Abandoned mother dog for me to help her newborn puppies under abandoned container

Abandoned mother dog for me to help her newborn puppies under abandoned container

When I see a mom and her babies like this, it makes me sad bc the life they have had to live, now you saved them and I hope that they all get good forever homes with good loving people I thank you for everything that your doing for them God bless you and All these precious animals, have a wonderful blessed day!!🙏👏Millones de gracias por salvarlo 🐕❤🙏 a la mamá y sus bebés 🙏🙏🙏❤️ gracias por no pasar de largo que Dios el.padre hijo y espíritu Santo 🙏🙏 te bendiga grandemente que ellos sean adoptados y respetados 🐕 y sean felices 🙏❤️🇦🇷Thank you so much for saving the mum and her puppy’s. You people are doing such a good job.❤👍Really cool! You made it possible for a whole family to get a life worth living. If only there were many such people like you! 👍🏻👏🏻💪🏻🙏🏻Thanks for saving Gex and her pups She trusts you to provide the best

I hope all this family will get adapted! Gex is such a kind and caring mum. Please adapt them 🙏🙏🙏Thanks for rescuing saving AND loving this poor sweet dog, AND her Babies, Now you GAVE her a happy healthy life, congratulations

Praying for the dogs and for you. Thank you. God bless you for what you are doing.Thank you for saving them. I can see the mother is happy. She knows they’re save. Beautiful

Thank you for rescuing Gex, the mother dog and her puppies. I am elated that Gex and her puppies have found a forever home/shelter, which will provide all due care, affection, and sustenance throughout their lifetimes.Thank you for saving this beautiful Momma ️and her lovely Babies Breaks my heart ️! So sad where she lives with her babies ! I’m sorry momma & babies ! 😳😞🐾🐶❤🙏🇺🇸Beautiful!!! Thank you 🙏🏽 for the rescue ❤❤❤❤Thank you for the rescues and the share! Bless you! 🐾♥🐾

Thank you for saving and give them food. The mother dogs is a fighter. The things that she made for her puppies is so sweet. Wish mother and her puppies happy, healthy, safe, and smile with full of food and love everyday. ^^

Please try extra hard to find a home for Gex. She is just the most beautiful caring mother. Keep her until someone good comes for her, she has earned her home and it would be too sad to think of her as a stray. Anyway, well done with your efforts so far!

Exciting…. There is no way to hold back the tears when seeing this Angel of Light of the Lord in the form of a man saving these animals so helpless, abandoned and left to their fate! May Allah increase the blessings of all the good deeds you do with your immeasurable love for these 4 legged people!
It’s so touching to see how meekly your mother allowed this man she didn’t know to intervene! Because they notice our goodwill and let them help! And this man has a huge heart!
One of my favorite things about these guys — and one of the biggest reasons I’ve subscribed — is that they carefully search the surrounding area to make sure no one is left behind with every rescue! I rarely see this in other videos. PS What do you feed him? It looks delicious ! I would like some! Laugh out loud while the man’s love for dogs is admirable and good to see, some are leaving others out with their love and respect for animals.
I was touched by the abandonment of such defenseless creatures! I am happy that there are good-hearted people. Congratulations! God bless you forever!

Meet Lucerito! This petite Lucerito was crying bitterly and panicking. A local resident said that she was chased away by a 15-year-old child. In the end, the child threw Lucerito in an abandoned house. The puppy ducked his face and hid in a corner.

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