20 little abandoned puppies were clinging to each other on the road! Then see what happens!

20 little abandoned puppies were clinging to each other on the road! Then see what happens!

Happy are those who help him live! An admirable and noble gesture! Kindness will save the world. Thanks to all sensitive and compassionate people. Thanks to those who saved the ponytail and helped out. Thank you
Greetings and gratitude from all big brave people for saving puppy blessings
souls of GOOD PEOPLE who saved so many lives of vulnerable children! May Health, Happiness and Love for the World always be with you!!!handsome thanksAnimals are not objects, they are living things that deserve our compassion, respect, love and support, they are the subjects of life. Thanks for helping them.
It’s good that there are still so many good people and they have such a big heart, love Halina Sułek Poland love love love
Where in the world can you compare the pain and sadness of losing your mother? Everyone who saves and heals please be with us and protect us baby, may your purpose be at ease, you are not alone. kind people, a bow that saves children, health and happiness to you
A thousand thanks to the beautiful angels who saved this beautiful baby. This is like little Moses, whose mother hoped and believed in the help of Jehovah God. THANKS GOD for everything ️ THANK YOU to the person who prepared the video. ️

I imagine the pain of the mother not having the baby around… miserable people. Fortunately, there are still good people. There is no limit to human evil! The situation of these little friends left in the middle of the road is very serious! It’s hard to believe that human beings can be so cruel! But thankfully they were saved from the good people line!!!🙏🙏🙏
Guys, you are amazing, what good friends you are, may God give you health and strength to save these furries!! Oh what a story, thank goodness they were found and saved.
Thank you so much for supporting what a beautiful story with a happy ending!! 😘😘🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😇😇😇🙏✨🇲🇽👍👍
Thank you so much, she’s a precious angel, a good life forever…Well, another case that’s more of the same. There are brutal cases and I have championship problems and on top of that, I see that animals have a right to be happy with their owners, because they are innocent beings and I can’t tell them that they only want LOVE, love. heartfelt greetings, stop those who help, keep the animals simple,😥😻❤❤

I swear by Allah who can abandon that beautiful little creature without a heart, there are angels and you are one of them and you saved him with all your heart for helping that poor baby crassias crassias 🇦🇷 How did the children end up alone in the middle of the road?
What cruelty! Good thing someone with a heart saved them! I hope the homes they go to are actually relevant and responsible people! Do not use them, mistreat them or separate them for other purposes! If only it could be inspected by going to each of those houses and inspecting how they are today! Thank you so much for saving them! But someone put them in that area with terrible danger for their life! And you should know who you are! Thank you so much for letting me know! Great channel! ALL LIVES ARE IMPORTANT! ALL LIVES ARE VALUABLE! AND ALL OF THESE OF course! ❤️
I just saw those wonderful people thanks to all innocent creatures I save a life even when they are adults and the real thing is magic cure there are always a few versions due to my current age but I have saved up to 20 coordinated and stay at home with 14, the love and work they give, beautiful they are welcomed by their friendship and safety, they sleep like humans all night in the place they choose, and they never gave me any trouble when they had love. and I have been blessed for life through those who accept that it is a blessing for every animal on the street so that they eat well and lead happy lives.
poor thing God bless you beautiful defenseless angels I hope you find a responsible family no matter how bad everything people
Thank you to the rescuers who saved the abandoned newborn baby Toad from a miserable death on the streets. Every day your kindness makes the world a better place.Wow, abandoning so many babies. Glad they were adopted and helped. How bad.
Pity the little boy. Thanks for the rescue purpose. I hope they actually take care of them and never give up again and actually love these creatures. 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Such heartlessness, such indifference,,,, but there are angels of light, like this couple and everyone who answers the call, God bless these people, because they are your army against sadists and fanatics.
I am Vietnamese I love animals (dogs, cats) Thank you and your partner for protecting the kittens and finding new homes for them. Thank you to everyone who loves animals as much as I do.
Baby! Where is mom? Is the baby dead or was it thrown away? Nasty bastards! THANK YOU PEOPLE WITH GREAT SPIRIT THANK YOU GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! PEOPLE 🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
God bless that couple. I can’t understand so much human evil. Karma, otherwise everything will come back, or whoever spit in the sky will fall, it won’t take away the pain, but… justice will find its place.🙏🏾♥️Thank you for your empathy and compassion! Many people are very bad! We need better laws protecting our pets! Prison, no food, no water, no heat, fines and rehabilitation! Each of us needs to have pets repaired, especially mother dogs and mother cats! ♥️

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