Try to save a stray kitten rescue

Try to save a stray kitten rescue

My heart broke a thousand times for this precious kitten… to the men who saved the little snowball, may good fortune and good health follow you all the days of your life.Oh my goodness! That poor little kitty! Thank you so much for saving him and giving him a loving forever home!🙂

that kitten is so cute please get better soon thank you for saving the life of that amazing sweetheart god bless it 💘💘

Both the kittens are extremely pretty. I don’t understand why they were abandoned 😢😭😭 thank you so much for rescuing both of them. Hope both of them have recovered by now. Lots of love to both and prayers for your well being That person is such a wonderful one, he is blessed with good intentioned people like him and lovely pet companions.Thank you for all you do for these precious babies and his gifts to us ️ please save this precious gift from GodOh my goodness little white one is just an angel I’m sure you got these stray cats a loving forever homeThank you for saving her 👏! Thé both are absolutely gorgeous, cute, adorable and perfect 🥰! Especially with their blue eyes 😍! Please find them a lovely forever family 🙏! A+ 👻That may be the cutest looking kitten i have ever seen. Just like a little ball of cotton 😂❤

This was so sad but so sweet at the same time! I am praying for that adorable little kitten.

That is such a beautiful little snowball hopefully the little fella has a wonderful forever home with a loving family

The white cat’s fur remain extremely clean even after a rainy day! Such a lucky stray cat! Good to know that the cat was able to avoid all these muds before you guys found it.

I also have a cat at home , he was still a little Ball of fur when we brought him home and now he is still growing I wish all the best to these precious angels.💙💙💙Bless you for saving these sweet baby kittens so precious and so beautiful those Eyes are gorgeous.😺💜💜😺Awh poor little baby kittens I’m glad they were tooken to the vet for help thank you for helping them 😊🐈🐈😇Such a beautiful snowball ! Thank you for your care & help!!!

I bet she was so happy that someone found her Kittens for her and brought them home safe and sound..❤😂Thank you for saving this beautiful family! She is such a good momma!Absolutely one of the most adorable, precious and humane videos I’ve ever seen. God bless all.My heart melts for these tiny cutie furbabies. Thank you for rescuing and feeding them.. Thank you for your good heart.. 

Thank you the kind lady who rescued and given this cat family the protection and shelter they need to survive 🙏💖😻💐 Poor mom cat was scared and stressed 😢 The Snow White kittens are precious. Mom cat looks like a young mom.God bless you folk for being so sweet let’s hope that this cat family gets adopted and not separatedThank you for caring for this beautiful family and all the other kitties!These are the most cutest kittens I think I’ve ever seen my whole life I just wanted to reach in and just grab them all and give them a big hug!!!!! Even beautiful mamma

Thank you for saving this beautiful cat and her family. Your kindness and dedication to taking care of these homeless cats are amazing. God bless you for your kindness. I hope you find loving families for all of these kittens and the cat. 😻😻😻

The one closest to the camera at the start, those have to be the chubbiest cheeks I’ve seen on a kitten that small. I’ve seen thousands of them and they still find new ways to be the most adorable thing in existenceWhat a beautiful mama cat and beautiful kittens. They were all so lucky that you found them and took wonderful care of them. You are such a kind person to care for these helpless kitties. I value kind animal lovers. I don’t like animals suffering. God Bless you. I love your work. 😻💕❤🙏🙏

What adorable new born kittens. I’m so glad you were able to find them with the help of the woman who heard them crying. Please try to keep them until they have been weaned. Then hopefully you’ll be able to find them loving homes. Thank you for keeping them safe.

the pretty cat needs to be fed unlimited quality nutritious food and water, the cute kittens are so precious. Thanks for rescuing and taking care of this beautiful cat familyYou’re wonderful people with a great and lovely heart. The world needs a lot of persons like you, it’s the only way it becames a better place to live. Thank you very much for all you do for kittens!! Lots of love from Argentina 💕💕🐾🐾😻😻


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