Looking back on how kitten Kiki met tiny chicks for the first time

Looking back on how kitten Kiki met tiny chicks for the first time

Too cute and funny to see their interactions. Kiki is very interested to the chicks’ feet😆The way the kitten was trying to make the chicks pet/play with him was the most wholesome thing everIt’s so sweet seeing moments like this! Babies of different species getting along like this is really something!Que saudades de fase,a garotinha cresceu,oh minha doce Kiki ❤❤❤This kind of video is so comforting. Ease my stress, even for an hour or two only. It helps. Thank you 🙏So funny how at the end, it looked like the novelty had worn off for Kiki, and she seemed to be trying to keep from falling asleep! But earlier, when she was lying down and the chicks kept going around her head, I was getting nervous that one of them might start to peck at her eyes! If I’d been in the room at that moment, I think I might’ve intervened. Was relieved that didn’t happen – too cute

Sometimes I confused to describe Kiki cause even though I know she is a cat/kitten but she also can stand up like merkeet & some other time she jump hop hop like a bunny rabbit… 🤭 She really such an interesting & adorable kittenI miss my chicks a lot and watching this reminds me of them even more :(Kiki is such a healthy kitty. I care for a bunch of cats but they are feral and I can’t keep them as healthy as I want it is so enjoyable to watch Kiki and adventure with the chicks.The pure innocence just brought a tear to my eye. The world needs more of this, and less of… well, just about everything else.The cat says,” Look at them crazy feet on them chicks!” I keep re watching this, it is perfect to feed my soul.Kiki’s fascination with the chicks is adorable ! And they are in love with her as well ! It goes against everything in nature , but that’s because Kiki is so special !

They would be toast with my kitten I can’t believe how well behaved this little fluff ball is with the chick’s xxWatching this every single second of this video makes my stress blasted away 😀how beautiful I love to see them every time I can 😻♥️ it relaxes me the day after work this weekend thanks beautiful little angels, i love you Kiki!!!Towards the end of the video, Kiki is staring quite intensely at one of the little chicks and it looks like she’s thinking, “Hmmm, I think I want to EAT you !” But when the little chick suddenly flaps its tiny wings, that seems to snap Kiki out of her trance! 😆!!When I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep anymore cause of bad dreams, this vid is exactly what helps me fall asleep again and feel comfortable from the very beginning.Love it. The kitten is gentle with the chicks. BFF’sim also really happy to see two chicks 🙂 chickens are highly social animals and despite having a kitten friend they really need at least one buddy of their own and so that makes this video so much better

A couple of years ago, the neighbour’s cat brought all of her kittens over to our house. She’d been spending a lot of time here and we’d been giving her attention, food and water, and a place to lie down when she wanted to, so I guess she felt it was better than the neighbours’ place. Good thing too, as it turned out they were moving to a place which couldn’t have pets, so we wound up taking in their other cat and HER kittens too. Best. Summer. EVER!I woke up to a bed full of kittens one day because mama cat wanted me to guard her babies while she went off somewhere.Two years ago my cat gave birth to her two kittens; I made her a birthing box and everything. A few hours after giving birth, my kitty had moved her kittens to my best pillow and kept doing it until I put the pillow in the box😂 she was a very demanding new mama. I had her fixed after because the litter was not planned, and we fell in love with the kittens. Since she only gave birth to two we kept them, the three of them are inseparable. They still won’t let me have that damn pillow back however:(

I love how animals can carry their babies in their mouths and not ever hurt them with their teeth. This mama cat is the best .Just so precious 💕💕💕 It was a very cold night. My Siamese kitty had her 5 babies in my parents closet. We were having issues with mice in the house. I woke up as I could feel some small animal under my blanket by my feet. Petrified it was a mouse, but it was 2 of Chena’s babies. Then saw her coming from my parents room with the 3. Funny to watch her trying to carry 3 at one time.

The kitten looked so adorable when it started drinking milkShe done had a tough day! She deserved that bottle and a good nap Such a beautiful and adorable little kitten And then there’s my kitty who runs away as soon as she sees water 😂he looks so cute and adorable and she looks like a munchkin 😸kitten. Edit: she is really loving the bath.!!!She’s being so good! A few complaints, but not freaking out.i had a tough day today and after watching this it made my day a 1000 times better virtualhugAww thoI’m getting a pursin cat just like that and I feel like I’m never gonna regret getting one cause that’s the cutest thing ever on earth I love it

I was wondering where went the kitten 😅. Such a cute adorable fur baby 😍I was loving the editing of the video, the sound effects, captions, and of course music.🤍The song & its lyrics + vibe really went w ths kitten’s wash up and overall time w you. I’m so surprised it has as many views as it does, but not nearly as many likes or comments as views.😐Weird ppl.. Anyway, bless you & the beauty🐾.♡☆~this little kitten is really very cute 😍😍 and she was quite while her bath. She is very cute and Adorable 💕💕I love this sweet kitten so much I wish I had it too. I adore this cat.

This is such a cutie pie look at that Face I feel like hugging it💘💘💘💘💘Gorgeous kitty…she SO knew she was safe and loved🌺 Unlike some…🎶 I really appreciated the music 🎶…it was fun and upbeat…very nice😊😊😊Oh my goodness 😩What a cutie she is 😍love you bella 😍😍cuto little baby 🥺😫❤️ God bless you 💖so cuteeeee( when she was on the furry mat, i almost couldnt spot her haha!)Awesome video and music! Beautiful kitten too!ol love when its fully wet it looks like it lost like 50 pounds 😂God bless u and the kitten I love u both so much🥺she very much fits in with the white towel, ITS SUPER CUTE AND ADORABLE💙I think this is one of the cutest kitten and the video I have found on YouTube 😍❤Das ist so unglaublich süß. Da fehlen mir die Worte. Ein wunderschönes Baby.🥰🥰🥰Omg omg omg omg it is the cutest thing I have ever seen 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Wow this is the most beautiful kitten l ever seen 😍The owner was too rough on giving this beauty a bath please next time more gentle please 🙏thank you

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