Puppies Sleeping While Playing With Kittens | Cute Dog Video |Rockydog

Puppies Sleeping While Playing With Kittens | Cute Dog Video |Rockydog

Take them home…give them a comfortable place to sleepThanks for sharing. I love puppy and kitten. I am always make video with them😊Why would you think we want to watch a video about a puppy and 2 kittens down on their luck with you LEAVING THEM THERE ON A BED OF ROCKS TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES?? You either HELP them or find someone who will but STOP trying to make money from innocent babies who need HELP not exploitation for money!!

A wonderful woman. Out there, I’m grateful that it’s making such a difference in the lives of these animals.
DAR’s interest and commitment is once again incredible – and he oversees whether the cats are being cared for. Such devotion and absolute kindness. DAR sells t-shirts on their website. Nice attribute and a great way to support and promote them. Please everyone get one. 💜🐾 Thank God for people like DAR team🙏🏻
My heart breaks for this precious baby. Thank you for helping him. he is a beautiful boy now
Thank You For Rescuing This Poor Puppy God Bless You ❤👍👍🇺🇸🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Thanks for saving, healing and showing him so much care and love, Gary is so beautiful and looking for a family 🤗❤️
A very sweet boy, very weak and wagging his tail even though he is in pain. I hope he finds his forever home soon. Thank you for helping this poor little sweet boy.
Ermioni…. a real angel in these angels lifetimes! What a beautiful little animal and so cute! May it be embraced…everyone, so happy and loved!
We congratulate the whole team who managed to gradually take the lead with our little brother, the emotion they gave with love and loyalty, and there is a huge amount of brave humane people, other villains, torturers and violent people; mission for the purpose of such a nice hug. 🐕‍🦺🐈🐩🦮🐕and so noble🌷
Thank you so much for caring for him and saving him from a sad existence. I would also like to thank the young man we left behind in contact with you. Your dedication to helping animals is admirable. Bravo to you, you are making the world a better place.
A thousand thanks for saving them and giving them a better life, they deserve it.
It hurts our souls to see an innocent creature in street conditions and it’s touching to see it showing love in the midst of difficult conditions because that’s what it shows by moving its tail, but see the purpose of it, soulful video with good hearted people willing to help them, thank you very much for helping them .👍

How nice to see someone saving such important lives, they are angels for me. Help these animals, who are mistreated by humans, who do not have half the love and emotion that these animals have.
I am always impressed by these videos. Heartless people doing this to an animal. I smiled when I saw him wagging his tail despite all the pain. He saw that he was in safe hands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference. so there is
Thank you “Ermioni” for saving all these precious fur babies! You are indeed a very involved individual and we are happy that you are there! Thank you again for your care and love of roads for all dogs! God bless you!

To all who do not ignore someone else’s misfortune and help the tails of the best. Thank you
I’ve raised dogs my whole life and I still don’t understand how some people can let an animal dependent on us suffer for the sake of love and attention. And how can one not love that face! Thank you for everything you do. God bless you❤
Gary is definitely a gorgeous and beautiful sweetie 😍 I’m happy he’s found and restored to health 🙂 I hope he finds the loving home he deserves I would give him lots and lots of hugs and lots and lots of kisses 🏠 I love Gary so much 🤗💋❤
It’s so sad to see him wagging his tail when you hold him in your arms. As if he knew you were going to help him. He looks like a sweet and precious soul. Get well and never suffer again. May Allah be pleased with everyone who takes care of these animals and give them a better life.🙏 ❤🐶🐾🌻
Besides being beautiful, this girl is one of the angels of the animals that GOD sent to earth to ensure the safety of these helpless and abandoned animals. My daughter, GOD PROTECT YOU ALL. 🙏🐕😘😘😘😘😘😘😷🇧🇷
Your dedication to rescuing dogs and finding loving care homes for them forever and ever is angelic and humanely honorable and commendable. In order to realize all these, a perfect person is needed, and that is you. You are a big, warm hearted angel. Look how this lively, timid and loving puppy changed his life. He suffered a lot and you saved his life. God bless you… ️ ⚘Thank you very much for your good heart and for saving the dog. I wish everyone the best ❤🌹❤💕💖🐕.
What a difference Gary sees now. And it’s all due to the great love and attention shown by the shelter, and I think the positive emotion the sweet dog is displaying. People find the love and affection shown from the line Gary felt in line. I am so happy (excited) to be the sweet dog that will be going to a loving home that he richly deserves. God bless you all.
I don’t understand how a person can abandon such a loving dog. Thank you for saving him and giving him a home he deserves.
Poor little one. I hope she finds her permanent home soon. Thank you for all you do for these dogs and cats. God bless you all.
What a touching puppy… Loving and patient. Thanks for saving a baby’s life! You are a very good person!
Thank you for giving all furries the love they can never see, God bless you always, angels of animals, thank you for looking after them and giving them the love they need ❤⚘🐕

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