Save the poor puppy 3 weeks-old that was abandoned on the road

Save the poor puppy 3 weeks-old that was abandoned on the road

So kind of you to rescue the poor pup. Looks like someone threw him and a bag of belongings onto the road. It was so cute when the cat was talking to the pup while eating 😊❤Pobrecito tan chiquito y sufriendo 😭😭muchas gracias por rescatarlo es hermoso muchas bendiciones para ti eres un Ángel ❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏cariños desde Chile Thanks Guys for saving cute little puppy🙏💕🌺😇🌷❤🤗

Poor little guy … the fleas were eating him alive. I am elated that someone has taken him under her charge. He has also found a new friend to share life’s journey and other adventures. I hope the puppy will find a good life with his benefactor, or, be adopted by a forever family, who will provide affection and all due respect and sustenance throughout its lifetime.Could you publish updated videos of the dogs you saved to see how they became and to see if they got adopted, please ??❤The rescuers are the kindhearted people and you all are the greatest people in the world.l pay respect to you.l’m very happy whenever I saw that .Thank you thank you thank you .

Thank you so much for loving and helping help this gorgeous little love you’re so blessed doing what you do hope he’ll be fine and find love from a loving family to protect and love him or her foe the rest of her lifeGod please bless everyone involved in her care love the little precious puppy Thank you so much loving rescuers and Vets

God bless this woman and more people like her who care thank you.

This is what rescue looks like. Please let them eat separately, little puppy has suffered enough.I thank you from the heart for rescue and adoption?Puppy looks beautiful, you will have a lot of fun with the little angel because you are an empathetic person. Keep making videos as he grows. Do not disturb while eating please, please, please.😊🙏👍❤❤❤.The puppy is so beautiful, I look forward to the next video.Small water vapor in the cage please.That’s really messed up that someone would just go and abandon a sweet innocent puppy like thatU done very good job dear ur like angle for this puppy Allah keeps u n ur family happy

So 😘😘cute puppy Thank you❤🌹🙏 so much for saving little cute baby you are real children of God dil se salute🙏🙌 angel🧚‍♂🙏 🤗👏🙌🌹❣🤲👍🙏🙏Until one has loved an animal a part of one,s soul remains unawakened. Thank you for your loving and compassionate deed towards this precious little doggie. Thank you Yeshua for the one rescued this beautiful creature of Yours.

Such a cute puppy! God bless you for your rescue work! 🙏. It’s full of fleas on arrival. It’ll need flea treatment!

I really hate when you spend time filming the suffering & don’t immediately puck them up!Pls help animals they need only little food love and care animals can’t talk but they will give you soo much Dua from there heart 🙏My poor baby, Which evil did abandon you in hell ? 😢❤❤What country allows people to leave pets on a highway? Where are the SPCA here? Can’t believe this ? 😢😢😢Humanity has failed, and that is very shameful, humans got a simpel task to take care of the animals on the planet, but instead they are abused all over the world all the time, all kinds of species and no matter the joy they bring to humans, and that makes me sick. I know there people in every country who risk a lot by helping these poor neclected creatures, but it is the few, the majority are bad evil people, who along the way as times goes by, will fill up hell. We would die without the animals, but even that truth wont turn peoples heart to these innocent creatures, shame on humanity……

Why did you put that poor puppy in a closed cage? It’s still just a baby! let the toy run free

I pray that all of these evil ,nasty people are made accountable for their crime if not here then Let God deal with them ! When their time comes thank you for taking care of this precious baby

This poor little baby did nothing wrong for someone to want to do this to him. Sick people out there !Those who have done this are simply not human. Animals have more sense and compassion.How cruel people do that poor tiny creature 😳 May god mighty mercy to these voiceless creaturs 🙏No animal should have to through go through the terrible trauma suffered by Zarina. I hope that he will be adopted by a forever family who will provide affection and all due sustenance throughout his lifetime.Whom ever did this to this tiny baby is evil they have no heart but neither does Karma and it is coming for them . Thank you and God bless you and this beautiful soul ❤❤❤

OMG!IAll I can do is cry for this poor baby chopped his tail broke his leg and cut his ears with a scissor What Vile human could do this? 😭😭 Thank you for saving this poor baby…


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