The heartless owner left him in the cold after years of service for them, He has no power…wonderful?

The heartless owner left him in the cold after years of service for them, He has no power…wonderful?

Dogs and cats are animals with a heart and soul, they’re not machines. They need warm living conditions in cold conditions like in Winter, I pray that when the former owner gets old his family will dump him on a street corner, give him a tent and a blanket and see how he feels. God Bless you Damian, you’re a great dog.Yo pienso que lo poquito que lo habéis tenido el perrito dentro lo malito que estaba ha sido feliz y qué pena dormirse y no despertarse por lo menos no sufrió gracias por lo que hacéis por los animalitos bendiciones 🇪🇦🇪🇸🐶🐩😸🐕‍🦺🐈😾😺🙏💋Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you for giving him so much love and care!I know what’s it’s like to lose a 4 legged child. Very little compares unless you lose a wife or child of your own. I lost my wife 18 years ago and then our black lab a year later. My heart goes out to you. I thought Damien was going to recover and live a good life like he deserved. Man’s inhumanity to our 4 legged friends is simply unbelievable at times. Damien is in a better place and I truly believe that.

Im so sad for damien 😢😢😢 Thank you for all the love and care you gave him , godbless you 🙏🏻Exacto a mi CHESTER, nos duró por un mes los 17 años, hasta su collar era del mismo color, qué triste….no merecen tanta cobardía y desamor cuando ellos nos entregan todo. Era un Golden y no estaba viejo…Great job lady! I love you! Thank you so much for helping the poor dog 😍❤🙏🇮🇹Deus abençoe sua vida grandemente e de toda sua família por ter acolhido e salvado a vida desse anjinho inocente e indefeso São Francisco de Assis o proteja amém. Infelizmente temos no mundo verdadeiros demônios em vida que ainda se dizem tutor de um animal para fazer tamanha crueldade abandonam doentes sem fazer castração com pulgas, carrapatos e quando ficam velhinhos são descartados como lixo nas ruas para morrer a própria sorte. Se não fosse esses anjos de Deus cruzarem os caminhos desses animais hoje seria mais uma vida perdida pela crueldade humana. Pessoas que fazem crueldade com os animais e a natureza não esqueçam que existe a lei do retorno essa age rápido e severamente na vida de quem maltrata animal e a natureza pelo mundo não tenha dúvida essa lei é a única que não falha tenho certeza absoluta disso seus monstros covardes sem índole assassinos cruéis. Vcs são seres humanos incríveis fizeram de tudo para salvar a vida dele mas infelizmente por tudo que passou com essas pessoas do mal aconteceu o pior, tenho certeza que agora vc vai ser muito feliz longe da crueldade humana. Por isso que esse mundo está podre de doenças terríveis e tragédias pela brutalidade e crueldade que o ser humano vem praticando contra os animais e a natureza pelo mundo, e vem tragédias muito piores enquanto o ser humano não aprender a ter respeito com os animais e a natureza pelo mundo essa vai ser a resposta da natureza. Graças a Deus que temos no mundo seres de luz que ajudam os animais e a natureza pelo mundo. Só Deus para recompensar pessoas como vcs que ajudam os animais e a natureza pelo mundo.


Hermoso perruno que gracias a angeles humanos los últimos días de vida los paso en un hogar de mucho amor y comida.Dios té bendiga siempre mujer 😇

My heart break into pieces for this poor little angel 😭😭😭💔💔💔I can’t stop crying !!! I was so happy that I thought he could survive,but poor poor sweet Damien you did not get a chance to have a happy life 😭😭😭thanks a million to the rescuer for rescuing this sweetheart and that he could feel your love and care for a very short time! Oh my my tears won’t stop falling on my face 😭😊😭I love you so so much sweet beautiful gentle Damien !!!!❤❤❤May you RIP!!!Thank uuu so much for all of ur love and sharing this story and everything that u did for him. He passed on happily wagging his tail n knowing that at that moment he could be sick but he was loved and cared for too. Thank uuuu! May u be comforted ❤❤❤No hay nombre para estos desgraciados y maldecido el Karma les va a llegar pronto muy pronto son Angelitos gracias por ayudarlos a estos seres de luz valen muchoThank you for doing everything you could. He knows he was loved 🥰 I am so sorry RIP you’ll be missedRest sweet one. Know that you were truly loved by so many and captured so many hearts. May you run fast, far and free of pain and hunger. Cross the rainbow bridge knowing you will be surrounded by friends eternal🥰😭🥰😭I am so sorry he is no longer with us! I am glad you were there with him and gave him much happiness and love. 💔🙏I was not expecting this. This baby did not deserve thgis. Karma to the people who did this. I am heartbroken. We raise Golden’s and their hearts are so pure. I am crushedI am sorry for this unhappy ending. However, thank you for making his last days full of love and kindness. He is in doggie heaven now playing with the other dogs.

He looks like a Golden Retriever, and they are gentle, loving and kind, so how anyone can treat him so cruel, when he would never do them any harm, is something that makes me feel so sad!! Thank you for saving beautiful Damien and have done for him as much as possible to save him at least he knew what love and affection was in his last days RIP dear Damien I’m very sad you passed away God bless you my darlingYou are safe and no more miserable now,please be happy with these kind hearted rescuers,love youRest in peace and may you be blessed.😢❤😢❤😢❤ I hope the people that done that to you pay for it when they meet their maker! Bless you old boy..❤❤❤I feel so sad for you. You did all that you could to save him. Atleast, in the end, he got to know & feel human kindness.Yes the condition of the baby was inhumane. And yes my eyes teared up. But to hear and see and feel you begging him to live. THAT is what made me cry. Bless u for yr heart. If we could just give a tenth of that love to others we would not have the horrifying things happening. 💔Thank you so much for taking care of Damien 💞💕 He might be lucky to have you in the end of his life which was happy for him. He was young boy so, was shame that he lost his life. The world is lots of cruelty happening 😡 Animals and human being have same precious lives! Human being are most cruel!!! So sad 😞It ended on a positive note, you were with him until the end. HE WAS NOT ALONE. Now he cross the rainbow bridge he be waiting for you on the other side.😢 😢


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