Abandoned Mother Dog Runs To The Side Of The Road Calls Passing Cars But Nobody Stops To Help

Abandoned Mother Dog Runs To The Side Of The Road Calls Passing Cars But Nobody Stops To Help

Meet Pearl. But one day, Pearl’s world was turned upside down. Her owners decided they didn’t want her or her puppies anymore, and they left them by the side of the road. Pearl was heartbroken and scared, and she didn’t know what to do.
Thank you God for hearing her cries and that special person came and helped them what a wonderful story with a happy ending for this precious family, thank you All!!❤Thank you for the rescue, the care, the food, drink, medication and especially the loving caress … please keep it up !So glad to see this family get the help it needed! That’s great!Thanks you for saving and carying beautiful family ( Mother and puppies) 🙏🙏🙏
Would be nice to see her with the puppies snuggling to bond than separated. They will eventually be adopted. Just seeing them together makes it easier for the viewers .We know you’re doing a great job helping these poor abandoned dogs.Que Dieu te protège ma douce maman ainsi que tes bébés 🙏🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🙏❤💖❤💝🌹💝☘️Merci beaucoup pour ces magnifiques Loulous et bébés 👏👏👏🙏❤🙏☘💖☘Thank you good people for saved and helped this poor mother and her puppies.she and her babies deserve a good and lovely owners that give her and her family a new life,with a lot of love,and care.Blessings all of you .
Thank you so much for fostering it helps so much ! We can all help to by getting mama dogs and cats fixed ! Adopt don’t shop, if you see something , say something , report the peers in if you see dumping’s , people need to be he,d accountable go to jail ,no food water, heat , fined and rehab , or they will do it again 🙏🏾♥️she’s beautiful ! God Bless you all 🙏🏾I do not know who is more beautiful…Pearl or this young lady in blue jeans and booties……thank you for saving this beautiful family. Pearl deserves the best!
Please do not separate this mama from her babies. What people did to her and her babies is so despicable and truly unforgivable. She is a mother as much as you or I, and she kept begging for help because she is a devoted mother. This poor sweet girl has been through too much. Her eyes hold so much emotion and I hope she is given the opportunity to stay with her babies in foster care, as any mother would need and deserve.
I know Pearl says thank you to her Rescuers who rescued her and her babies and I say thank you also but don’t forget to feed mama she lives kind of skinny congratulations you’re a wonderful mother and so all your helpers😇🥰💜❤🐶🐕👍😊🙏🐾🐾Thank You Kindly for saving Pearl and her fur babes..God Will Bless You.Its people like you who keep me believing there are kind and caring people all over the world.I am in U.S. Fla
Pearls first family failed her by letting her get pregnant and then abandoned her and her puppies 🥲🥲 thank god you have opened your home to her and her puppies 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I have EVERY volume turned up all the way, and although I can hear that you’re talking, it’s not loud enough to distinguish the actual words.The music is too loud and it is drowning out the voices of the helpers, thats sad!

These little guys got off to a rough start. Thank God they were discovered before it was too late! I am eternally grateful to people who find animals like this, rescue them, feed them, and give them a forever home to be loved and cared for! I offer my respect and gratitude.
Thank you to everyone who saved all these poor women in Prague, the terrible and sad Czech Republic, what HUMAN MONSTERS can do. 🇨🇿👎😩😫 MAY GOD BLESS THOSE WHO SAVE PUPILS, GOD ENLIGHTEN THEIR LIVES FOR HAVING SO MUCH LOVE AND FEELINGS AND FORGET SO IGNORANT AND BAD PEOPLE
Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. I am a DJ and years ago a listener who knew I was a savior called me in trouble. Someone had thrown newborn puppies with their navels still tied in the trash can behind the school where he taught. He immediately brought them to me (fortunately the school was across the street); from a litter of five, two were essentially dead, two more died the next day; only one succeeded. This is one of too many cases to count. Other puppies and kittens were left in the middle of the road to be trampled on, attacked by crows and washed ashore after being thrown from a boat… Man’s capacity for cruelty knows no bounds. Their only blessing is that they probably have no memory of how they started life horribly. But we will.
Sorry for not thanking you in the other comment, but I didn’t hurt. Thank you beautiful wonderful and beautiful human people for the purpose of rescuing them. May God give you much joy and prosperity. 🇻🇪 A big hug from Venezuela to you
Thank you so much for helping these pets, I love all animals.
I don’t usually use that kind of language, but anyone who dumps puppies like that is a RAT BITCH. You guys are doing great work at Howl of a Dog. Although the beginning is heartbreaking, thanks for sharing.
How well the little brothers are playing, they will receive their reward through the person who saves them, may Allah be pleased with them
I am very sorry for the death of the other puppies, but I thank God for the 3 puppies, they are very precious, thank you for saving them, God bless you very much.

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