Abandoned Puppy Doesn’t Dare Cry, Worried That New Owner Won’t Take Him In

Abandoned Puppy Doesn’t Dare Cry, Worried That New Owner Won’t Take Him In

Can’t imagine how someone can abandon such a angel or any animal at that. I hope he finds a beautiful forever home, lots of love, and a never ending supply of treats.

Take them home…give them a comfortable place to sleepThanks for sharing. I love puppy and kitten. I am always make video with them😊Why would you think we want to watch a video about a puppy and 2 kittens down on their luck with you LEAVING THEM THERE ON A BED OF ROCKS TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES?? You either HELP them or find someone who will but STOP trying to make money from innocent babies who need HELP not exploitation for money!!

A wonderful woman. Out there, I’m grateful that it’s making such a difference in the lives of these animals.
DAR’s interest and commitment is once again incredible – and he oversees whether the cats are being cared for. Such devotion and absolute kindness. DAR sells t-shirts on their website. Nice attribute and a great way to support and promote them. Please everyone get one. 💜🐾 Thank God for people like DAR team🙏🏻
My heart breaks for this precious baby. Thank you for helping him. he is a beautiful boy now
Thank You For Rescuing This Poor Puppy God Bless You ❤👍👍🇺🇸🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Thanks for saving, healing and showing him so much care and love, Gary is so beautiful and looking for a family 🤗❤️
A very sweet boy, very weak and wagging his tail even though he is in pain. I hope he finds his forever home soon. Thank you for helping this poor little sweet boy.
Ermioni…. a real angel in these angels lifetimes! What a beautiful little animal and so cute! May it be embraced…everyone, so happy and loved!
We congratulate the whole team who managed to gradually take the lead with our little brother, the emotion they gave with love and loyalty, and there is a huge amount of brave humane people, other villains, torturers and violent people; mission for the purpose of such a nice hug. 🐕‍🦺🐈🐩🦮🐕and so noble🌷
Thank you so much for caring for him and saving him from a sad existence. I would also like to thank the young man we left behind in contact with you. Your dedication to helping animals is admirable. Bravo to you, you are making the world a better place.
A thousand thanks for saving them and giving them a better life, they deserve it.
It hurts our souls to see an innocent creature in street conditions and it’s touching to see it showing love in the midst of difficult conditions because that’s what it shows by moving its tail, but see the purpose of it, soulful video with good hearted people willing to help them, thank you very much for helping them .👍


At first i thought Henny looked anxious because of the grooming but then i realized that she seems to always look mildly concerned. Sweet doggo 🤗🤗She really takes the time to ensure the dogs are comfortable and safe! She’s an amazing groomerThey all ask who’s a good groomer, but they never ask how’s the good groomer 😭I sent my cat to a groomer who had great reviews and who had done him multiple times before. He came back with all kinds of cuts on his skin. No one mentioned a thing when I picked him up. No serious injuries but it was infuriating that they didn’t bother to say anything. Needless to say, I never went back.She definitely has never met a meal she didn’t like but she is such a sweetie

Yes, it’s thanks to our groomer we knew about a sebaceous cyst on our dog we’re having removed. Find a good groomer you can trust and you’re set for life.Henny deserves all the love, pets and good food she can get. Look at that face at 2:38…what’s NOT to love? She’s freakin’ ADORABLE!There is just something so precious about looking into the eyes of an older dog. Like theculmination of their life experiences in those soulful eyes. Precious. Very glad Henny has has a loving forever home. Round of applause to Henny’s family. Thank you for opening your home to Henny.

Henny was unbelievably well behaved for her groom…. especially bc of her age and bc it was her first time! I hope she gets to enjoy many more amazing grooms and days of pampering bc she deserves it.My dog doesn’t enjoy the groomer but I knew immediately after the first grooming appointment with a “bad” groomer. My dog’s demeanor was different than her usual distaste for a bath. She was visibly anxious and desperate to leave. Never went back and never had my dog have such another bad reaction with a groomer. Your dog’s behavior certainly isn’t the only indication of good versus bad but I would consider it

I love how sweet you are with the doggos and puddy tats. BTW….Roxy is clearly a land seal 😉Awe, Henny was such a good girl. She earned her treats.I appreciate you going over what to look for in a good groomer. We booked our 135 pound Akita with a local groomer a few years ago and he came back severely anxious and with a newfound fear of having feet near his chest. Pickup was the first clue something was wrong as several of the employees came out with wide eyes but no one could actually tell us why it was necessary. We asked if our dog had done anything wrong repeatedly because the vibes were so off, and we genuinely want to fix any problem behavior or compensate for it if it’s already occurred. The best we got was that he needed a different type of collar since he was a little hard to control with the standard one we brought him in with, but otherwise nothing. Just wide eyes, lots of people, and a general feeling of anxiety. Upon getting home and realizing how badly he was now flinching whenever a foot came near his chest, we put two and two together and realized he had likely been kicked.

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