Found Wailing In Pain In A Puddle – With A Tail Cut Off He Couldn’t Go To The Toilet For 24 Hours…

Found Wailing In Pain In A Puddle – With A Tail Cut Off He Couldn’t Go To The Toilet For 24 Hours…

The kids brought me this pot yesterday. We found him screaming all over the street in a puddle. One solid lump of dirt and pain. He keeps crying and crying. Ears and tail deserve a separate post. This puppy was mutilated in a vile way…How can a human being do such horror to a tiny puppy. They’ll pay for this one hundred times more. Divine Justice. Blessings to all rescuers around the world. From Peru 🇵🇪

Thank you for helping him. Poor soul. You are a kind person. He has been shown compassion and given medical treatment when he most needed it. It’s a similar story of human cruelty towards innocent defenceless animals worldwide, no matter where we humans live alongside animals. Thank goodness God provides humane people like you to help and restore faith in humans.

Thank you for helping and rescuing him 💕 💙 God Bless you all 💕 💖Please give lots of love and kisses. What a beautiful baby. I wish I could take him. So sad what evil people do. They will answer to God 🙏🙏🙏What a gorgeous puppy who didn’t deserve the cruel treatment by ‘human’….. definitely deranged human…. I sincerely hope Karma catches up with them. He is suffering so much but I am so glad the child had the sense to bring him to you for care and treatment. Thank you for helping him.Omg such cruelty,poor little pup luckily you helped him . Crying 😭 right now. God bless him & you for helping.x

Thank u to the ENTIRE RESCUE TEAM FOR GIVING THIS BABY VETERINARIAN CARE, LOVE, AFFECTION . I truly wish evil karma finds the monsters that torture innocent & defenseless animals 😢 🙏OMG seeing that broke heart😢 Please keep us updated on how this brave little pup heals from his terrible wounds. Thank you so much for helping him!!

To think that there are people who would do such a thing to a puppy (or any dog for that matter)… It’s both horrifying and unbelievable.

Beautiful little chap, I hope he gets a wonderful loving forever home when he’s ready🐕🐕🐕

Thank you soo much for help the puppy, god bless you baby…💛🐕🐕🐕💛🙏🙏🙏Hope the vet can repair Plato’s broken leg. He is still a cute puppy despite the horrible mutations. He has suffered so much. Love him How could anyone do that to this beautiful puppy or any Papi I’m glad he was found and I know he will have a beautiful and happy life from here on God bless everybody who was involved in Saving this beautiful puppy😇🥰🐶🐕❤💜🐾🐾🙏This is not the work of adult dogs looking at the extent of this poor boys injuries. They are no evidential puncture wounds. This boy has been tortured either by adults or children. Hope he makes a full recovery regardless and goes on to find a loving family . Thank you all for taking him under your wings and protecting him.

I pray that all of these evil ,nasty people are made accountable for their crime if not here then Let God deal with them ! When their time comes thank you for taking care of this precious baby

This poor little baby did nothing wrong for someone to want to do this to him. Sick people out there !Those who have done this are simply not human. Animals have more sense and compassion.How cruel people do that poor tiny creature 😳 May god mighty mercy to these voiceless creaturs 🙏No animal should have to through go through the terrible trauma suffered by Zarina. I hope that he will be adopted by a forever family who will provide affection and all due sustenance throughout his lifetime.Whom ever did this to this tiny baby is evil they have no heart but neither does Karma and it is coming for them . Thank you and God bless you and this beautiful soul ❤❤❤

OMG!IAll I can do is cry for this poor baby chopped his tail broke his leg and cut his ears with a scissor What Vile human could do this? 😭😭 Thank you for saving this poor baby…

You guys did a Fantastic job stabilizing him!!!! Not sure, will he be able to walk again? Those who did this need to be TRACKED DOWN and PROSECUTED!!!!! What they did is F**KED UP!!!!!! would Really like to see a part 2 (update)!!!!!What a complete bastard thing to do to a poor defenceless baby! I hope the POS that did it has karma visit him big time and I hope it hurts!! Bless little Plato’s heart, he must have been in such pain and so frightened, I hope he finds a really loving home soon. God bless little man, only good things now. Can you please keep us updated on Plato’s progress, thank youPeople can be sooooo cruel. Poor little guy. One of the nurses I worked with had a saying,”God is not sleeping.” The people that hurt him will pay in the end.

How can such evil exist in this world? What kind of sick person can inflict such cruelty on this little fellow?

People who did this aren’t human they are monsters should be a law to put them in jail before they hurt more or hurt people too since it never stops getting worse in their headsI have absolute unmitigated faith that karma will take care of the person or persons who did this. It always does.Karma to the wicked beast or beasts that did this to an innocent baby. They deserve no mercy. The same should be done to them. Then they’d realize how much pain they’ve wrought onto this poor puppy. May God bless the innocent and their rescuers.I would love to know who that piece of crap that done that. They are so precious. 🙏

That fiendish creature that did this to this pup should be locked away for the rest of its life. No even remotely normal person tortures others, whether animal or human, there is no excuse for such crimes. Poor little pup – so much pain in your short life, nobody deserves this!I don’t understand why people make a puppy have so much pain and get enjoyment from it and then just leave them alone you would think that if they had “fun” causing pain and suffering and watching it they would carry on instead of just leaving the puppy on it’s own what do they get out of that,why not just end it than dumping them?Lots of evil people this days . No mercy for hurting this innocent fur baby no heart at all . Please give lots of love .

Whoever do this to her don’t you worry my love they will pay is coming My heart is broken Why animals have to suffer to much Am so glad kindness peoples helping and care for you am thank to whoever you are to save him I wish heart peoples just drop deathWhoever did this karma will return to that person!!! To harm anyone and more so premeditated!!!! Fire from heaven will fall on that person!!!! For sure!!!God bless you,karma will definitely with these vile cruel monstersYou find another woude on the dog after you go to the doctor !!! Good doctor !!! Haha lol

The monster that did this will pay. God give this furbaby miracles

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