Funny dogs and kitten videos here you should watch for a good mood

Funny dogs and kitten videos here you should watch for a good mood

We love a meowy protective mom! To save more cats and make stories like this possible, please consider making a one time donation or becoming a monthly supporter:Awww mom reaching through the cage towards her kittens and making sure they stay in their box was too precious Thank you for being such an inspiration. My wife and I have now fostered over 40 kittens in the last two years for our local shelter. All because of your videos 

Momma is proud of her pretty little marshmallows! Adorable. Thank you so much for everything you do.


Thank you so much. These videos help us all. Especially those who have sadness and or grief of any kind. Please continue to bring in the simple lightheartedness joy that comes with watching these precious little creatures. May God Bless you and keep you. Thank you again. Where would we be,without our beloved little pets. What you are doing is a very good and positive thing.I watch a lot of animal vids and I think your channel is one of the best. Thank you🙏And my cat, whom I loved, would vomit her hair ball at night on my bed. I loved her very much. My responce was to put her on the floor.

I love how animals can carry their babies in their mouths and not ever hurt them with their teeth. This mama cat is the best .Just so precious 💕💕💕 It was a very cold night. My Siamese kitty had her 5 babies in my parents closet. We were having issues with mice in the house. I woke up as I could feel some small animal under my blanket by my feet. Petrified it was a mouse, but it was 2 of Chena’s babies. Then saw her coming from my parents room with the 3. Funny to watch her trying to carry 3 at one time.

I had a cat when I was in first grade who slept with me. She started to have her babies under the covers with me in the bed! My mom had to take her to the place she had prepared really quick and I remember seeing one kitten on it’s way out when my mom was carrying her away. Thankfully, she kept her kittens in the place my mom had prepared. Lol

I don’t mind sleeping with my cats , and cleaning kitty litter, because the love, happiness and peacefulness Around them is priceless..💞♥I love Kira’s eyes 💗 She seems to have a sleepy lids half closed look which make her look like she is content. I can’t believe how beautiful she looks, so different to when she had Mosya although she was always beautiful🐈. Her fur is darker and much more full, she looks very much the Queen 👑!🤗I’m glad she still has that rare and precious bond with the amicable Dad Cat! You have a lovely sweet baby Kira 💕, you look so well and it’s so nice to see you again. 🌹xx (just realised I have written that as if Kira will read it!😁)


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