The dog saw someone take her only puppy from her, a second later, something amazing happened!

The dog saw someone take her only puppy from her, a second later, something amazing happened!

Good thing we managed to get mommy with a puppy, thanks to everyone involved in the dog search, you don’t have to worry about them anymore
Poor mom, she’s used to strong people taking advantage of her weakness, and there’s no guarantee they’re not planning anything bad. She was afraid of biting, realizing she wouldn’t be able to protect the child, and that might make the situation worse, she.
A mother is a mother no matter who she is, thank you for your humane behavior.
Thank you for saving these little animals, Jesus bless you, love the little animals
It’s good that people came together to help stray animals, through them
Thank you so much for saving the little family!!!!!
Thank you for helping them and loving them
Beautiful mother!!; She came to see her baby, to be taken as an example!!! To those who trash it!!!! Let’s learn from dogs; and give them the numerical value they deserve. I love that little dog!;; rosary beads
Wonderful. Maternal instinct. Even animals protect their young when people abandon them. How many babies are rejected by their mothers? Here is an example of true LOVE. THANK YOU to everyone who helped. A hug for every one. God bless and protect them
God bless them, they helped the mother with her baby and By this way the mother will not be able to have more offspring because she will be neutered, so she will find a family, saviors, they are angels whom God blessed and love them always
All for the welfare of the animals, thank God for saving the babies and their mothers, plus the neighbors who helped and the rescue group, all Venezuela, Valencia, Carmen Alicia Rivas Borjas
Thank you so much for being angels from heaven GOD will reward you for your good heart for helping.
Thank you for caring and saving them

THANK YOU for saving this mother and her baby from the streets, the dangers of the road and the behavior of bad people. I hope for everything
I hope they will come across to those who love them and help them THANK YOU ♥️
thank you for saving Sie sind zuckersüß, lieb und so goldig Sie verdienen eine liebevolle und fürsorgliche Familie, die sie bedingungslos lieben und umsorgen ihr ganzes Leben lang Sie sind Goldschätze, zuckersüße Fellnäschen
Stories are good, as a result of your great help to the little children of creation, the self-aware planet will develop thanks to your efforts.
It is necessary to create an organization for the protection and protection of animals, including all nursing homes that will be busy with the control of dogs and cats from the moment they are adopted. For example, to control all pet owners, after selling a puppy, to oblige traders or buyers by law, to issue a passport and a chip for every head purpose, in coordination with veterinary services, the owner is responsible from this moment on. for example, for the future fate of a puppy. , for example, as well as calves. And apparently, unsold puppies are fused in different hands in different ways, where they are trained for dogfights and then easily thrown out. Imagine: 3-4 Alabai females of a business man are mated twice a year and give birth to 8-10 puppies each time, From four females, 70-80 cubs are born per year. Considering that the business is accelerating or approaching the breeding limit, only one owner can sell 80 puppies a year, which are not extinct for now, they are coming next year and are preparing for the next lambing. food is essentially expensive and it is getting more and more expensive to feed for the owner’s sake. I understand that the job is very interesting, but the responsibility does not have to be fully met and these are not lambs where the content is not heavy and this business is growing rapidly attracting attention, I remember it was about 4-5 years ago in Alabai , even adults were meager, and as they say now, at least a dozen pennies, but not really! Tfu Tfu-, not me!
My God, what kind of life is there for Ordinary people and ANIMALS WHY IS THERE NO LIFE??? After all, the Lord loved everyone and gave life to live some kind of wealthy life at the expense of the common people, and I want this to the clock Cho, I do it, I do it with God, So that all the people of the world live in coordinated peace and the clock clap like flies all people stop life very very SHORT FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYONE DOESN’T TAKE ANOTHER WORLD STAY EVERYTHING EVERYONE BE WELL If you, while reading this comment, passed by a homeless, suffering animal and did something to their detriment, know that you are a SCAM
THANK YOU for saving this mother and her baby from the streets, the dangers of the road and the behavior of bad people. I hope for everything

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