach for the razer every time a difficult matt shows up. Spent many an hour grooming our Beardy to prevent mats from forming. Even so, they do develop occasionally. And it takes time and patience to comb them out. Glad this gentle collie will finally have a new home. And the care she so rightfully deserves. 😊

Wow, what a lovely girl, such a wonderful nature too. I’ll bet she can walk and stand much easier now with those nails trimmed. They had to be uncomfortable for her. You were so gentle with her it was a pleasure to watch.The poor girl looked so beaten down until the very last frames when you gave her a hug. That was the first time she wasn’t looking down with her sad eyes. Poor thing probably never had a kind word spoken to her until now.

Wonderful work! It is nice to have an air purifier in the grooming salon to keep the workers safe from breathing in the dirt, dust, pollen, and dander that is released from animal fur, especially with ones that shed so much. Again great work and I wish you the best of luck!Exhausting for this sweet soul. And the groomers ! What a great job done to regain her dignity. She is a very sweet dog. Just look at the beauty that was hidden under those layers of neglect . Great job.

Wow you did an amazing job ! The poor doggy, it’s disgusting that she was neglected so badly but wonderful that caring people like you helped her 🥰🐶

Lovely dog Thank you for all the care that you have for saving her.She’s such a champ! All that noise and pushing and pulling, bathing….clipping. she must have been exhausted. Yet there she was..calm and quiet. What a wonderful dog!Aww what a sweetie! Reminds me of my sheltie who was matted when I got him and had to undergo a massive grooming session as well.So beautiful. You are terrific!! Great job. I don’t know how long it took you to do this but it was worth it. This dog is gorgeous. ❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏🦋Very well done for grooming this very calm rough collie. Shes absolutely beautiful. I’ve had 5 collies. None would of stayed this calm for such an intensive groom.

I had a rough collie/GSD mix and she was gorgeous. I brushed her thoroughly every week and did a quick brush a couple of times between. She was always shedding but did love a pampering.

Awwww! I had 2 rough collies growing up – 1 blue merle & 1 tricolour. So seeing this lovely lady, and the photo of your one, brought back some really treasured memories. I miss my boys so much 😢

Good dog and good job grooming her. She looks much better and more comfortable now. I think she would look better yet if the outer coat was trimmed more around the belly.

Love seeing a groomer that knows what they are doing and takes the time to do it right. You could make 2-3 dogs with all that hair you removed. I have two Shelties and ongoing grooming comes with the territory of having that breed. I enjoy it as bonding time & keeping them happy and a healthy coat. She is a beautiful dog.

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