The dying mother dog is still trying to breastfeed her pups

The dying mother dog is still trying to breastfeed her pups

Thank you kind people for your compassion and saving unlucky animals
You said that Zuta was chained and abandoned by her owner, so you know who the abuser is and that you should report her to the relevant authorities. If we don’t report animal cruelty, this will continue. I don’t talk from my comfy chair, I’m a savior too, and whenever I know the names of abusers, I report them.
How hard it is to look at the suffering of the little ones and the grief of their mothers who lacked the power to help them.
What a nightmare!!! Poor dogs! My mother especially suffered! Thank you to these poor fellows for your generosity and kindness!
How many lessons do animals continue to teach us about life and love? They are real and wonderful beings, they are not evil, they do not distinguish between other animals and they do not help them.
I feel so sorry for the real mother purpose!. But this stepmother deserves a vitamin boost and a medal! Thank you guys so much for saving them! What kind of monster does this kind of thing? Fortunately, they are generous and altruistic and willing to take care of babies, even if they are not theirs! This is an example! All babies are precious! I hope they find sweet and loving homes surrounded by care and protection forever! Blessings to everyone! Good job!. ALL LIVES ARE IMPORTANT! ALL LIVES ARE VALUABLE AND THEIR LIVES ARE VALUABLE TOO!
This nearly-dying mother has joined forces to save her cubs! but God’s blessings through angels saved everyone! be happy have a great life
Until when will there be so much cruelty, abandonment and animal abuse Please tell all governments of every country Puppy, cat, bird etc. Put a harsh law in order for the owners. Enough of this evil. Let’s raise our voices for them.😡I am from the south of Mexico and I am grateful for the help you have given this dog and his puppies. Thank you very much.
Thank you for saving the dogs 💔💔😢😢😢🙏 take care of the dog mom and kids🙏💔💔
Thank you Angela, for being yourself.. you saved the puppies, did you manage to save the dog’s mother as well? 🙏🙏🙏❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
My God, so much sadness, abandonment and misery. Thanks for saving them!! 💔💔😥😔🙏💚🐕🙏🧡🐕🙏🥀🍀🇦🇷
Since people can’t stand the pain of dogs this much, for God’s sake help him, thank you for your hard work🐕 😭

Thank you so much Human Angels, God bless you for helping this poor abandoned mother….🙏 💕
God bless all these little angels! Thank you to the person who provided the recovery procedure! Rest in peace, warrior mother, for your cubs will be loved! Thank you Dani for your love for little orphan dogs!
The greatest proof of loving God and pitying animals is that we are all God’s creatures.
May God greatly bless you and your entire family for welcoming these innocent and defenseless little angels and saving their lives, unfortunately my mother fought to her last breath San Francisco de Assis bless them amen find a home of light beings? will treat them with lots of love and affection for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, there are real devils in the world who are very cruel to animals and do not castrate sick old animals, the result is that another life is lost due to the sad mistreatment. Remember, the law of return works quickly in the lives of those who abuse animals and nature around the world. Only Allah can reward people like you who help animals and nature in the world.
😢😢😢😭😭😭very fortunate I met a pathetic person who will help me start a new life. Please help I found only happiness healthy body I have a heart… Destroyed, my soul shattered by the look of the poor dog saying goodbye to his children… How can there be such miserable monsters as to do so much harm to an innocent creature? …🐕 😭😭😭😭
How beautiful these little dogs are, thanks a lot for feeding them, God bless you
Sweet babies and a very loving, beautiful mother? Thank you for rescuing her.
I’m so happy for the purpose you’re in life. You can’t leave that cute baby behind. Wake up well again, walk around, eat well, sleep well, smile brightly and run. If the world was made up of people like you, then there would be no wars or famines anywhere. Thank you for your kind hearts!
Thank you so much for helping me and saving me ㅠㅠ Thank you. Just walk the flowery paths
Through your collaboration with Dani, anything can be passed on to these Doggy kids. May they be happy forever and you still love and value him with all your heart. We would also like to thank Anabul’s children, Dani Malaikat, who helped them breastfeed beautifully. GBU
Thank you to the Saviors for such love and dedication. I love all animals, they are teachers of love for us humans. God bless all animals and you rescuers.
Oh my God, I hope Zuta recovers and is close to her babies and thanks for saving them through her stepmother 🙏❤️

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