The mother dog watched her cubs helplessly as they were encircled by insects.

The mother dog watched her cubs helplessly as they were encircled by insects.


It takes a strong young woman of God to do the work 🙏 of saving these beautiful momma and her baby puppies. 🐶 ❤💙 💖 I see nothing but love and dedication for the animals you save.

Thanks for all of your loving kindness helping this beautiful dog. I could not imagined how much he went through. Very kind of you. God bless you. Really appreciated.

The mother seemed so grateful and thankful she and her puked seemed so calm thankful to the rescuers. The mother did the best that she could to stay with her babies. To the rescuer how can anyone thank you you have such a beautiful soul, a soul that God have you because He knew what your purpose would be when you were born . Thank you a million times.

Heartwarming rescue. Happy and safe at last thanks to you wonderful people

Thank you so much Rescue Team. You are treating and taking care of these injured dogs and rescuing them.Those who are doing very good work. You people are very good kind hearted people who have come as an angel for these animals. many thanks to you all rescuers Many thanks to all of them. God bless you always and keep you happy always.And you keep on doing a good deed for these animals.Others should also learn by taking inspiration from you.Must do good work. You guys are an example for others.Bless you always🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🦮🦮🥰🥰🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤

My beautiful baby, may God grant you strength and give you a healthy home with kind people!! And thanks to those who saved you and took care of you, lots of blessings to you all, amen!
I had the opportunity to raise 7 puppies that their new mothers (and I) didn’t want to feed. Not the cord, not the placenta. It was incredible. My mother dog is so pampered. To believe. Even though he is no longer with me, I still love him. I heated them with infrared light and goat’s milk. I kept two of them and my mother never accepted them. Leaving them is a beautiful and at the same time a very sad experience. They give thanks for everything with their unconditional love.
Definitely a very precious shame for the person who left him to suffer on the street, God bless the yin, my prayers are with both of them for saving this precious boy to see that playing frog n kermie warms my heart, if yins can do an update in the future I would like to know how their stories have reached millions thanks to you
Please update Frog if possible, pray for him and your strength and love for animals ❤️
I love his little voice! My god! It’s the sweetest potato around! Laugh out loud. I pray that Toads continue on their journey of life. I pray that he gets the most amazing parents around.
Oh my God, Frog is so cute 💖 thank you for saving his precious life and giving him the treatment and care he needs to grow up healthy and strong. God bless you!

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