This Totally Starved Puppy Wags Its Tail To Let An Old Woman Live In Her Garden

This Totally Starved Puppy Wags Its Tail To Let An Old Woman Live In Her Garden

A girl visited her grandmother and found this stray dog wandering the elderly later yard and she contacted us. When we saw the video, we knew that we had to save her, but when we arrived, the dog just disappeared. We all were searching for her and finally, one of our volunteer got her hiding in a bush…God bless all those who helped this poor dog. All who rescued her, who cared for her, who donated for food and medical care, everyone! I am glad there are still so many kind and caring souls. Hope she has a great life with a new owner!When she was eating on day 2, her tail was starting to wag, that’s always a good sign, the love she got from you carried her forwards, and a special thanks to the lady who sponsored her what a wonderful heart you have, bless you.Amo a personas extraordinarias cómo ustedes que dedican su tiempo ( su vida) a rescatar y darles una oportunidad a todos éstos seres maravillosos! Un millón de gracias no es suficiente para expresar mi agradecimiento y admiración. Dios los bendiga hoy y siempre Thank you for saving her, never giving up, finding and finding a loving family!!!!

Woman, you’re changing a lot and giving this poor dog a chance at life. God bless.
Thanks Honey, burst into tears, you’re saving animals. Best regards, Alexandra
I love that you always have a warm blanket when you collect the poor animals.
I hope she has a loving home forever, giving strength to the beautiful dog Thank you so much for helping her.🙏🏻❤
Congratulations! 👏 God bless your work. Saving innocent lives.
It just brings tears to my eyes to see how scared and frightened this dog is. I hope this puppy finds a loving home and someone gives this dog a second chance at his life with love and care.
This lady has a great heart! I wish I could work for you and help you save more animals like this. Thanks and keep up the great work, this world will be a much better place if more people are like you. May all your life be holy.
I pray that this little dog will make a great recovery. Thanks for saving this poor little soul. God bless you little one.
How did people take pictures but did nothing to help the poor dog?! This lady has a heart of gold! I looked into his innocent eyes and cried.
It’s sad to hear that the puppy died but at least he was given care and love for those 2 days and he didn’t die alone on the street. God bless you for what you’ve done!!
The photos helped, but yes, we can grow “more” as human beings, protect more “people” in challenges, our pets and nature in tandem with all living things. Many thanks to Ermione for donating herself to such a noble cause. ❤️
With what kind of respect, love and grace he was saved from the hell he was in, thank you for giving him another chance and witnessing it. Thank you for giving dignity to this beautiful and defenseless creature… May he have a long life. with a good family. .. beautiful little 🇨🇱Pity 😔😔these little angels need us for everything, care, vaccinations, food, water and a home where they are treated as they deserve.. With lots of love ️ and compassion ❤. thank you for helping you
A thousand thanks for your rescue and your love for animals. How can you allow an animal to live that kind of day? Unbelievable. So thank you to everyone identified as contributing to the rescue.
I seem to hear these precious animals saying “what will happen to me now”. God bless the vets. You are all Angels.

Thank you to the rescuer Raisa Shogin for helping the homeless, ill and injured mama dog Naida and her puppy Joni. Thank you for giving them medical care, and finding a loving adoptive home for Joni. Thank you for keeping Naida in your shelter with other dogs, some of whom are disabled. You and others are quietly rebuilding the foundation of your world with courage and strength. Every day your compassion for the suffering of innocent animals makes the world a better place. You are greatly appreciated!Very beautiful work. I would like the puppies to see their mothers for the last time before giving them up for adoption so that everyone would know about the new life that awaits them and they would be calmer.I believe, may God bless the life of each animal and yours

THANK YOU KINDLY FOR RESCUEING THIS SWEET HELPLESS INNOCENT 🐕 MOTHER DOG, & HER PUPPY !!! I’m so happy the mother dog Naida made a recovery!!! I also hope her 🐶 puppy’s adopter lives a healthy, long life with her!!! I hope she will have others in that same family who will love that puppy too if need be!!! ❤ Best Regards.The mama dog reminds me of Dixie. We rescued her in the middle of a big storm. She had just given birth to 11 puppies. She did the best she could to shelter them. We took mamma and all the kids. Still have Dixie and half the litter. The other ones went to Connecticut to good homes.You are very special people for saving this mana and her baby thank you so much God bless x


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