She limped after us begging to help her hungry puppy in the freezing snow

She limped after us begging to help her hungry puppy in the freezing snow

Danke vielmals für die Rettungsaktion und liebevolle Betreuung der süßen Mama. Danke an die ältere Dame für die Adoption des Welpen. Danke 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍GRACIAS : tu esfuerzo, responsabilidad y compromiso consiguieron que la madre y el cachorro pudieran acceder a una vida digna y disfrutable!!! 🐶🐕🐶🐕👍👍👍👏👏👏🥰♥Dios los ayude en todo momento por a ser milagros como este. Son unos ángeles para ellos y gracias a la Señora mayor por darle la oportunidad de ten un hogar Dios la bendiga y mis respetos y si tienes razón ayudar a todos los perros del mundo 😢GRACIAS A DIOS X RESCATAR A NAIDA Y A SU CACHORRITO JONI. NAIDA TUVO PROBLEMAS EN SU UTERO Y SU PIERNA. MIENTRAS TANTO JONI, FUE ADOPTADO X UNA AMABLE ANCIANA Y SE LO VE ESPECTACULAR Y MUY FELIZ. MIENTRAS QUE NAIDA, SE RECUPERO RAPIDISIMO Y ES ADOPTADA X LA RESACATISTA. HERMOSO VIDEO Y CON FINAL FELIZ. DIOS BENDIGA GRANDEMENTE A LA RESCATISTA QUE ADOPTO A NAIDA Y TAMBIEN A LA SEÑORA QUE ADOPTO AL CACHORRITO JONI. DESDE ARGENTINA PILAR CÓRDOBA AMEN Y AMEN 🐕🐶🐶🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐩🐶🐶🐶✌💝💖💜🐶🐩🐕😚👏👍✌💝💖👧👧💙👋💚❤🐶🐩🐕😚

cuanto a pasado esta mamá y su cachorro ,pero tiene un final feliz 😍😍 gracias por cuidarlos y llevártelos a casa se merece tanto tener un hogar y cuidados ahora está el bebe con su familia y feliz 😍😍 y la mamá se queda contigo que feliz está se lo merece tener un hogar y que sea cuidada 😍😍😍😍Was für eine tolle Geschichte 🥰 Und es hat mich total berührt, wie die Hündin treu und hingebungsvoll ihren Kopf an das Bein der Frau gelegt hatte. 😢Man merkt sofort dass es ihr Leben lang an Liebe und Geborgenheit gefehlt hat, und sie hat es richtig genossen in der Nähe dieser Frau. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe That presious Momma dog!!!! 💕 Doing her best for her baby out in the cold and snow breaks my heart!!!! 🐶💔 Look how sweet she was coming up to you wagging her tail!!!! 😙 So happy they both got their forever home where they will be loved and spoiled!!!! 🏡💓 Blessings to you for what you do!!!!! 🙏💕

Tanta serenità e tanto amore a Naida, mamma di grande dedizione verso il suo Joni. Grazie a voi, Animal Shelter, perché entrambi possono finalmente godere una vita normale. Grazie.Even though she was suffering she was doing her best to be a good mother. So glad to see that you were able to help both of them and find loving homes. It’s all they really want, some love and affection, which they gladly give in return. So sad to see so many of these animals suffering like this.No hay palabras para agradecer tanto amor, cuidados, empatía y amabilidad por los animalitos indefensos y vulnerables que ustedes seres angelicales les entiendo la indiferencia de nosotros los humanos si los animales pertenecen a la misma naturaleza que nosotros y tienen derecho a vivir dignamente y sienten igual que nosotros…que seria de muchos sin la ayuda de personas como uds que entregan su amor por salvarlos y otros lastimosamente para hacerles daño..millones de bendiciones para uds por su valentía y amor por los animales. ❤🙏🐕🐕Gracias por ser tan amorosa con los animales, naida se ve una perrita tan agradecida por ser rescatada a ella y su perrito. Bendiciones

Thank you to the rescuer Raisa Shogin for helping the homeless, ill and injured mama dog Naida and her puppy Joni. Thank you for giving them medical care, and finding a loving adoptive home for Joni. Thank you for keeping Naida in your shelter with other dogs, some of whom are disabled. You and others are quietly rebuilding the foundation of your world with courage and strength. Every day your compassion for the suffering of innocent animals makes the world a better place. You are greatly appreciated!Very beautiful work. I would like the puppies to see their mothers for the last time before giving them up for adoption so that everyone would know about the new life that awaits them and they would be calmer.I believe, may God bless the life of each animal and yours

THANK YOU KINDLY FOR RESCUEING THIS SWEET HELPLESS INNOCENT 🐕 MOTHER DOG, & HER PUPPY !!! I’m so happy the mother dog Naida made a recovery!!! I also hope her 🐶 puppy’s adopter lives a healthy, long life with her!!! I hope she will have others in that same family who will love that puppy too if need be!!! Best Regards.The mama dog reminds me of Dixie. We rescued her in the middle of a big storm. She had just given birth to 11 puppies. She did the best she could to shelter them. We took mamma and all the kids. Still have Dixie and half the litter. The other ones went to Connecticut to good homes.You are very special people for saving this mana and her baby thank you so much God bless x


Woman, you’re changing a lot and giving this poor dog a chance at life. God bless.
Thanks Honey, burst into tears, you’re saving animals. Best regards, Alexandra
I love that you always have a warm blanket when you collect the poor animals.
I hope she has a loving home forever, giving strength to the beautiful dog Thank you so much for helping her.🙏🏻❤
Congratulations! 👏 God bless your work. Saving innocent lives.
It just brings tears to my eyes to see how scared and frightened this dog is. I hope this puppy finds a loving home and someone gives this dog a second chance at his life with love and care.
This lady has a great heart! I wish I could work for you and help you save more animals like this. Thanks and keep up the great work, this world will be a much better place if more people are like you. May all your life be holy.
I pray that this little dog will make a great recovery. Thanks for saving this poor little soul. God bless you little one.
How did people take pictures but did nothing to help the poor dog?! This lady has a heart of gold! I looked into his innocent eyes and cried.
It’s sad to hear that the puppy died but at least he was given care and love for those 2 days and he didn’t die alone on the street. God bless you for what you’ve done!!
The photos helped, but yes, we can grow “more” as human beings, protect more “people” in challenges, our pets and nature in tandem with all living things. Many thanks to Ermione for donating herself to such a noble cause. ❤️
With what kind of respect, love and grace he was saved from the hell he was in, thank you for giving him another chance and witnessing it. Thank you for giving dignity to this beautiful and defenseless creature… May he have a long life. with a good family. .. beautiful little 🇨🇱Pity 😔😔these little angels need us for everything, care, vaccinations, food, water and a home where they are treated as they deserve.. With lots of love ️ and compassion ❤. thank you for helping you
A thousand thanks for your rescue and your love for animals. How can you allow an animal to live that kind of day? Unbelievable. So thank you to everyone identified as contributing to the rescue.
I seem to hear these precious animals saying “what will happen to me now”. God bless the vets. You are all Angels.
Without people like you… …all the good wishes in the world wouldn’t have a numerical value. You are the reason why there is less suffering in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will donate we all support you❤🐾
That poor puppy was waiting to die, she. It breaks my heart to see such defenseless, helpless animals. I am very happy that there are people in the world who will step in and help when there is a need to help.

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