If you sit on the cat island, you will soon be surrounded by cats.

If you sit on the cat island, you will soon be surrounded by cats.

The way they’re all so comfortable and relaxed around strangers makes me ridiculously happy.I love how every cat adopted a spot next to him. In moments, they had him completely surrounded. I need to visit this place.The fact that they look so clean and healthy means they’re treated very well by the town.

This is freaking wholesome!The fact that these cats aren’t running away means they likely have mostly good experiences with people being nice to them. Which makes me happy.The fact that the cats came to you shows you how nice the people are to the cats that live there, and how loved they are in that town.

It’s so cute how they all approach and surround you when they see you. They’re really sweet little fluffballs.I love the tiny greeting meow that one of them makes. So soft and cute that it’s like a cat in the original FF7 did it but real.This place is definitely where I want to be if it was my last day on earth, spending the day with these cute kitties is heaven for me 😻😇

It makes me so glad to see that the people that live there have treated the cats so nicely to the point they are comfortable with any strangerI like how they are just chilling with a random person,not running away or attacking each other,the most cute thing I have seen on YouTube

This video contains too many cuteness! As a cat lover, there’s no way I can hold myself from patting or hugging these cats on that island😭 An island with friendly cats? It sounds like Heaven to me😍 I dont mind spending months staying on that island 💞Let’s just appreciate the fact that these cats don’t mind walking up to complete strangers at all.this is really listed on my bucket list, I would cry tears of joy experiencing such paradise…

Ive been raising birds for over 15 years and seeing this, amazes me. That cat is literally 1 in a millionThe cat is a natural momma and, as for the hen, she’s just amazingly accepting of the cat’s gentleness towards her chicks💯This is a healing therapeutic to the soul, love it, especially the cat mom’s patience and kindness. They are pure, loving,humblenessThis is what love looks like in all creatures. Nourishing and Considerate. How touching. Love it.That look the cat had when they first went under her was precious. She was like, “ I can’t lay down. I’ll crush them. What am I to do?

Gentle kitten is very trustworthy…mother hen approves…It’s like that book, “unlikely friends.” I love them resting together at the end. Mama hen got a well-deserved break and the cat may not know what’s happening but seems to really like it. What’s not to love about this?❤🐈🐓I love how they all know instinctively to get under the cat where it’s warm and safe…pidder paddler goes my little heartImpressionante a calma e paciência que essa gata tem,lindos de mais todos,deus abençoe os que amam e cuidam🙏🏿🙌🏿✨😻😺🐈🐤🐔🐓💛🧡💛🧡🇧🇷🇧🇷Animals teach us everyday they are far more worthy, than us mere humans! Watching this bought a tear to my eye The other cats that live together with chicks, usually, cant resist but play occasionally with them in a not exactly delicate way. This is the first cat I see that is totally respectful to the chicks, beautiful and harmonious sight..

What a sweet cat, trying to accommodate herself to the little guysThe cream-colored cat is gentle and affectionate. Little chicks get it. I think she is very honorable.Is there something wonderful happening these days that different animal kinds can live in this much harmony? What a uplifting thing to see!❤☀Wonderfully gentle cat, trusting hen and chicks. A message for the world.What a very beautiful relationship between them 💕🐈💕🐔🐣💕The birth mother rests while the adoptive mother takes over! A cute change in guards! The little ones are well taken care of.

Oh, how animals surprise us these days. So much love ️ So much compassion. 😊It’s most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen. God bless her the kitten holding chicks for sleepy tired hen with love. 🙏♥LOS ANIMALES TIENEN MAS ️ QUE LOS HUMANOS.👍🇪🇦Seriously, this is beyond adorable. Maybe the chicks preferred the cat’s warm fur over feathers? The hen accepts her offspring’s gravitation to the cat and I find it hard to believe that kitty wasn’t sedated! Amazing cat who really seemed to enjoy “mothering” them.. The hen was relaxed enough to doze off with the cat and her chicks. A beautiful video.


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