The mother cat does not like the sofa, so she carries the newborn kitten to the bed.

The mother cat does not like the sofa, so she carries the newborn kitten to the bed.

A couple of years ago, the neighbour’s cat brought all of her kittens over to our house. She’d been spending a lot of time here and we’d been giving her attention, food and water, and a place to lie down when she wanted to, so I guess she felt it was better than the neighbours’ place. Good thing too, as it turned out they were moving to a place which couldn’t have pets, so we wound up taking in their other cat and HER kittens too. Best. Summer. EVER!I woke up to a bed full of kittens one day because mama cat wanted me to guard her babies while she went off somewhere.Two years ago my cat gave birth to her two kittens; I made her a birthing box and everything. A few hours after giving birth, my kitty had moved her kittens to my best pillow and kept doing it until I put the pillow in the box😂 she was a very demanding new mama. I had her fixed after because the litter was not planned, and we fell in love with the kittens. Since she only gave birth to two we kept them, the three of them are inseparable. They still won’t let me have that damn pillow back however:(

I love how animals can carry their babies in their mouths and not ever hurt them with their teeth. This mama cat is the best .Just so precious 💕💕💕 It was a very cold night. My Siamese kitty had her 5 babies in my parents closet. We were having issues with mice in the house. I woke up as I could feel some small animal under my blanket by my feet. Petrified it was a mouse, but it was 2 of Chena’s babies. Then saw her coming from my parents room with the 3. Funny to watch her trying to carry 3 at one time.

I had a cat when I was in first grade who slept with me. She started to have her babies under the covers with me in the bed! My mom had to take her to the place she had prepared really quick and I remember seeing one kitten on it’s way out when my mom was carrying her away. Thankfully, she kept her kittens in the place my mom had prepared. Lol

I don’t mind sleeping with my cats , and cleaning kitty litter, because the love, happiness and peacefulness Around them is priceless..💞♥I love Kira’s eyes 💗 She seems to have a sleepy lids half closed look which make her look like she is content. I can’t believe how beautiful she looks, so different to when she had Mosya although she was always beautiful🐈. Her fur is darker and much more full, she looks very much the Queen 👑!🤗I’m glad she still has that rare and precious bond with the amicable Dad Cat! You have a lovely sweet baby Kira 💕, you look so well and it’s so nice to see you again. 🌹xx (just realised I have written that as if Kira will read it!😁)

When I was a kid my mom fed every cat in our neighborhood. This one mommy cat had kittens and we had a rain storm. She brought a kitten to the back door and my mom got a big cardboard box and towels and put it just inside the door. We left the door open and momma cat brought them in and dried them off, waited for the rain to pass.So sweet. I remember when my cat had her babies. 6 black and 6 gray. The cutest little ones. I was in love. My husband and I had to do a head count because they would get into everything. One day we were missing 3. Couldn’t find them anywhere. I was so worried. They climbed up the back of my desk drawers and were sound asleep. They were sleeping on pens, pencils paper, etc. So cute.

Yes it’s lovely to know Kira’s ‘husband’ agrees with her care plan for the baby and helps her around the house 😻 🍼🧺❎ 🍼🛏✅She is beautiful and such a wonderful mom. That baby is precious and will be a handful in a whileThe way she walks, mama cat looks like a real sassy pants! LOL Beautiful cat!That is the cutest thing ever!! So cute once the Mom was in her bed with her baby..she looked at I think the Dad with a little glare, then she looked at you and squinted her eyes lovingly ❤Golden British Shorthairs have the cutest faces. Not too flat, not too angular, but with that perfect teddy bear roundness, kitten like placement of eyes, nose, and mouth, and speaking of their eyes! They are giant, almond-shaped, onyx jewels. They are so cute, I can hardly stand it!Yes! Ive had similar experiences! Cats have a complete mind of their own 🤣❤

Kira so cute walking with her head high baby in mouth like saying I’m walking with my baby so move out the way my baby got to be well care for…🥰Wonderful mama cat 🐈 😻 she’s knows how to protect her kittens 😸 she’s carring her kitten 😸 looking gorgeous and beautiful 😘 meow meow is melting my heart ❤ 💙 💜 💖 💗 💘

She seems like a first-time mom. She’ll be less worried with her next kitten(s).I love Mama cat’s expression when she moves her kitten to the bed saying I dare you touching these baby you got to get through me to get her off the bed I ain’t budgingLook at the face on mamma cat, you can tell she’s got some personality. 😉The mom look like kitten herself. Such a beautiful mommy 😍Cats like their birthing beds/boxs to be in dim light from birth until the babies start opening their eyes. We had our mama kitty’s box in a nook in the kitchen, but before the kittens opened their eyes, she moved them into my closet in a cozy corner. They stayed there until they started straying from their bed. Animals are very instinctive and know how to raise their family often without our help.What a wonderful Christmas present…a new kitten! So sweet of you to share Mom and her baby! All the best to you!So so cute i love cats and how they look after their kittens is truly specialOne kitten? Is that all she had?🤔It’s so tiny and probably hungry. “Feed me!”😺💖The mother always wants to look after her child with great affection💕💕💕💕💕💕My cat seemed quite content with the basket I set up for her and her three babies for about two weeks. Then I found her trying to put them behind my dryer.

This video drove me nuts, she is dying for your love and approval. She wants to be petted and talked to with such love in your voice of how much the kitten means to the mommy

I just loved how she kept looking back at her humans like she really depended on their love and support! Beautiful video guy it was a pleasure to watch. 🥰I kept waiting for the human to help momma cat get the rest of the baby out. The relief it provides while birthing is unspeakable. *as a birthing person myself, I can confirm this
These cats are being treated like royalty, what could anyone possibly have to complain about?
Absolutely beautiful!
Thank you for sharing with us!i dont think many people truly understand how special it is for a cat to let their human be so close and involved while she gives birth.
Big shout out to all females of all living species. Thanks for what you have to go through to bring life to world during pregnancy and periods every month because guys have no idea how much pain we go through when all they do is orgasm and wait thinking they did all the work. I am a girl saying this to all my females out there ❤️I couldn’t believe how emotional I started getting watching this beautiful event. Such loving human parents. The gentle trusting look your cat gave you all throughout the births was awesome. Thank you for sharing such a lovely event. ❤️Aww the way she hugged her mommy human in the beginning took my heart like a little kid hugging their mom saying “I don’t feel good”…😔….was so sweet…🤗É tão magico e adorável ver tanta confiança e compaixão que a gata demonstra aos donos!! Ela é uma das minhas raças prediletas e ver essa fofura me faz querer ter um Sphynx mais ainda!I had always kinda thought sphinx cats weren’t pretty, but that was before I actually met one in person. It was a grumpy cat, but she was beautiful. Your girl is an absolute beauty! I’ve seen so many kittens born in my lifetime, but this was like REALLY seeing them born, without any hair in the way. 😉 It was incredible. Such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. It was awesome how you kept rubbing her belly and helping her before,during, and after labor/birth. ♥️😽
My cats water broke on top of me while we were cuddling. She had 5 kittens. We’ve all been cuddling together since. They were just born Friday night 9.2.22. I love that she trusts me with them a lot. She had just turned 1 year old, 6 days before giving birth. 🙏🏽💗💓💗💓💗

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