Helped the mother of the Puppies in breastfeeding || Mother dog breastfeeding her puppies

God, don’t stop feeding him, try to find a home for mother and children. Just don’t quit. God forbid finding a loving family for the purpose of mother and children
Thank you from all over the world. Thank you. For the purpose of not passing.
How can I help? Congratulations. I wish there were kinder people and the world would be a much better place.
Please remove the puppy carefully, it is crying, oh my god it breaks my heart to see these videos of animals suffering everyday because of people who treat animals so badly, please mommy save the dog and save the puppies, don’t abandon it or just leave it there alone, give the mother dog water and give me food
Hello ❤️ 😃 and thank you very much for your help for these little innocents and their mothers. 👍Thank you all 😗. Kind regards.
God if I was close I would help these poor puppies. I hope an angel will come out to help these poor puppies. My heart aches when I see these puppies suffering without food and when they are cold they also feel the cold and the pain… From Bogota Colombia
Please take the pup out carefully it cries oh my god it breaks my heart to see these videos of people suffering daily from people who treat animals so bad please save the dog’s mother and save the puppies, don’t abandon them or leave them alone there, give the dog’s mother water and food
Please help the dog with his puppies, don’t leave him like this 😭 the problem will be flooding when it rains God inshallah ❤ someone with a good heart will come out to help these puppies… From Bogotá Colombia
Thank you so much for helping make the shelter bigger and more comfortable for the dogs and puppies, for being a good person, a good man, and for loving and respecting animals.
what smart and beautiful eyes the dog has, at least he needs a temporary home and butts will grow!!! I love dogs and nice videos with them…
While I appreciate how well-behaved they are (thanks! ❤), it’s still very sad that they were left behind where they were before…. 😢I’m still crying for them – praying for someone else or some other rescue team like ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED to take over and rescue them, take care of them and hopefully provide shelter for them until they are adopted. But whatever you do, God bless you.
This dog should not be kept there, it should be taken with you, find a loving person, find a home for him ☺☝❤.
Thank you Ángeles for helping these little ones and being with their mother.😍🥰😘😘😘
What a meticulous and beautiful moment when a mother who cares for her puppies and breastfeeds her babies, mother beautiful dog good mother animals are smarter than humans and take part in noble behavior these cute cute videos are all animals and deserve attention, respect and love, they feel, live they are beings who sustain and survive and are loyal and don’t just expect anything in return for attention and affection 😊 this amazing video is so beautiful😍
May Allah be pleased with you for your noble act by helping those innocent beings. Thank you
How cute are the puppies Thank God and thank God for helping them clean the place where their house is located but feed and water the friendly puppy please don’t ever leave them always go see them if they are okay a little one near their house so as not to leave them alone as the dog can barely fit give them a house they need more space i hope they help them and shoot another video where they are in their new house

The photo shows a very sad scene with the mother. I know it’s difficult. But they gave the mother medicine. From animals… Thank God. God bless. Your Paths with Lots of Light
I remembered seeing this in Saudi Arabia. The dogs and cats there had no homes. They lived in the fields. All I can do is give them food and water. Thanks for your kindness. Don’t leave them, just help the mother to feed her cubs. FOR GOD’S SAKE FEED THE MOTHER HAS BABIES HELP PLEASE WATER MAMA PLEASE THANKS🤲🤲🤲😔😔😔🤲🤲🤲😔😔😔🍛🍼🐕👍👍
Thank you for helping the mother and her babies, God bless you, 🙏🙏 you have a big heart ❤️ thanks and blessings🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Posters should have a sense of humanity, please save animals! God bless your good deeds and reward you
I thought it would comfort them and their mother more. Unfortunately, they will continue like this. Bh Minas Gerais Brazil
If you have rescued a dog family, you must give them a warm home! Don’t stop taking good care of them, you’re just digging the ground but what if the snake comes! will be swallowed
😌😔🙏😢😭😭😭if you can have some food for mommy….let’s do it even a baby food with bread,milk and meat…for her and her puppies…. 🤗🙏❤THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO 🥰🥰😍🤩😘❤️💯💯💯
I thought of taking the mother and cubs and taking them to a house with water, food and a warm blanket so they would be more comfortable and safe without being attacked by snakes or other wild animals. Have pity on your heart and do more for this beautiful 4-legged family they are cold too they feel warm they are just like us no matter what.
Beautiful mother I would pray for you, I wish so much that I could give you food and soft drink with a blanket that you have terribly beautiful babies if you could join an association we could take care of your family I love you and you can’t do anything ❤️ ❤️💔💔💔💔🙏🙏😢😢😢😢
Thank you very much for saving the cute little baby or the mother 🌹🙏🙏, you are the real children of Allah, the angel of greetings 👼👏🙏🥰🌹🤗👌🙌🙏🙏
Tadinha, God, I’m glad you’re helping this dog and helping her puppies. God bless you always
It’s raining! Won’t water get in? Hope to see more kind people. World is so beautiful
I actually love watching animal rescue, I hope you can benefit from helping out.
🥺May Allah be pleased with this family… I thought it was a man, I would come out of this hole and look at them in a warm home. yes🤦

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