Save poor kitten was living his last moments on the roadside but no one came to help him!

Save poor kitten was living his last moments on the roadside but no one came to help him!

Thank you for saving him ❤For me ive saved 2 kittens i found on a dumpster it looks like someone throwed them in the dumpster. And now they live with me. Also gaining trust and safety.

You can tell the cat wasn’t used to drinking water. Bless him he is gorgeous and very vocal 😄 thank you for having a ️ to save him Give us an update on this cute ball of fluff so we know she/he is still being cared for 😮I hope this kitty makes it. 😻You’re certainly helping him, and that’s awesome! 🥰I can’t believe people can just walk past! Thank you for saving this little life <3I wish I had been there with you so I could help (my dad says I’m amazing with kittens). You cared enough to save him from dying alone and thinking no one cared about his plight.

Such a cute little fur ball. Thank you for saving this precious baby. I was glad to see him/her getting much needed medical help, food and most of all love and affection. I hope he/she gets a loving forever home soon.❤❤

I have never sat down and cried so much in my life from a YouTube video. I’m so happy you found him and made him feel safe and love. I believe people who show emotions to animals have the biggest hearts.Thank you for rescuing the kitty and giving immediate care and comforted, hope he will make it to recover with his little meows.❤👍God Bless You for saving this beautiful kitten! Your kindness is amazing! I hope you find a loving forever home soon!!! 😻😻😻😻😻how noble your heart is ‘helping abandoned kittens’ may God repay your kindness’ I always feel happy to see abandoned kittens who help him

Babyyy kitty has a big loving and special place in my heart , thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving and rescuing and treating this precious beautiful and loving kitty, when he meowed under the blanket I could feel how much he needs your love and to be cuddles to feel safe to heal and feel reassured, thank you so much and please give as much love and affection, I send kitty infinite love and lots hugs and kisses 😍😍❤😘 he is gorgeous and cute and your truly angels of good on this earth and an inspiration for us. Thank you and bless you and the kitty with infinite happiness, love and joy and success and good lives

I had a similar experience when I was returning from a business trip to Lithuania. In the middle of the forest, by the road, I saw something tiny, a brown month-old kitten that probably fell from a tree. She was in very bad shape and our vet said she probably wouldn’t have survived the night if I hadn’t found her. Now she is a 2 and a half year old little rascal. Thank you very much together with her and the rest of the poor cats adopted by us.Infinitas gracias por ayudarlo Dios te bendiga y te proteja siempre 🐈 😘 😇 🥰 😍 🤩 🙏

Thank you for saving this little one. I’m glad channels such as this are helping cats and kittens in need.Aww hes gorgeous. Another precious life saved, well done and thank you. Hope you can find him a loving family to keep him forever.So glad the beautiful little furrbee is feeling better. Great work, he just needed some love. Kittens are so great 🐾🐈🙏✌

Oh my how could anyone walk past and not help this little baby I would have scooped her up in a heartbeat precious baby those little meows stole my ️. Thank you so much for helping her shows there is good in this world

Thank you for saving him, I hope he will get better,& needs a loving family🙏💕So Glad that the little kitten is Safe Now Thank to you❤❤❤God bless you all for this wonderful work This angel deserves a happy life with his new family He is so cuteGod bless you and your fellow rescuers for saving this precious gift from God ❤️. Thank youhoping the little guy has a long and happy life🙏 20 years sounds goodThanks for saving the kitten .You are an angel 😇THANK YOU THOUSAND TIMES FOR SAVING THIS BEAUTIFUL BABY THANK YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤So cute and precious learning to drink water out of a bowl❤

Sweet baby girl. She’s still young enough to have a bottle and get her liquids and food into her. We’ve raised two bottle fed litters from a feral mom. The first had 4 and were only a day or two old. Umbilical cords still on. The second litter of 6 are from the same mama but born in the fall same year as the first. We’ve lost 3 of them during the 11yearz we’ve had them, but still have brothers and sisters living with us. All part Siamese from their day, so we have a very vocal house. 💖I can’t watch past 30 seconds, because I know it will shatter my heart. Just the cry’s of the meow, can’t watch this without tearing up

.He is so 😘 adorable precious cute lovely little angel 😍 love you Sweetie ️ thanks 🙏 for rescuing him ️ giving him new life ️ God bless to both of you I wish for him ️ happy 💕 healthy 💕 long 💕 wonderful 💕 safe life 💕Omg how could You walk past this baby and not help him? 😢 thank you so much for saving him 🙏🏻 may God bless you 💯❤Amazing thankyou for saving this kitten’s life . The world would be a nicer place if people just cared more .OH my god!!!!!!!!! My heart hurt so bad when I saw him on the road crying with all his strength. That poor precious baby. Thank you so much for saving him. My god he was dying. You saved that starving precious one. The hungry little one.

How can people walk away from this precious gift from God

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