Abandoned Frenchie found with with treble hook in his mouth

Abandoned Frenchie found with with treble hook in his mouth

The mark of a true godly man is his treatment of animals and the weak and vulnerable. Very chivalrous of you Sir! You are also proof that there are still people with good hearts left on the planet.What angels you are for having helped this poor baby. Good job on removing the hooks safely and for finding him a loving forever home 🐶🐾💜I am a father of a frenchie myself and I can’t imagine how anyone who leave that dog to wonder😢 Thank you for your kindness and definitely thank God for sending Captain Hook your way.Thank you Jesus for man like you Sir! What a kind huge heart! You saved this poor dog’s life! I am so happy he is also in a loving home.Thank you!

As several people have said “God Bless You All” for helping the precious little soul.A true Christian man! A sweet trustworthy dog! What a combination! Was truly heartwarming and encouraging to see!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

People need to be more like this with animals. So grateful you saved him.God Bless you for helping Capt Hook and finding him a good home. You so deserve God’s blessings!❤This made me cry from all the love shown this precious boy. Thank you for sharing his story and the positive outcome to his life.

Thank you for being a good human and taking care of this fur baby. Watching these videos helps restore my lack of faith in humans. Great job, not all heroes wear capes. 👍🏻🙏

What a dear, sweet, gentle pup… so blessed to have been rescued by a compassionate man of God. For his act of mercy & love, may this beautiful man be abundantly blessed.💕🙏💕

We Love Animals: Captain Hook is a very Beautiful and Brave dog and glad that they got the hook out and that he is doing better and now has a loving and caring family taking care of him always great to see videos like this. Thank You for your videos and helping these cute and adorable dogs especially here with Captain Hook and great to see a Happy Ending as i always am and just thanks for helping him and just keep doing what your doing. Thank You and God Bless You. ❤🎉❤🐶🐕🐕‍🦺🦮🐕🐶❤🎉❤

INDEED!! Thank you, God for putting the right person at the right place to help this poor puppy and for getting the hook out much easier than anyone would have ever thought!!!Bless your hearts for helping this precious little one. Such a great ending in his furever home! 🎉❤🎉❤Thank you for being so good to this sweet boy! We need more people like you in this world!!!💜💕🐾🐕💕Thank you, Jesus for people who still open their hearts to the defensless. That doggie face should be covered with love and kisses. 😊Thank you being kind and gentle. What awful pain that poor dog was in.As someone who has pulled two treble hooks out of myself I can imagine how bad it was having that in his lips. Really impressive how calm the dog stayed, he knew they were helping him. Bless this man and his family for helping the pup!May God bless you for helping this georgous little one and finding a loving home he so deserves. Amazing people, thank you is just not enough words to say ………

Thank you both for saving that pup and ended his pain. And thanks for the help finding him a forever home.May God bless you always with a loving and a kind heart with all animals ❤🙏This dog looks like a Pug to me! This precious little dog deserves to be loved and treasured. Thanks for helping this little sweet dog. ❤🐶❤🙏

I started my day today with this happy story involving an adorable doggie and truly good people! Thank you for that😊

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