Mother cat Mimi tells me not to work, so I’m taking the day off…

Mother cat Mimi tells me not to work, so I’m taking the day off…

I love how Mimi always has this elegant charme in whatever thing she doesMimi is highlighted in this video. She is so cute and funny. She lets out thrills when you pet her. Her stance at the computer is great.Kiki and the babies get the attention but Mimi is such an adorable cat, too.🥰🐱❤Mimi is the most beautiful and peaceful cat, I’ve ever seen. And for her mother’s instincts, some human mothers can learn a lot from her. Mimi <3Mimi is so sweet and gentle and beautiful. I would love to have a cat like her. Also, it is great to see Coco and Kiki becoming such good friends. Good video.Mimi wants all the attention from the owner, after having all those adorable 🥰 kittens beautiful Mimi definitely deserve it. Kiki is growing into a beautiful smart kitten cat. I can’t wait to see Titi, Fifi and Lili I’m counting the seconds ❤❤❤

Kiki’s expression when the duck squeaked. lol Mimi has the biggest most beautiful green eyes. 🙂Mimi really loves you so very much!😻 I found it fascinating how she touched the keys with her paws as if she knew what the keyboard was for. Very clever little girl is Mimi! It is VERY difficult to teach a cat to type! My two cats like nothing more than watching cat videos and sitting (as Mimi did), directly on the keyboard. 💻

Mimi is so pretty and smart keeping you for working” I love the Cat families 😍❤💙💖 😊

You are the only one that can touch the keyboard my beautiful queen Neither Kiki nor Coco can lay on the keyboard 😺I think Mimi wants you to switch on the laptop. She wants to see the pretty pictures and the keyboard will get warm so she can lie on it!Mimi, is such a boss.💖I just luv her to death. Is true she telling her daddy not to work today.and her purr and her sweet voice letting her daddy know that everything her he petty her and rubs her fur it feels good. And Kiki and coco are curious about the chicken so sweet.Nice to see garger chicken visit. Kiki is not too afraid of the ‘scream’ from garger chicken. Coco comes to say hello to garger chicken, the guest who screamed loudly (back when Coco was kitten) and stayed over for sleep. Mimi purrs/crills a lot. I guess sound of happy cat.

Aww always polite mimi 💓 good to see gorgeous coco. Does he comes to get all the attention as he used to ? How come 3 tiny ones are totally out of scene ?

Look at regal Mimi sitting on the desk with her beautiful fur and regal stance.I read somewhere that cats only meow for the benefit of humans – to communicate with us. Love how communicative Mimi is & the sounds she makes 😄. Kiki is a brave, calm & inquisitive cat. She doesn’t get alarmed or startled easily, because she trusts her owner implicitly.

Mimi’s feeling like today is the day for some, interference … Kiki’s fur coat, taken after mom’s♡ see it when dad & daughter, side by side… Take careHello human dad the pics of Mimi at the computer are priceless just like Coco and Kiki and the babies too.Thank you We love you all 🙏🇦🇺Yes. Mimi is dignified. You did well to heed her recommendation.

Mimi is such a sweet girl😊❤️ Titi, Fifi and Lili, how are they doing nowadays? I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Aww Mimi just wanted you to love her and help her with lili, fifi and titi for the dayMaybe she wanna learn ten-finger typing. Lovely cat family 😍😍♥Who said , these cute angels can’t talk with humans?. they does actually.. unfortunately many people doesn’t understand their language. 😄😄😄.. Mimi is just lovely.. very charming lady she is.. always😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

My sweet girl Mimi is a purrfect 10/10 😍🥺 princess Kiki is just adorable to the max!! and papa Coco always looking gallant and handsome 🥰

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