The 65-year-old man who built a 22-acre dog haven for the dogs he rescued.

The 65-year-old man who built a 22-acre dog haven for the dogs he rescued.

When a man named Steve Greig’s beloved dog passed away, he was devastated. But rather than wallowing in his grief, Greig decided to do something positive with his pain. He began rescuing dogs that no one else wanted, giving them a chance at a happy life. And he didn’t stop there.

Today, Greig is the proud owner of a 22-acre dog haven in Denver, Colorado, where he cares for dozens of dogs at a time. He calls it the “Senior Dog Sanctuary,” and it’s a place where old and disabled dogs can live out their final days in peace and comfort.

Greig’s love of animals started when he was a child. He grew up on a farm and was surrounded by all kinds of animals, including dogs. But it wasn’t until he adopted his Chihuahua named Wolfgang that he realized just how much he loved dogs.

After Wolfgang passed away, Greig adopted a senior dog from a shelter. And then another. And another. Soon, he had a house full of dogs, all of them seniors or disabled and all of them in need of a loving home.

Eventually, Greig decided to create a special place just for his furry friends. He found a 22-acre plot of land outside of Denver and began building his sanctuary. He built a house for himself and a separate building for the dogs, complete with a fenced-in yard and plenty of space for them to run and play.


Today, Greig’s Senior Dog Sanctuary is home to dozens of dogs, all of them seniors or disabled. They range in age from just a few months to 17 years old, and they all have different personalities and needs. Some are blind or deaf, while others are missing limbs or suffer from chronic health problems.

But Greig doesn’t see their disabilities as a hindrance. Instead, he sees them as an opportunity to provide the dogs with the love and care they need to live happy, fulfilling lives. He spends his days feeding them, playing with them, and giving them the attention they deserve.

And the dogs seem to love him just as much. They follow him everywhere he goes, wagging their tails and vying for his attention. They know that they’ve found a true friend in Steve Greig.

Greig’s Senior Dog Sanctuary has become a beloved part of the community in Denver. People come from all over to visit the dogs and to learn about the important work that Greig is doing. And he hopes that his sanctuary will inspire others to adopt senior dogs or to start their own animal sanctuaries.

For Greig, the Senior Dog Sanctuary is a labor of love. He knows that he can’t save every dog in need, but he’s doing his part to make a difference in the lives of as many dogs as possible. And for the dogs that call his sanctuary home, he’s provided them with a second chance at life, a place where they can live out their final days in peace and happiness.

In a world that can be so cruel to animals, Steve Greig is a shining example of the good that people can do. His love and dedication to the dogs in his care have touched the hearts of countless people, and his Senior Dog Sanctuary is a testament to the power of compassion and kindness.

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