Little Puppy Sobbed As He Begged For Help Finding His Mother After He Was In The Trash…

Little Puppy Sobbed As He Begged For Help Finding His Mother After He Was In The Trash…

A grandmother who found a puppy was crying in a garbage bag in a residential alley. She then brought the puppy to our shelter. The staff checked the puppy’s health….and it seemed to be in good condition. The puppy was barely two months old. How could someone abandoned it in the trash?The more that I see injustices and abandonments of helpless animals, the more I realize that people are the problem in every walk of life. There’s no justice in finding the culprits, ever.

His cries are so heartbreaking he needs love and care with happiness to grow older and have a good life for once, good luck🍀 little Angel!!🙏❤🧸Thank You 🙏 for helping this little mite, I am and will always be extremely grateful for all you do for our animals, God Bless You All ❤Thank god he’s okay now everything seems to be going well for him , so let’s watch him grow to be a smart dog in our life !Thank you❤🌹🙏 so much for saving little cute baby you are real children of God dil se salute🙏👼 angel 🌹🤗🙌👏👍👌🙏🙏

The “LOVE” of a DOG is the most beautiful thing that exists; that’s why I LOVE DOGS MORE than human beings. I love Dog’s… Rio de janeiro Brazil.She’s the most adorable ️ puppy among puppies. And I wish I could take care of her She’s a keeper for life.What a beautiful soul glad she was found you are in good safe hands now sweetie I love you 😘Thanks Guys for saving cute little puppy and Guys you are really beautiful Angels on the earth🌏🤗👍💕🌷🌺🙏😊

That’s no life for a puppy, to be in a shelter with little to none involvement with people. This pup needs a home ASAP! So as to run , play, sleep, eat with a forever home. Imagine growing up without a home so that you get so used to the boredom, you put your head down and sleep a lot or simply chew your blanket, like this one does. I’m glad pup was rescued, as were the other dogs in the shelter. Hope all get good loving homes where they are free to be dogs!When you have a young puppy or kitten, put a large stuffed animal with it, so that it can lay against it. It reminds the baby of it’s Mother.

Hey puppy! I bet you feel much better. Something’s true about horrible then miracle condo to ions- it makes the better like heaven

puppy🐶 wants mom🐩 puppy🐶 is cute lovelyplease update about her🐶 i really liked🐶 the video with her🐶 thank you🙇 for your loveGod bless you

what a beautiful little baby!! 🥰😍Sweet innocent fluffy Little Ball.. stay strong, safe and healthy.. l wish successful Monday for You and Your whole Family..😊😊❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻I wish I could have this little puppy. I would play with him/her all the time.We have a Corgi we saved as a pup for the past fourteen years. The guy that cut our grass was just about to abandon him when he took his kids and headed south to Apple Valley to family. He said he just didn’t have room in the car for him. Oh well he has been faithful to us for all these years and cost me a small fortune for medical expenses but returned it in love.

I have never seen a corgi puppy before. I had no idea they were so cute! She is a handful, but what a delight 1) Drinky the milky 2) Rubby the belly 3) Explory the housy 4) Poopy the poopy 5) SleepyThank you please read Romans 10:9-13I’m just curious, what kind of milk do you give to your puppy?Belly puppy I have great idea how call the name Nelly beautiful 😍😻🍼🐶😽🍼💖💐

Mama Niko has got Master Nathan covered. She’s not gonna let anything happen to him…..not that her howling wasn’t awesome before, but for some reason tonight’s howling was extra special. She’s just a special dogLuv Mama Niko! 🥰 I’m assuming this video was made b4 her conjunctivitis??? Also, can’t get over how much Nathan is getting to look more and more like Amelia! Such a cutie!!!Niko you’re so fettle with Nathan, just the real mummy type looking after the young. I think female dogs normally are anyway. I had to laugh about passing Milo, now we really know who the boss is. Lol ️ 🐕❤🐶💙👶💙Nanny Niko…”my baby, Nathan” She will always protect Nathan and Amelia. They are her babies too. 🐾❤🐾 Nathan is growing so fast! He really looks more like Mia every day! He is such a cute boy. 🥰 Em, you and Shane are so blessed to have such a lovely family, including all the furries! ️ Stay happy and healthy in the new year!

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