Grooming A Neglected Dog With A Weird Thing On His Back

Grooming A Neglected Dog With A Weird Thing On His Back

This matting rate is phenomenal. Your care is just as important as any random medical intervention when the dog’s health and well-being is at stake. Thank you very much for your valuable service.
Thank you so much for your kindness in helping the silent creatures of the four-legged brothers.
I have NEVER seen such a matted dog before! Wow!! Thank you for caring about even the initially aggressive ones. Thank you for understanding that the speaker may have fear or pain.
And thank you to YOU, Damjan and Sanja for all the time and hard work you’ve put into letting this dog live again! God bless you both!
Thank you for your interest in traveling so far to help these dogs. You and Sanja are indeed a blessing.
CONGRATULATIONS on your 5th year of being a great and talented hairdresser! Thank you for everything you do for the animals. You are a wonderful man to deal with the extraordinary suffering of these poor little creatures. They are like children because they want a lot, just like a child. They need to be fed, kept warm in the winter, cool in the summer and of course washed, groomed and Loved. I hope your family is proud of what you’ve done. Almighty Allah has gifted you with the love of animals, so it has turned into a very special but difficult profession and the right profession for the right people. God bless you and your fiancee for your dedication to the healing of our furry friends… of all kinds. Four or two legs are lucky to have met you. Thank you so much for helping animals 🐕🐕🐕🤗, health, happiness, well-being, good luck, strength, patience to you precious animal rescuers 🙏🙏🙏❤️
At first I was angry that a dog could be so neglected. When you told me how he was loved but lacked the support and resources of his owner, I was touched that you changed not only the dog’s life but also the life of the woman who loved him. I do home care and have professional care equipment and will reach out to help people like this woman. It is truly inspiring and what you do is life changing.
Thank you for your excellent work and the kindness you have shown this dog and the old woman. When you took him to the vet the dog looked so beat up in the cage, but then he straightened up, was awake and looked 100% better and probably felt 100% better too. People like you and Sanja remind me that there are kind and loving people all over this planet. Much love from New Zealand.
This is probably the best sleep this dog has had in a long time! He must be very uncomfortable walking, sitting, lying down, eating, peeing and pooping! God bless you for the time, patience and kindness you have shown for all the dogs you groom.
Your patience and empathy towards badly neglected dogs is outstanding! thank you very much.. good luck in your non-egoistic business
It would be great to see a video clip of her expression and excitement when she wakes up and realizes that she is no longer in pain and all that hair is gone.
The most haphazard part of the video, but the best part, is your occasional caress and your comforting hands as you groom it. You clearly care above and beyond. Thanks for what you do. His love and desire to help is very clear.
You are so kind to these dogs… I love what you do. You definitely make a big difference and give them a fresh start. I bet they feel so free and light. 😊Best wishes as always💕

This video was very informative for those who don’t know the pain given this Matted situation. I am very happy that it is loved. Bless you and the vet for these acts of service to the helpless.
It’s so awesome to watch you transform this dog. In addition to your skills and dedication, your kindness and care while caring is admirable. I noticed you stroking her a few times and I think she should have noticed the attention she was getting even when she was calmed down. You will both be appreciated.
Another beautiful and graceful groomer for a wonderful dog in need of help 🐾♥️ 🐾♥️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ Damian and Sanja – You and the amazing couple and their care team ️Blessings , AnnNo wonder he was aggressive towards you at first, probably not only scared but also hurt has also taken. Thank you for helping him.
I find it very cute that you caress and caress the puppy even if he is asleep and he is not aware of what you are doing ❤️ You actually love dogs and you can’t control yourself. Keep up the good work 👏🫶
I am so glad you found him. I’m sure he’s feeling better. Thank you for doing this😊
The dog is still strong and you can see this kind of good dog, strong and yet overlooked, without master, there is a wound, to save the furry one from the mud well done, of course, you should know better, in general, well done, patient girl, not everyone can stand it. ..
Thank you to everyone who cared enough to help you and this dog and his old owner get the care he desperately needs! God bless you!! Remember to be kind to each other, offer help whenever you can, and ask for help if you need it. My heart is filled with joy, thanks again for this blessing❤
You guys are great at helping these dogs. The poor man looks very sad. I can’t even imagine how bad you felt. It’s so nice to give her the attention and love she deserves.
What a great job. You are great at what you do. I’m glad you exist to help these poor people. The little dog was beautiful. Congratulations. God bless you, thank you.
My God, what a state this poor thing was! 😢Thank you very much for giving life to this angel, you are angels sent from the direction of Allah!!!🙏🙏
You and your fiancee are wonderful people. Going that far to get the poor dog and then grooming it. Thank you for your generous time and kindness to the dog. The world needs more people like the two of you. God Bless and Happy New Year from Florida🌞
Imagine how awkward it must have felt for her purpose to get up and get rid of all that hair that weighed her down. Thank you for being so kind to her and giving her a new chance at life.
Thank you for grooming this wonderful and precious dog and making a plan for his new life thanks to his owner and kind-hearted neighbor, Kind hearts make a big difference in this world. Please stay tuned so we can see this handsome boy in his new life. 💗🙏💜🐾💙

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