Hardy’s story – Wolf howling stray puppy looking for mom was rescued from the dump

Hardy’s story – Wolf howling stray puppy looking for mom was rescued from the dump

Hardy was a stray puppy founded searching for food in a garbage dump. He kept howling just like a wolf, maybe was calling his mom or siblings. But as rescuer waited for some time, no other dogs apeared. After a full meal of meat, he was taken home for the first bath. In the days that followed, Hardy was restless and seemed to be looking for his mother. When he was taken to an area near the garbage dump, he showed interest in this particular environment. This is probably where he used to live. He kept searching around and insisted on staying here and refused to leave. But his mother never showed up. The good news is that Hardy finally walked out of the shadow of losing his mother.This happened to me . It was a very very brutal winter and I heard a puppy crying from my back porch. The tiniest thing just freezing to death. I took him in for the night and took to him the vet to make sure everything was okay. He was fine and I just kept him, fed him and left him alone until he was comfortable enough to interact with me. 7 years later he’s still my little baby .

His whimpers & tears broke me down hard. Makes me feel of how I’m still feeling from losing both of my parents just a week apart from each other.This makes me so sad that there are so many stray puppies and pets around the world that don’t have anything to eat 🙁 glad u rescued this cutieIn the name of all the people out there, who actually care about non-human beings, I sincerely thank you for showing everyone how humans should be; Protecting those that can’t protect themselves! I am extremely moved to tears :’)This is the most cutest puppy I’ve seen ever in my life … I wish i would have found him.. i would have kept him and cared for him as my own child… He is such an innocent soul ️ can’t resist his cuteness 🥺This happened to me with my little kitten Louis. Someone left him alone outside a building he was so tiny, dehydrated and sick. I bottle fed him throughout the night and remember how happy I was the first time I saw him play and I knew he would get better and live. Sometimes I forget that I saved him because most of the time I look at him in awe o

I found my dog when she was also still under a month old, begging for food on a cold winter morning on my way to work. Wasn’t able to leave her alone for even an hour, and at night we had to let her sleep with us as otherwise, she’d be crying all night being afraid to be abandoned again, and until this day she still continues to sleep next to me every night. She’s 3 years old now, and needless to say spoiled rottenThe way he shivered as he was wimpering was heartbreaking. So glad he found a good home. 🥲💛

Thank God you found this baby. I found my sweet girl, Mercy and her sister some coward had dumped them in an empty business parking lot, probably the night before, and they were only 2 or 3 weeks old. I took them home and bottle fed them. They were so terrified and pitiful when I found them you could tell they hadn’t moved from the spot, they were just huddled together and scared to death. So thankful I found them. Chance has a loving home and Mercy is the love of my life. If I hadn’t missed my turn and used that business to turn around, it would not have been a good outcome, as it was early Saturday morning on a 4 day weekend. And then I wouldn’t have my precious, beautiful pittie girl… so glad you were there to save this little feller. He’s just a BABY

my god! You are an angel. How do you find them in such a big space Poor little lonely sweet baby Thank you for your concern God forbid Every innocent soul is precious. We should show compassion to all animals. ❤️ 🙏Let’s all be kind and help more animals in need.❤🙏🐕
Thank you kind man. Even if you think this is a joke, you continue to look for the puppies. God bless you. You are very very kind, even though the puppy died, you washed and cleaned him, gave him a beautiful Graveyard with flowers to accompany him. You really touch my heart and I started crying for the poor puppy. May God give you abundant income and good health.
Thank you so much big heart boy if we were all abandoned furry ones wouldn’t be some people just love us it’s so unfair what they do with them I wish you all the best in life thanks blessings I’m from Argentina
Please try to adopt this little boy into a good family and an everlasting loving home!! Thank you for your loving kindness and helping all these babies!!!!
It is very honorable and respectful to perform an ideal burial for the lost. Even if it’s obvious, it hurts you a lot while doing it. It’s clear here that many people around the world respect and admire you, not only for the work you do, but also for the ethical reasons you show in doing it.
Can you post another video so we can see how you found it? Oh my god, what a pity 💔😭😭😭😭I wanted him for my sake, I used to take good care of him, he’s a tiny baby, scared, hungry, sad because he doesn’t have a mother. He had to take him to the vet, maybe he’d have to get some IVs. 🥰 Thank you for saving her instead of dying. 🙏🙌❤️
I can’t help but think that people are driving and not deliberately going at high speeds or trying to avoid the animals we left behind on the road at low speeds. leaving a dead animal to commit a crime. Help take care of Dogs and Animals. Thank you for helping the puppy. The world needs more people like you.
How deplorable… Me, the children, who cried when I buried that poor baby. Usually, when he moves the flower around his body, he turns the cross on top of his grave. I was touched by the kindness these people showed to Beautiful souls… thank you and God bless you!
It’s heart wrenching to see one puppy live and no one else. I Love 💕Dog’s are so special, they will have a place in my life 🙏and my heart ❤️! Have A Truly Blessed Day and Night EVERYONE!
My god! I’m crying, I’m so hurt for your precious brother! Thanks for saving your brother! Peace be upon his precious feathered soul ️ ️😢 😭✨🙏🌹❤
Thanks for your noble heart, young man, may God take care of you and your family, bless you for saving those furry ones, and give you 7 times more return than you earn.
You are a very lovely animal-loving servant of my Lord, you have received this baby whose brother has become an angel.

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