Abandoned Puppy was Left on the Shore Barely Surviving until This Happened

Abandoned Puppy was Left on the Shore Barely Surviving until This Happened

What I don’t understand is why it took the people who knew she was out there so long to contact you. I could never sleep at night if I knew of an animal who was out in the cold scared, hungry, and defenseless. I am so very happy for the happy outcome for this sweet baby. You truly are angels 😇This breaks my heart. How can anyone just abandon a poor defenceless dog on its own? Thank you for being there to help these poor little animals. You are a good person.It is people like u who keep the hope of humanity alive. My wife Latha is also involved along with her friends and us family in animal rescue and rehabilitation. Long live animal lovers.🙏She fell asleep so quickly cause she was finOhh the poor little thing she would’ve froze to death if someone didn’t save her! Breaks my heart that other people abandon these amazing n loving creatures! Thank you to the wonderful people who saved herName her “Shivers” and it will remind you of the day you rescued her and remind everyone how fragile life is and tell her story with her name.hank you guys!!!! That really warms my heart!! With so much negativity these days, your


May God bless you all for doing this beautiful work! You’re taking care of God’s creature! Thank you so much!!It was wonderful that you had a friend for this beautiful puppy right at hand. I think that helped her immensely to have someone to play with. Both puppies are beautiful and I hope you can find warm, loving homes for them. They so deserve to be loved. It sure would be great if someone wanted both puppies and they wouldn’t have to be separated. Thank you for what you do and caring.Lucky” is what I’d have named her. She was very lucky to meet you. Breaks my heart to see a beautiful animal abandoned. God bless you !Such a beautiful video. Thank you so much for rescuing her and giving her a chance at a good life. God bless you and thank you for showing kindness and love to the animals you rescue. I would name her Angel, cause that’s what she is. A very beautiful angel. It breaks my heart that someone would abandon her. How could they do that ? I just can’t imagine what she must have been thinking when she was all alone in the cold. I’m so very happy she’s safe. I hope she gets adopted soon. Thank you for rescuing her. You guys are awesomeseeing this video, how she shivers with cold, made me believe humankind is lost. And at same time found again, thanks to people like you guys! 🙂No puedo entender como hay seres humanos,tan crueles que dejar un Papy en ése frío, gracias a Dios que hay personas de buen corazón que los ayudan Dios los Bendiga 🙏Los veo desde Dallas TX y que Bonito trabajo el ustedes hacen

It is unbelievable to me that people could hear her cries and not save her. On more than one occasion I have come home with dogs running loose. Never one in this shape, but you better believe if I heard a pup crying I would not be going home without themShe’s so precious. People heard her and didn’t respond 🤦‍♀ Thank goodness you did. She’s beautifulThank you for doing this for these strays they would have died and now they are loved and happy it’s so beautifulit makes my heart fill with joy to see them play too! Yay! A new beginning for these little sweethearts Hope is gorgeous!People heard her crying out for a week and nobody thought to look for her. How she survived without food and warmth for so long is incredibly hard to believe. She’s gorgeous.this dog has the sweetest eyes ever 🥺 i always get so sad watching these animal rescue videos but they also bring me such happinness when i see them saved and treated with love, dignity, care. I think i would love to get involved with saving Dogs and Cats too cause nothing has ever brought me greater joy then when i see these animals become happy again 🥰. thank you for sharing these videos and igniting passions i did not know i had into wanting to be an animal rescue worker

Another wonderful rescue, from the archangels at 🐾paw squadron 🐾 I pray that you’re always blessed along your rescues and journeys and endeavors ahead. As always thank you for being wonderful people. I just don’t know why people abandon these dogs like this, when they have many options like shelters and Foster, instead they put them out on the street and horse environments.. people that do that are just straight evil. God bless all of you at Paw 🐾 squadron 🐾

it’s amazing to know how this kind lady got a chance at AGT and used it to spread animal cruelty awareness, regardless of her low probability at winning. I just hope she knows many people thank her for what she did that day on the stage.As an animal rescuer, it’s wonderful to see my fellow fighters up on the grand stage and bringing eyes onto these problems. Remember even if you can’t own 40 dogs or cats guys, you can help in your local areas by fostering, donating or volunteering. Commit to transport, help with training and assessing animals, cleaning the facilities. You can also join local rescue pages on social media. Viral photos and videos get animals adopted! There are many ways you can help that are completely free and merely cost you some time! Spread awareness and help make the world for animals better today!This was just wonderful all the way around… The empathy and pain felt by the audience, how many people cried, it shows how much good that’s left in the world.

This is the first time I legitimately cried at a Got Talent act. I can’t imagine the horrors the dogs must’ve gone through. I want to hug those dogsThis had me crying. Thank you for saving those precious dogs!The fact she did that to highlight animal cruelty, just floored me. What an amazing personI’m literally in tears. When I saw the image of the dog stuffed with 1000 other dogs I was crying so hard. This woman deserves the world for doing this.This dog has been named “miracle” for a reason…..SHE IS A MIRACLE! just wow , 2 members of my family cried at this performance at home…When I saw the picture of Miracle crushed in that cage I literally started crying. Miracle is one of the strongest dogs in my opinion and he’ll always be that way, we love you Miracle!!<3We need more people like him this is the world even if the dog is different or not. YALL ARE AMAZING 💗💗 Ps. Cute dogsIt’s amazing to know how this kind got a chance at AGT and used it to spread animal cruelty awareness, regardless of her low probability at winning.I just hope she knows many people thank her for what she did that day on stageThat’s awesome. Not just of the magical act, but because she rescued all those dogs💚💛💜❤💙thanks to this woman, over 30 million people have seen this incredible message of awareness, its truely heartbreakingTHIS IS SO POWERFUL!! I have tears in my eyes. Bless you for all you do to help these precious souls.This woman is an angel without wings This was absolutely hard and beautiful to watch at the same time, as a animal lover seeing that picture made me cry like a real man should about animals. Beautiful and i hope this woman lives forever.


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