Abandoned by her heartless owner due to her enormous tumor.

Abandoned by her heartless owner due to her enormous tumor.

Thank you to everyone who helped Magnolia, what a huge tumor the poor baby endured, how miraculously the vet team removed that 15lb mass and Magnolia had a second chance in life. It’s such a beautiful, loving, kind thing you’ve all done, and I’m so glad the babysitter failed and Magnolia has a family. It’s definitely refreshing to see Magnolia happy, loved and walking, again heartfelt thanks!!❤
It is heart touching to see how much you care about life, because for this purpose every form of life is important to you. May God be equally merciful to all of you.
Amen Jesus! You human angels give love to this suffering angel, but now you are in the arms of you, the angels of God. Thank you!
Thank you guys felix congratulations angels for saving this child and helping him get treated and lead a good life
This dog reminds me, especially now, of how my mother kept going through different newly detected levels of tension depending on how the spirit moves in the world, while she’s at the motel. I think of a town called Dearborn. I believe that most physical disorders people experience are related to religion and separation of people.

Dziękuję Wam za zaopiekowanie się tym pieskiem, uratowanie jej życia oraz za miłość, którą ją obdarzacie.
May God greatly bless you and your entire family’s life as you welcome this innocent and defenseless little angel, San Francisco de Assis, protect her, amen. Thank God we have beings of light in the world helping animals and nature. Only Allah can reward people like you who help animals and nature in the world.
Nice job folks! Thank you so much for helping the poor dog. You are great people! 😍❤️ ❤️ 🙏🇮🇹
I must tell you, guardian angel of animals, that God bless you volunteers and the healthcare team, who are fighting for the life and health of animals, and may God reward each of you for the good he has done. animals.
Sandra / Haddy’s mom / God bless the professionals who take care of the puppy. May Peace reign wherever you may be, Good and Long Life to all who look directly or indirectly at the poor Dog.
This puppy is full of cuteness, vitality and kind hearted people will raise the puppy to a higher level, they will be happy, safe, healthy and happy in the Year of the Rabbit. Thank you for your attention.
What kindness in people! How merciful they are! Save animals from harm. Thank you all for rescuing them! Poor dog, you can see he’s happy when help arrives. It’s a pity he could have had a wonderful life as a house dog and fate chose such a thing. God bless ️🇵🇱

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