It was thrown near the fence, burned and almost covered with ants that ate it alive!

It was thrown near the fence, burned and almost covered with ants that ate it alive!

Another Fantastic Amazing Rescue those presious little babies,what a good momma they all look fat n happy thank you stray rescue for saving this Beautiful family, safe now🐶🐾🐾💜

What a super sweet beautiful family 💖. When she popped out you can see that wonderful mellow eyes 💜💜💜. It is so sad that one didn’t make it… Luckily the other six look healthy… Thank you for your fantastic work and saving all the sweethearts out on the streets 💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝🐾💝 Watching the video I got a idea… I know you need a lot of money to do your work and I saw there was some beautiful furniture in the house… Maybe you have somebody or maybe a viewer here could help…. I am sure grinding and new painting would make nice furniture you can sell… There was a TV too and I am sure you will find a lot of good stuff in those abandoned houses….❤❤❤Love watching the rescue of all these beautiful fur babies from Australia, sending lots of love to you all 🐾♥ You do amazing work!!!I love watching these rescues, it warms my heart to see precious souls saved. I don’t understand how there are so many abandoned houses in that area, left almost fully furnished like this one. Does anyone know? Did something happen there?

I don’t know if they were left intentionally or not. It makes me sad to think that they were just left. People who do these things have a total disregard for life and absolutely no morals. You rescuers restore my faith in humanity. Well done you! Thank you for the rescues! 🐾♥🐾

Such a good momma. Even dogs that have been abandoned by humans do a better job taking care of there babies then most human beings do. Thank you for rescuing themPlease give the young sweet soul who crossed the rainbow a wonderful, peaceful burial. As well as a name to be forever remembered. RIP little one, run fast far and free with all the friends you are meeting in heaven🥰😭🥰😭

Poor little souls…the mama was trying her best under awful conditions…so sad for the little one who didn´t make it… God bless you all for wha you do. You really make the difference.

God bless you Donna and crew you do an amazing job for all these fur babies ❤❤❤ RIP the little pup that didn’t make it ❤❤❤

What a sweet and beautiful mom dog! Minus one unfortunate pup that didn’t make it, her other six are well fed and beautiful. I’m glad Donna has rescued the family and taken the dead pup away to be buried before too long. Everyone is safe and comfortable at the shelter, may a new and hopeful life begin for them. Thank you, Donna and Stray Rescue teamGood to see a fairly smooth rescue compared to some that you’ve done. You deserve an easy rescue in between all the tough ones. Bless you all for what you do for the strays of St. Louis.

Donna, you are truly amazing with these dogs and pups you rescue. What a cutie pie. I think it’s absolutely wonderful all that you guys do saving these beautiful animals. Donna you and the rest of the crew are true angels. Thank you for all you do. Much love.

That was absolutely precious 😍 her laying her head on the crate with the puppies showed what a loving Mom she is

That sweet face when she popped up and looked at you like are you here to help me?? 🐶💗 She was thrilled to see you guys!!! 😊 Wagging her tail she just followed you to the car no leash needed!!! 😙 Those presious babies will now have the best life possible!!!! So beautiful!!! 💗 RIP Little One that crossed the Rainbow Bridge!!!! 🌈💔 😓 I just lost it when you showed Momma with her head resting on carrier with her presious babies inside!!!! 😭💕 Thank you so much for saving these angels!!!! You guys rock!!!! 💖Blessings to you for what you do!!!! 🙏💕

This beautiful Mama pup, despite the deplorable conditions, managed to keep her little family sheltered and well fed. Loving prayers for the little angel that did not make it. Thank you SRSL for yet another brilliant rescue!God bless you all and thank you for saving mummy and her beautiful babies 🥰❤🙏.RIP to the little one who went over the rainbow bridge 🕊🌈Its hard to think of people that can just walk off and leave a family member. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO.She did a fantastic job with her babies….. Sad that she lost one but that is the reality of these dogs being on the streets…. Hopefully they all are adopted pretty quickly once they are ready….. Thank you again Stray Rescue, Donna and team…. What a super sweet mama….


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