He Cried for Help after a Car Hit Him Until This Happened

He Cried for Help after a Car Hit Him Until This Happened

Bless his heart. I cried when I saw how hurt that he was. Thank you so very much for doing everything in your power to save as many beautiful animals. YOU ARE A BLESSING PAW SQUADRON! God/ The Universe is going to bless you because you always go above and beyond to save and rescue as many animals as you can.

Dragul de el! Mic, scump, frumos și speriat… Să fiți iubit și fericit, domnule! Sunteți, cu adevărat, un iuI don’t mind sleeping with my cats , and cleaning kitty litter, because the love, happiness and peacefulness Around them is priceless..♥️💞♥️I love Kira’s eyes 💗 She seems to have a sleepy lids half closed look which make her look like she is content. I can’t believe how beautiful she looks, so different to when she had Mosya although she was always beautiful🐈. Her fur is darker and much more full, she looks very much the Queen 👑!🤗I’m glad she still has that rare and precious bond with the amicable Dad Cat! You have a lovely sweet baby Kira 💕, you look so well and it’s so nice to see you again. 🌹xx (just realised I have written that as if Kira will read it!😁)

Wonderful to know he’s now in safe hands he will make a fantastic addition to any family Hope he’s over the worst and can now go forward to living his life in safety, comfort and love. Thank you for sharing this rescue with us. God bless all angels who takes them under their wings and make them whole againAhora tiene una oportunidad de tener un hogar y estar cuidado y que no le falte nada 🙏Thank you for saving this sweet pup. And thank you for caring. We need more people like you in this world … God bless!! Name wise, I would call him Snow or Snowball , pure and beautiful 😊You will have a place in heaven for helping these innocent fur babies 🙏❤

Poor little puppy, alone, seemingly damaged, with his big eyes without understanding surly in shock… It was a good signal that he don’t had cried when you tucked him from the floor, not inside damaged. Thank you for rescued him. After the shower he seems to look more comfortable and he has eaten 👏👏👏, great, then cuddles that he has enjoyed and accepting the company of a new friend. Surely he will started to play with him the next day. A name for this little angel : Toffee, his ears had the color of a toffee sweet. Hope he get adopted soon 🤞 !!! Thank you for the work you do with so much love and kindness 👍Great… People like you inspire me a lot.💫 I always dreamt about providing service to stray dogs…. Hope it Becomes true ❤we feel your heartbeat and how your breathing rushes, when you find him, really close call…. you are a true angel man.I can’t stand it when someone hits an animal and doesn’t stop!!! Poor thing, he’s going to need a lot of help.😢Bless your heart for rescuing this angel. I cried when he was motionless. So heartening to see him playing

Thank you for caring for this beautiful baby! I think you should call him Chance. Everyone deserves a second chance and he certainly earned his.I wish this beautiful dog a wonderful long life with a great family.Thank god both of them are saved , such cute pups please let them be together always they look inseparable and will always depend on humans to be safe but I’m sure they’ll grow up to be loyal dogs returning to human aid ! God bless them to be healthy !mSo very happy that this super little chap is better and healthy and living with you where he’s safe. I think he should be called Cotton, because he’s White and it suits him. God bless you for what you doI’m so glad you helped this puppy! I think Benny is a good name for him. I wish I could adopt him but I’m in the U.S.Thank God he’s okay. My heart is beating fast watching this. I hope, he will get a family that loves him and live happily ever after. amen😇You are a loving caring persThank you guys for saving this little puppy we need more good people like you and the good work you do for animals how about prescious all the bestI love how u help these poor dogs it makes me happy to see have a safe place nowThe tails the little wagging tails… AWWW just too cute!! I love how the other puppy is like.. come on don’t be scared. get out of this corner.. and lets play!There are children’s books about a puppy like this and he is named Biscuit! I know you’re not in the United States.. I would take that puppy in a heartbeat! Someone is going to be so lucky to have him! XOXO

Some people just don’t have a heart I had mad tears running down my face this is so inhumane to a poor just laying there.I hope that he or she can get a loving warm home.Thank you for helping these lovely angels. If is a male I would name him Rio

Take them home…give them a comfortable place to sleepThanks for sharing. I love puppy and kitten. I am always make video with them😊Why would you think we want to watch a video about a puppy and 2 kittens down on their luck with you LEAVING THEM THERE ON A BED OF ROCKS TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES?? You either HELP them or find someone who will but STOP trying to make money from innocent babies who need HELP not exploitation for money!!

A wonderful woman. Out there, I’m grateful that it’s making such a difference in the lives of these animals.
DAR’s interest and commitment is once again incredible – and he oversees whether the cats are being cared for. Such devotion and absolute kindness. DAR sells t-shirts on their website. Nice attribute and a great way to support and promote them. Please everyone get one. 💜🐾 Thank God for people like DAR team🙏🏻
My heart breaks for this precious baby. Thank you for helping him. he is a beautiful boy now
Thank You For Rescuing This Poor Puppy God Bless You ❤👍👍🇺🇸🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Thanks for saving, healing and showing him so much care and love, Gary is so beautiful and looking for a family 🤗❤️
A very sweet boy, very weak and wagging his tail even though he is in pain. I hope he finds his forever home soon. Thank you for helping this poor little sweet boy.
Ermioni…. a real angel in these angels lifetimes! What a beautiful little animal and so cute! May it be embraced…everyone, so happy and loved!
We congratulate the whole team who managed to gradually take the lead with our little brother, the emotion they gave with love and loyalty, and there is a huge amount of brave humane people, other villains, torturers and violent people; mission for the purpose of such a nice hug. 🐕‍🦺🐈🐩🦮🐕and so noble🌷
Thank you so much for caring for him and saving him from a sad existence. I would also like to thank the young man we left behind in contact with you. Your dedication to helping animals is admirable. Bravo to you, you are making the world a better place.
A thousand thanks for saving them and giving them a better life, they deserve it.
It hurts our souls to see an innocent creature in street conditions and it’s touching to see it showing love in the midst of difficult conditions because that’s what it shows by moving its tail, but see the purpose of it, soulful video with good hearted people willing to help them, thank you very much for helping them .👍

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