The mother cat carries the kitten so that the father can take care of the cat.

The mother cat carries the kitten so that the father can take care of the cat.

A perfectly normal family. It’s the mom that usually needs help because she gave birth and is exhausted from cleaning and grocery shopping The mother cat wants you to help. The father cat is saying ” ok, you can leave the kitten here, but I don’t know how to take care of it”What a nice little family!❤❤❤They’re all so precious ️ Excellent Kitty Parents️They’re so dearSo cute very cute is the cat family, 🧡💫🐈🌟🐈💕💖 they are precious.I wish I had a proper play or living center like this for my pet. Yet they still get the run of the place.My dad’s cat was avoiding kittens. It’s amazing here. Cute

I know it is weird but I was so happy she finally went big relief 😌I feel so sorry for the cat….Hope every animal can live with happiness and caring 🙏🏻Thank you so much for saving cute kitte you are real children of God dil se salute👼 angel 👍🙏🙌👏❣🌹🤗It’s so nice to have you in animal world. Thanks for the help. 👍👍👍

Thank you so much for saving her she would have died without you. Please keep up the good work you do!Thank you for caring about the poor street cats and treating the sick ones. God bless you and your family❤🙏🙏These persons deserve our respect and prayers because they are real life super heroes who rescue innocent animals.

I had that problem a kid and hated having enemas but it was necessary. I am 76 now and still have problems in that area, mostly IBS (diarrhea) so painful I have nearly passed out from it. A few times I’ve ended up on the floor due to the pain…just collapsed. I have to stay put until the pain recedes so I can gather my strength and get up again and make it to my bed and recuperate.

Another life saved you are amazing sometimes a bit of oral laxative helps too so it loosens the bowls hope she be better soon 🙏 ❤One day I would love to know more about you Doctor if you don’t mind telling us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a veterinarian. You show such compassion to animals that I am amazed at how much you care about saving homeless and pet cats and kittens. Bless you for all the wonderful things you do. 👏🙏❤

It breaks my heart to see these little babies so ill that they can’t even move. There is a special place in the universe for people who save kittens. Thank you for all you are doing for them. Thank you so much for helping these precious kitties!! You’re definitely restoring my faith in humanity – you’re an amazing person!!!! 

Thank you so much for saving this beautiful little angel! Poor poor baby, she was so weak she couldn’t even blink. I’m so thankful that you saved her! I hope she’s feeling even better now! ❤❤❤We live on a farm in th USA and we rescue cats and dogs people theow away too. Bless you for all you do for God’s precious creatures❤You are such a caring person Samnang. Thank you for caring about these street cats and treating the sick ones.Poor little kitty is so quiet, was probably already giving up on life due to excruciating pain and no warm shelter or help. I’m so glad to see someone found the little kitty and helped. She was so quiet and probably in pain too even moveI can just imagine how that kitty must feel. When I get blocked up it hurts. Thank you fir helping kitty, it must be in awful pain. You’re a good man.Thsnk you for rescuing a sick kitten . GBU

“There are too many cats”….but what you did for those poor souls is important!!🙂This kind of movies ,made by veterinary people,or people who took those poor animals at veterinary clinics are credible! A great relief you must have when this kitty are wake up!!!Such a joy!!😊Always amazes me how these cats don’t scream or try to run away when being washed and treated. They somehow know they are not in danger.Aww thank you so much for helping all the cats and kittens you’re a true hero I was wish I could have a cat sanctuaryThanks for saving this beautiful kitten! Your kindness and dedication are amazing! God Bless You!! 😻😻😻Such a cute little cat, your such a wonderful person Dr thank you for all your kindness 🐾🙏💞

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