She was dumped on street, exhausted from the neighborhood dogs! She settled under a car, so tired!

She was dumped on street, exhausted from the neighborhood dogs! She settled under a car, so tired!I’m so glad she had her beautiful babies in a safe place . Thank you all so much ❤❤❤❤Thank goodness you brought her to safety with her babies God bless you for the love and care you’re giving to this Special family they are All so precious Great and Happy job you have done for them!!🙏🧸👍

Thank you for saving these little angels and giving them a great life 🙏🙏🙏🐶🐾

Glad you were able to rescue this momma and her babies! Good that things worked out for them! Too bad you couldn’t get there in time to rescue the other dog. It would have been nice if he could have found a home, too.

God bless this beautiful family with long happy life 🙏 ❤ ❤thry are beautiful thanks so much for saving them 😊Thank you so much for helping poor family dogs.💞💕💓💗💖💝Thank you for looking after the mother and helpingbto raise the babies . 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚Thank you for a beautiful story I am so happy all the baby’s got adopted God bless all of you and my favorite dog in the world by beautiful German Shepherd mommy dog😇😙💜❤🐾🐾👍😄

Oh my God, why do so much evil to the innocent? I found a home but it’s not always like this thank you 🙏, I adopted my Brenda when she was 7 years old, in July she will be 1 year old with me There were four puppies being born, did one cross the rainbow bridge?, because I see only three.Hopefully not, the mommy and puppies are beautiful🥰🥰

Yall found her when she was in heat why didnt she receive a shot to bring her back in heat so she wouldnt be pregnant now? Anyway thanks for rescuing her.What happened to the male dog,why didn’t anyone look for him?.

I have 4 doggies two old two young’s and never in my mind says take this angels and left in the street I have one female German shepherd can’t walk can’t see good now because it’s old I hate all this trash says humans left this beautiful angels to died in the street

The kids brought me this pot yesterday. We found him screaming all over the street in a puddle. One solid lump of dirt and pain. He keeps crying and crying. Ears and tail deserve a separate post. This puppy was mutilated in a vile way…How can a human being do such horror to a tiny puppy. They’ll pay for this one hundred times more. Divine Justice. Blessings to all rescuers around the world. From Peru 🇵🇪

Thank you for helping him. Poor soul. You are a kind person. He has been shown compassion and given medical treatment when he most needed it. It’s a similar story of human cruelty towards innocent defenceless animals worldwide, no matter where we humans live alongside animals. Thank goodness God provides humane people like you to help and restore faith in humans.

Thank you for helping and rescuing him ️ 💕 💙 God Bless you all ️ 💕 💖Please give lots of love and kisses. What a beautiful baby. I wish I could take him. So sad what evil people do. They will answer to God 🙏🙏🙏What a gorgeous puppy who didn’t deserve the cruel treatment by ‘human’….. definitely deranged human…. I sincerely hope Karma catches up with them. He is suffering so much but I am so glad the child had the sense to bring him to you for care and treatment. Thank you for helping him.Omg such cruelty,poor little pup luckily you helped him . Crying 😭 right now. God bless him & you for helping.x

Thank u to the ENTIRE RESCUE TEAM FOR GIVING THIS BABY VETERINARIAN CARE, LOVE, AFFECTION . I truly wish evil karma finds the monsters that torture innocent & defenseless animals 😢 🙏OMG seeing that broke heart😢 Please keep us updated on how this brave little pup heals from his terrible wounds. Thank you so much for helping him!!

To think that there are people who would do such a thing to a puppy (or any dog for that matter)… It’s both horrifying and unbelievable.


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