Alaskan Malamute Protecs Baby With Her Life! (Cutest Ever!!)

Alaskan Malamute Protecs Baby With Her Life! (Cutest Ever!!)

Niko is so considerate and protective, Nathan isn’t to phased by the howling because he heard it in utero 😍🐕👶Those motherly skills inside fluffy Niko kicking in, she doesn’t need to be trained she knows what to doNiko is a fantastic singer!! She actually sounded like she was singing some lyrics. Thank you for some Niko only time!! Love from 🇨🇦The saying is “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but I think this channel does just that! This family never fails to bring a smile.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… NATHAN IS THE CHILLEST BABY EVER!!! 👶💞Aww Niko! What a beautiful soul! Nathan sure has some of Mia’s features. He is so sweet! Nathan isn’t even afraid of Niko’s howling. I love this so much! 😘😘😘Niko is just like Phil… perfect dogs!!! And speaking of Phil, I think he’s made the playhouse his home now (hopefully it’s warm in there).

Beautiful Nana Niko is on duty & in charge! Her “Song of Nathan” was lovely but her paw resting on Nathan’s tiny leg was the sweetest. She’s devoted to her Little Humans. ❤🥰We have M&M with Mia and Milo and now we have N&N with Nathan and Nico ❤All your babies are adorable!! Watching these 2 grow together will make amazing memories!Nico singing for Nathan, that’s so cute of her 😊💕🐕👶

The sweetest 🥰 congratulations on your new baby🍼 Hope Mom is doing well & getting lots of rest💜 Nikko is thrilled to the gills to have a baby to watch over 🥰Love how Niko demands respect from Milo. There was plenty of room for her to go downstairs but she made Milo move first by growling. If this was Phil he would have walked down the stairs through that gap on the left without giving Milo a seconds thought as he considers Milo his dear friend and isn’t interested in status dynamics. I just love all the different personalities of your dogs and Milo of course. It so wonderful to watch.

Niko listens well to Shane. Nathan is used to hearing muffled howls from the pack along with all the hoooman voices.😊Mama Niko is so photogenic!! She just looks straight at your camera (at us) with those sweet round eyes!! She’s such a sweet girl!! Ah-woooo!!! 😍Niko is so adorable, we don’t get to see too much of her in this situation. Nathan is beautiful and growing so quickly! God bless you’re whole family!Niko is such a beloved member of the family. I just adore how cute and sweet she is, especially with Nathan. If I ever own a dog I only wish he or she could be like Niko.Niko: this is how things alt to be…Me, mum, dad, and babies. ……. Niko: Milo get off the steps…mum and dad are carrying the baby. Milo: There is plenty of room to walk, why should I move. Niko: NOW MILO! Milo: Okay, okay. Sometimes Niko you can really be ****** Niko: WHAT!?! Milo: overly Protective….I said Protective. Niko: All safe now mum and dad…you can bring nathan down now.

Nathan is adorable and so very lucky to have you guys as parents and all of the wonderful dogs as well as your cat. Nico is a perfect nanny and companion, as well as a great singer! I love your channel.Nathan is such a cutie, just look at that sweet adorable face! Niko’s face is getting softer as she ages, it’s interesting watching how she is changing. Niko is such a good nanny, a tried and true fur sister,lol. Thanks for sharing, see you soon.Nathan getting big! Precious protective Niko and curious cute Milo! Hi Phil in the dollhouse! peek-a-boo. Teddy’s probably out running around the yard!


I am sooo in love with Niko! She’s a great singer. She’ll take wonderful care of little Nathan as well as Miss Mia. You guys have such a special familyThe hierarchy is so obvious. Niko is so obedient to Shane, but when Milo is in her way, she will demand his obedience and make him move.Somewhat new to this precious ‘family pack’ & am truly thankful to journey with you! Baby Nathan is so adorable & sweet, I love how attentive Nanny Niko is towards baby! Love the howling, so cool! Godbless everyone & enjoy weekend! 🤗🎶🕊

Aww nanny queen niko singing nursery rhymes for her little one aww so cute and adorableI just absolutely love your family, the way you parent and let the pups be a part of it. Your children will know that love. My daughter has grown up with pups (and now our beautiful malamute) all of her 21 yrs so far.

Since Amelia looks so much like dad, I wonder if Nathan is gonna look more like mum?I am so glad you named the baby Nathan as my brother is also a Nathan!! Both are great people! 🙂That baby is a Precious Angel Doll!! Omg!!! Have fun while you can. They grow way too fast.🥰😘💜

Niko luvs her daddy so much! You can tell she feels more secure whenever Shane is home; otherwise she is on guard over her pack! (Good girl, Niks 🤗)Adorable 🥰 all around… Beautiful baby… Beautiful pup… Thank you for letting her know she is still very much loved… even with the arrival of your new bundle of joy !!

Well I guess Niko is the lead singer of the Matthews Malamutes group 😄 Nathan is growing up fast 😮 He’ll be running around with Mia in no time really soon😎Oh, Emma and Shane…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Nathan is positively adorably precious🥰I can’t take it💗And Niko, his fur mommy-she’s the best aloha mama.

Mama Niko has got Master Nathan covered. She’s not gonna let anything happen to him…..not that her howling wasn’t awesome before, but for some reason tonight’s howling was extra special. She’s just a special dogLuv Mama Niko! 🥰 I’m assuming this video was made b4 her conjunctivitis??? Also, can’t get over how much Nathan is getting to look more and more like Amelia! Such a cutie!!!Niko you’re so fettle with Nathan, just the real mummy type looking after the young. I think female dogs normally are anyway. I had to laugh about passing Milo, now we really know who the boss is. Lol 🐕❤🐶💙👶💙Nanny Niko…”my baby, Nathan” She will always protect Nathan and Amelia. They are her babies too. 🐾❤🐾 Nathan is growing so fast! He really looks more like Mia every day! He is such a cute boy. 🥰 Em, you and Shane are so blessed to have such a lovely family, including all the furries! ️ Stay happy and healthy in the new year!

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