We Found Mother Cocker Discarded When Her Puppies Are Crossbreed

We Found Mother Cocker Discarded When Her Puppies Are Crossbreed

Yes, thank God you found this beautiful, good momma dog and her precious puppies and took them with you to a safe place with the others you are sheltering. It’s wonderful to see her no longer scared, smiling and wagging her tail and caring for her puppies. I am so sorry there are dogs who don’t have homes and so very grateful you are there to watch over them and feed them. Blessings to you for being who you are nd doing all you do. 💗🙏💗Danke vielmals für die Rettungsaktion und liebevolle Betreuung ihr seid echt super Menschen und habt ein Herz für Tiere. Dem vorbesitzer wünsche ich die Hölle auf Erden für seine schändliche Tat. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍O Allah, give joy and health to the kind people as they protect and protect these unlucky animals! Bless them with mercy and compassion for those in need!
Health, joy and greetings to the people who rescued these dogs. Planet Earth is powered by this kind of decent Humans!!!
Thank you for rescuing such a emaciated dog, and best wishes to you and your guards!
Not all humans have human souls, there are many creatures without souls, why did they do this to a living thing? The more I get to know people, the more I love dogs and cats!!!
Thank you so much for helping unfortunate animals !!!)) How many non-humans are making fun of unlucky poor friends!!!(( Impossible to watch without tears. THANKS MUCH!!!)) FOR YOUR INVALUABLE HELP!!! )) REMEMBER they are our little BROTHERS!!!)) They are so naive and loyal to us!!! TO BE TEACHING is inhuman!!!(((🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏… BABY, CUTE CREATIONS – LIVE ALL DEATH FOR EVIL!!!!!!)))) THIS IS HORRIBLE!!?))) FOR YOUR MERCY , THANK YOU FOR THE SAVIED CHILDREN DEAR GIRLS AND GOD GIVE YOU HEALTH AND I HAVE BEEN GROWING TO EVERYONE FOR LONG YEARS )))
Whoever kept these 2 precious animals alone without this kind of thing, WHY people are so cruel and cruel to innocent animals, but their day will come, may God give these 2 precious ones that they will find love and happiness until eternity. i deserve it, thank you both to you and Blackie and Reiki, thank you!!🙏💘😊🎀👍
What kind of affectionate and trusting people – these unlucky dogs. How I feel sorry for the people who torture and kill them and how angry I am. How this white puppy ran and clung to a man’s legs 🥺😘. Many thanks to everyone who did not ignore anyone’s misfortune.
Bow down to kind people! Thank you so much for rescuing these adorable pet helpless dogs! God bless you all! ALL WORLD BENEFITS! And whoever inflicts pain on animals, the non-humans are thrown out to mock the animals, let them be punished by the same fate of the soulless non-human beasts!
It is strange that the owner, who made the dog so terrible and starved to death, did not wear a good leash and chain…. He was going to attach this chain to the tree.
Oh my God, there is so much evil in people’s hearts, 😢animals are so innocent that they suffer as if they have no life… Take a look at their tiny faces before and after, lowered, exalted… They even smile. .. Praise be to Allah, save them for the purpose of unleashing such angels!!! God bless… I discovered the channel today and I signed up to save more little angels!🙌🏼😍🐈🐩🐕

It hurts me so much to see what people do to defenseless animals that it makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks Stray Rescue for saving the lives of so many animals!
Oh my god, the little screams broke my heart. I’m glad they’re safe now.
Motherless little children 😢😢😢 God bless you guys for rescuing the little ones!!!!👏👏👏😍😍😍😍
I wish I could hug the bus driver who called you for these precious gifts…. … 🐾🙏❤️ ❤️ 🙏🐾❤️🙏🐾
my god!!!! 😭😭 How can you be so cruel to these innocent angels!!!! 😡 Their voices made me cry!!!!! 😭💔 Where is my mother? She must have gone crazy without her babies!!!! 🐶😭💔 Thank you so much to the lady who called you!!!!! 🙏💞 They are so thirsty!!!! 😔 Just look at those angels!!! Now the lady and you guys will have the opportunity to live a full life with a loved and pampered family!!!! Blessings to you for what you do!!! 👪🏡 🐕💕🙏💕
Beautiful! Oh, I’m fine after all. These poor, poor babies are extraordinarily lucky! Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who named my name for encouragement. A DEEP BREATH
The constant groaning little one worries me. They are drenched and cold, but they are also very thirsty and hungry. Poor puppies, where is your mother? Poor mom, I hope she’s okay. Thanks for saving these babies. I love Irish names. A donation is on the way.
Gandhi famously said, “The few determined souls, fueled by unwavering faith in their mission, can change the course of history.” and you proved that to be true today… Stray Rescue of St.Louise, you are doing a great job and it does not go unnoticed. You are the voice of the silent. We need you more in the world. You deserve gratitude..Celebrating today, back to saving animals tomorrow!♥♥♥♥
Oh my god, I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. I just want to keep them and keep them warm. I wish I lived closer.
Thanks for rescuing these poor sweet puppies, it was heartbreaking to see them trying to stay warm in the rain without their mother.
Oh my god, those poor babies whose little grunts are so heart wrenching. I actually believe that you are angels. 👼It hurts me so much to think of their mother. I wish nothing but the best for these precious little souls ❤️‍ 🩹❤️‍ 🩹❤️‍ 🩹❤️‍ 🩹❤️‍ 🩹❤️‍ 🩹❤️‍🩹
When I watch these videos, I am stunned by the enormity of these situations and cannot understand how it is possible that there are so many people in the world who treat animals this way. It’s very depressing. Thank you all for what you do. But when I watch this, I know that there are many dogs in other places who are not helping.😢
The animals that left these defenseless cubs to die in the cold deserve the same treatment! And the people who show them love and care are angels walking our planet with us! Thank you angels… Keep up the good work! You should be proud of the work you do! God bless you!!!

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