Grieving Dog Has The Best Reaction To Meeting His New Brother | The Dodo

Grieving Dog Has The Best Reaction To Meeting His New Brother | The Dodo

What a wonderful Mom to know just what Wyatt needed. Lenny is perfect for him. Wyatt is so happy again. RIP Mavis. She will always be with you.

I can attest to needing to get another dog after the passing of one. When my childhood dog passed, his brother, a rescue pittie named Robo, stopped eating and was completely shut down for weeks. My mom and stepdad ended up picking up a beagle puppy they named Harley and we’re pretty certain he saved Robo’s life.

Sorry for your loss. You’re a truly amazing dog mom! You went to incredible lengths to make your dog who was missing his sister terribly happy once again while you were grieving yourself. Best wishes to you and your dog family.

No one will ever convince me that I’m just anthropomophising my dogs when I see their emotional states. They feel and demonstrate a wide range- love, joy, sadness, grief, and empathy. Lenny may have been sent by Mavis to help him heal. I’m so glad to see him smiling in those photos again. It made me smile through the tears of his loss, hiding in the closet, undid me!

POOR LITTLE BABY ! ! ! I detest pet deaths. What a beautiful story, I’m so happy you noticed how much he needed another companion ❤❤ Thank you and may Mavis be happy in heavenIt’s beautiful to see these two mature dogs forging a new friendship and loving life.

Thanks very much for adopting this new dog and making the other so happy. I know what feels like when our dogs fly to the sky with their own angel. Be happy you all. Forever ❤❤❤,🐕🐕

What an amazing quality of life you’re providing for all the past, current, and future dog generations within your family unit. They are very lucky to have such a wonderful momma. Remarkable and boundless love 😊💕 Thank you for sharing!What a great thing to do. You have made Wyatt so happy again, not only that , you also made Lenny happy and gave him a home and got him out of that shelter. They both look so very happy , and I’m sure you are too! Thank you for rescuing these sweet babies. It made me smile through this whole video. Just beautiful!! ❤❤❤What a delight to see Wyatt found a real best friend. Lenny is the perfect match! Mom is great to help a mourning dog turned into a happy dog again with his new found bestie ️ Mavis is also for sure is watching them from heaven 

This is so sweet! So sorry for the loss of Mavis. Lenny is such a sensitive soul. So glad you got a little brother for him. He looks (they both do!) as happy as can be now. I’m glad that Lenny found a happy home and Wyatt got a sibling he so desperately needed. RIP, sweet Mavis 🕊️. Linda, thank you for being the best Mom to the pups!They are both so very precious. The love they have for each other is adorable. Bros til the end.

His eyes was so sad!! Thanks to the owners’ sensitivity to their dog’s need. They knew he needed a friend and opened their hearts to a new member of the family!

I have always had a dog, however, found out two dogs are always better. Dogs are members of the family you response to Lenny made my day so much better. I find even on a fixed income small donations are the lifeblood of many rescues and shelters. Many small donors like many small drops make a stream and a stream can make a river when we all get together.

It was sad in the beginning but as the story progressed, it was very heartwarming. I’m amazed how these dog or animal mom’s and dad’s invest in time, love, understanding, patience and sacrifice to see their furry kids thriveIt’s so hard to lose a pet as they’re like a family member. Glad that you were aware of what your fur baby was going through and took the time to find and rescue a dog to be part of your family ❤❤❤❤❤Lenny was the cure!!!! How beautiful!!! and the harness fit!!!! It was meant to be!!! Thanks for sharing their wonderful story!!! 💕💖💓💕It’s good that people understand that it’s not just us humans that need to grieve. Animals do too. They need to understand why that special someone has suddenly gone.. They also need to have help moving on, if that’s in the shape of a new friend then so be it❤❤Welcoming a new family member is always exciting because he now has someone to keep him company

I am sorry for your loss and for your dog too! Animals are so loving. I’m glad you got Lenny a friend to love. Perfect. Much love to you and your fur babies! ❤❤❤I hope that Wyatt, Lenny and Linda have many, many wonderful years full of love, adventures and beautiful memories together. Much love to all of them. ❤❤❤

Lenny! What a precious goofball. Beautiful boys. Kudos to Mom for recognizing pets do suffer grief, and also are sensitive. Those two are a joy. 💜🐶🐾Nothing breaks my heart like a grieving dog. He was just so sad. Thank goodness you knew to get another dog . Such a adorable pair.😊

My heart breaks for your loss and is filled with joy for your new family member at the same time.🐶🐶♥🐶🐶♥🐶🐶♥🐶🐶♥🐶🐶♥🐶🐶I am sorry you lost Mavis, but thank you for rescuing Lenny and making him part of your family! This is beautiful snd I love the part about her harness! So sweet!🐾🐕💕You’re an awesome human, thank you!!! Need more people like you ️ look at how happy they are 🐶🐶 All dogs deserve that!!!!

Aww now what a mother, to drive hours to the mojave desert to pick up Lenny, what a beautiful moment to see them meet, then to play and enjoy each others company. Yes Mavis will always be there and watching over her brothers

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