Amazing view of tiny kitten meowing.

Amazing view of tiny kitten meowing.

These two precious kittens melt my heart! 😻😻 It’s lovely to see them looking around with new sight, and then snuggling together. Thank you for adopting them, and restoring them to health. 🍀🌻🕊

Hello Kira, how is your baby cat doing? In case you can find catmilk, you can use half of carnation milk with half of water, this is what my vet recommended the first time I get tiny kitties. It works perfectly, I have raised 5 on the same way. Remember to clean her with a humid cloth the same way as the mother does because she’s too young to make it on her own, try to put cat sand to check but I guess she’s not much older than one month. Good luck and lots of love!

Super cute kitten, I hope it thrived. I also hope it was soon getting some solid food, and that the milk she was using was a formula for cats as most cats are lactose intolerant and it would be hard for a kitten to get enough calories if it was struggling to drink enough due to digestive challenges. One also needs to be very careful trimming claws on cats and kittens, as if you cut too much off you can reach the “quick” and hurt the animal. Regardless, this woman has given the cat a chance, and I’m sure she learned and has a loving friend at home. Other than that, I don’t get blending a pet video with a dessert recipe.She is adorable thank you for giving this beautiful baby a better life, you truly are a beautiful person. If she was mine I’d call her peach, because of the peach coloured mark on her head. I’m definitely going to try that dessert it looks yummy 😋 😍

Hi Kira yougotthis! Cute kitten😺❤❣ You’ll want to take her to a veterinarian – they can tell you everything about kitten / cat care you need to know, & keep her healthy. About the mango float: check out Saran Wrap Trick- Filling A Baker’s Piping Bag With Frosting – The Domestic Geek, on YouTube. That trick will give you a lot more control, & a lot less mess & waste😊. Love your channel, kind regards!You absolutely need to watch The Kitten Lady – she has everything you need to know. In the US you can get powdered KMR (kitten milk replacement) to feed them – do not use cow’s milk. Hopefully you can get that where you are. They need to be able to eat very often around the clock, and be kept very warm.

Give the kitty a fluffy toy for it to cuddle up to, like a fluffy teddy bear, it’s scare

To help her go to the bathroom, your supposed to take a napkin and gently rub it under her tail till she gos. That’s how her mother would do it. She looks like she’s two or three weeks old. Look up the Kitten Lady. She is an expert on kitten care!I love how the kitten was placed inside the carrier along with the vegetables and stuff that was bought, as if it too was part of the menu!

I highly recommend binge watching YouTubers TheKittenLady and CatDaddy both have a ton of kitten knowledge. Kittens are just like babies. Soft warm cuddly playful environment. Toys should be age appropriate based on their age. Well Done Cat Mommy!I’m so glad you took the little kitten home with you. I do the same thing where I live. She will be great company for you and she will be forever grateful to you. 💜 🦊

I really love your videos. I also love the recipes you demonstrate. I can’t wait to try to duplicate. Thanks for blending your kitten’s daily life with your cooking/baking talent!What a pretty kitten. He needs to add a little warm milk to the curd (not very fatty), and mix, just pour warm milk in a saucer. Wet food, and put some water. Help climb out of the box. Make a soft spot on the windowsill (they like to look out the window), just close the window. While the cat is small, it is necessary for a short time, it is easy to drive your finger clockwise along the tummy, Moisten a cotton pad with warm water a little and wipe the ass, then dry it. Everything will be fine.

I am somehow more interested in seeing the kitten being taken care of than the mango recipe.It’s nice to meet you, friend. Thank you for being the angel in this little life. You’ve made all the difference by choosing to care. Bless you for that. Your kitty is a little darling and I really appreciate your sharing her with us! I also enjoyed the recipe you made! I wish you continued success and happiness always!


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