German Shepherd Attacked by Cute Tiny Kittens

German Shepherd Attacked by Cute Tiny Kittens

You can see Rocky is doing his absolute best to not scare the kittens. He crouches down low with his paws in front, which is “I want to play!” in dog language. And he gently nudges the kittens and resists the temptation to “play bite”. Rocky is a VERY good boy!I wonder if Rocky is as overwhelmed by the cuteness as we are.How cute Rocky with the kittens, I remember when you only had Bailey I’ve been watching you for a long timehow calm rocky with the kittens so cute 💗💖💓💕

Don’t these kitties know I’m a ferocious German Shepherd! To be feared by man and beast! These videos say as much about the owners as they do about the animals. You don’t get animals like that when you don’t have good owners! Congrats to all of you.


Love seeing how gentle the cat is with the two budgies flying on him 💕👌♥️ now that’s sweetnessI think every hospital should run these great videos every day multiple times in every patient area, patient rooms. It can cheer up and cure any sick patient beyond what any medicine can ever achieve. Nothing can cheer up a person like these cute cute companions.One of the babies looked like he or her was examining the puppy. A Veterinarian in their future, maybe? Or Doctor😃♥In our crazy world that we have right now . What a terrific change of pace! They are oblivious to all the idiots out there!!

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Thank you so much. These videos help us all. Especially those who have sadness and or grief of any kind. Please continue to bring in the simple lightheartedness joy that comes with watching these precious little creatures. May God Bless you and keep you. Thank you again. Where would we be,without our beloved little pets. What you are doing is a very good and positive thing.I watch a lot of animal vids and I think your channel is one of the best. Thank you🙏And my cat, whom I loved, would vomit her hair ball at night on my bed. I loved her very much. My responce was to put her on the floor.

I love how animals can carry their babies in their mouths and not ever hurt them with their teeth. This mama cat is the best .Just so precious 💕💕💕 It was a very cold night. My Siamese kitty had her 5 babies in my parents closet. We were having issues with mice in the house. I woke up as I could feel some small animal under my blanket by my feet. Petrified it was a mouse, but it was 2 of Chena’s babies. Then saw her coming from my parents room with the 3. Funny to watch her trying to carry 3 at one time.

I had a cat when I was in first grade who slept with me. She started to have her babies under the covers with me in the bed! My mom had to take her to the place she had prepared really quick and I remember seeing one kitten on it’s way out when my mom was carrying her away. Thankfully, she kept her kittens in the place my mom had prepared. Lol

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