Get a dog, these moments you will have !

Get a dog, these moments you will have !

I hesitated about getting another dog after ours died after 15 years. We got a new puppy and I’m so glad I did..she is such a joy and I feel happier with her around.You will never ever experience true love until you have owned a dog .Todos os”PAIS” são muito amorosos, fofos !!! Mas, pra mim, o máximo, maximo, máximo mesmo, foi o “papai levando, com o guarda-chuva, seu “bebe”!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤ Bem querer!!It is never only a dog. My dogs are my life they are my soulmates and the best friends I ever had/have. I couldn’t imagine a life without pets. Many many years I was a cat lady cause I was working always full time and this isn’t a life for a dog. In 2009 my husband and I made some changes with our working times and so it was possible after decades to adopt our first dog. That’s how we found our beloved beautiful giant baby girl crazy Daisy at the local shelter. Needless to say it was love at first sight… She was just 7 months old and a mix of St Bernard and big Münsterländer a german hunting breed. She had the temperament of 10 hunting dogs and zero from a St Bernard 😂. This girl was so sweet and gentle and she loved life to the fullest. No day with a bad mood anymore if you see her you MUST smile and laugh. She was like a wild kid and she wanted to explore everything… She spent eleven wonderful years with us and made us complete. I couldn’t be mad with her… When she did something “bad” and I talked to her about it she was always wagging her tail and her face was asking if she did it well… I couldn’t hold laughing back cause she was so super sweet… Sadly my giant crazy Daisy baby passed away in August 2019 cause of cancer…. It was the day the earth stood still and everything positive was gone… She took our hearts with her and there is no day we aren”t talking about her… It is more then 3.5 years ago but we still miss her so hard and the grieving and mourning never stops… In 2020 we adopted a new dog our sweet boy Marley. He was found at a dumpster in Greece and he was in a very bad shape… We couldn’t stand the loneliness and emptyness in the house anymore and we want to give another dog a happy and loved life… We love him very much and he is such a happy and spoiled boy now and that make us happy. Honestly Daisy will always be our number one cause she was our first dog and she gave us so much happiness and tons of unconditional love… Marley make it very easy to love him cause he is so gentle, super sweet and beautiful and very smart. He is a mix of Border Collie and small Münsterländer the german hunting breed. That’s why he could be the little brother of Daisy but we didn’t knew that before. It was ment to be… Fact is pets are full family members and the best thing that could happen in your life. 💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝

Love it, love it, love it. Dogs a our proof of the love of Jesus has for us all, simply, truly love from the heart💖💖This clip is better with out the comedy noise and male voiceover. The person did just bark and it was an excellent impression of the dog, and the dog’s reaction is priceless. Love this vid – watched it repeatedly before (in a version without the comic noise and male voiceover). Collapsed with hilarity at it.

I love the Rottweiler sleeping with the child. My grandsons Rottweiler slept with him and was his nanny for 10 years till we lost her to cancer. Love our dogs.They truly are man’s/ women’s best friend.Simplemente maravilloso. Mi Señor por favor cuida y bendice a estos angelitos hermosos y a todos los angelitos sea cual sea su especie o raza del mundo por favor bendícelos y cuídalos con una lluvia infinita de alegrías y bendiciones por favor cúbrelos con tu santo manto ❤🙏🥹🐶🐾 y a Los Ángeles humanos bendice su vida, su corazón ️ y sus manos que sean de bendición para ayudar a muchos angelitos hermosos más. Ever since my daughter has a dog 🐕 he was 6 weeks old and I am totally in love with him 😊not seeing for a few days I always rush to them to see him, and the most beautiful part is he is waiting for me by the window, because my daughter told him that I am comingIt’s a nice enough video, but I hate the scummy practice of putting in a thumbnail that’s not from a clip featured in the actual video. Our St. Bernard, Treeing Walker Coonhound mix leans when she is saying she loves us.NO YOU SHOULDNT HAVE A DOG. THEY ARE A LOT OF WORK. AND NEED ALOT OF CARE. MOST OF YOU CANT AFFORD THE HEALTH CARE AND HIGH QUALITY FOOD. STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO GET DOGS BASED ON “THEY ARE CUTE”.

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