Baby Kitten By The roadside and Waiting For Someone To Save It | FTC Meow

Baby Kitten By The roadside and Waiting For Someone To Save It | FTC Meow

I am amazed at how these cats look when they first come in. Their eyes are just open and staring. I didn’t know this. I’m afraid I might have thought they were already dead and so not think to help. I’m so glad to learn. This is a great channel, thank you for sharing.Thank you to everyone: the man who found him and sent him to the dr., and the dr. Who knew exactly what to do to save his precious life. And anyone else who helped him along the way. Thank you all. You are so special. I appreciate you more than you can know. 💕💕💕🌻🐝😅The love this kitten has towards you is special. He knows who save him and his actions show how grateful he is! Your a true special person and thanks for your kindness towards God’s little creatures.Thank you so much for saving the very sick kitty! You gave all the love and the medical attentions that the kitty needs! Look at the kitty now, she’s always kissing and hugging you and saying thank you for saving my life and for your love!i did not think that kitten was gonna make it! I am so pleased and filled with joy you caused him to prosper and get better. Wow. And that kitten is grateful too. What a doll! Kind man!

Such a pretty little voice this one. Was so worried he’d given up on life. LOVE is a very special healing balm for ALL creatures. Both the rescuer and the vet saved this little life. Blessings to both of you for caring.🙏🏽😇💜🐾🐾🐾🐾

It’s crazy how fast he let you clean himself in the water without being aggressive at all when it seems like moments before he was scared and aggressive towards youWe found a kitten tied in a rubbish bag and dumped in the garage. We took it home and a year she is turned into the most loving and cuddly cat we ve ever had.Man, I get very emotional with these videos. They show us how important it is to simply be greatful for our lives. And also to do good things for others. There’s no better thing than change other lives for the better, whether it is for people or animals. If we are alive, we have a chance to make a difference in someone else’s live, or in the world in general.Imagine how tired the kitten got from resisting the person that finally he/she just gave in. As if not caring whether he/she dies or lives. Some humans are so evil to animals. You are a good human. Thank you for saving that little cute guy. Everybody needs love.

As someone who deals with street cats daily, keep in mind that if a kitten refuses you in the beginning, it’s not necessarily because they’ve been abused. I’m not trying to deny that there are some terrible people out there that treat animals badly, but I’ve seen many kittens act like this when their mom is not with them (for whatever reason) and they have to defend themselves from what they may consider dangerThat poor kitten is so skittish. You can tell even after the rescue he or she wasn’t sure if they’d be allowed to stay or thrown back out on the street. It’s heartbreaking. I hope this little one finds a loving home very soon.He isn’t feral yet, just abandoned or orphaned. He’s going to make someone a great pet. Good job, Rescuer!This rescuer is one of the types of people we need more in this world. People with kind hearts and the will to make a difference are people who can help make the world a better place.It’s beautiful what you did for this kitten. Looked like he was still super traumatized and tense by the end of the video, constantly crouched while walking. Hopefully he’s doing a lot better now and is able to feel relaxed and happyThis kitten is a miracle, since people hurt him and he didn’t trust anyone, now he’s a cuddly, loving kittyThank you for rescuing this little one. His purrs validated your love and care :)Just a tip, I wouldn’t feed your cat hot dogs all the time. I am so thankful that you took this precious kitten and saved him! Thank you for doing this!Thank you for taking the time and effort to save the street kittens. Your kindness and dedication to this cause is truly appreciated❤This kitten is precious! How could anyone want to hurt him??? It baffles me. Those people should, seriously, go to jail for this crime.He must have suffered a lot from the looks of his tail. Such a nice kitten he was so quiet at the bath and all the time !Animals teach us forgiveness, so glad this kitty is safe now 🙏🏽Poor little guy needed a nice person to find him. He looked so much better after the bath! I’m glad he’s safe and will be taken care of now!Thank you for saving this soul. Thank you for being a human. Bless you!I am an owner of a cat, and this is adorable for how you helped him! This warmed up my heart! Thank you for helping the poor little thing, Rescuer!Such a pretty kitty, thank you for taking care of him.There are still people like you, im so glad, you grommed him so gently😍. Poor little sweetie even his tail was chopped 😢


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