Heartless People Who Made the Kitten Aggressive | Animals in Crisis

Heartless People Who Made the Kitten Aggressive | Animals in Crisis

It’s crazy how fast he let you clean himself in the water without being aggressive at all when it seems like moments before he was scared and aggressive towards youWe found a kitten tied in a rubbish bag and dumped in the garage. We took it home and a year she is turned into the most loving and cuddly cat we ve ever had.Man, I get very emotional with these videos. They show us how important it is to simply be greatful for our lives. And also to do good things for others. There’s no better thing than change other lives for the better, whether it is for people or animals. If we are alive, we have a chance to make a difference in someone else’s live, or in the world in general.Imagine how tired the kitten got from resisting the person that finally he/she just gave in. As if not caring whether he/she dies or lives. Some humans are so evil to animals. You are a good human. Thank you for saving that little cute guy. Everybody needs love.

As someone who deals with street cats daily, keep in mind that if a kitten refuses you in the beginning, it’s not necessarily because they’ve been abused. I’m not trying to deny that there are some terrible people out there that treat animals badly, but I’ve seen many kittens act like this when their mom is not with them (for whatever reason) and they have to defend themselves from what they may consider dangerThat poor kitten is so skittish. You can tell even after the rescue he or she wasn’t sure if they’d be allowed to stay or thrown back out on the street. It’s heartbreaking. I hope this little one finds a loving home very soon.He isn’t feral yet, just abandoned or orphaned. He’s going to make someone a great pet. Good job, Rescuer!This rescuer is one of the types of people we need more in this world. People with kind hearts and the will to make a difference are people who can help make the world a better place.It’s beautiful what you did for this kitten. Looked like he was still super traumatized and tense by the end of the video, constantly crouched while walking. Hopefully he’s doing a lot better now and is able to feel relaxed and happyThis kitten is a miracle, since people hurt him and he didn’t trust anyone, now he’s a cuddly, loving kittyThank you for rescuing this little one. His purrs validated your love and care :)Just a tip, I wouldn’t feed your cat hot dogs all the time. I am so thankful that you took this precious kitten and saved him! Thank you for doing this!Thank you for taking the time and effort to save the street kittens. Your kindness and dedication to this cause is truly appreciated❤This kitten is precious! How could anyone want to hurt him??? It baffles me. Those people should, seriously, go to jail for this crime.He must have suffered a lot from the looks of his tail. Such a nice kitten he was so quiet at the bath and all the time !Animals teach us forgiveness, so glad this kitty is safe now 🙏🏽Poor little guy needed a nice person to find him. He looked so much better after the bath! I’m glad he’s safe and will be taken care of now!Thank you for saving this soul. Thank you for being a human. Bless you!I am an owner of a cat, and this is adorable for how you helped him! This warmed up my heart! Thank you for helping the poor little thing, Rescuer!Such a pretty kitty, thank you for taking care of him.There are still people like you, im so glad, you grommed him so gently😍. Poor little sweetie even his tail was chopped 😢

They’re getting so big! And they’re reached the stage where they want to play constantly. What fun it must be to have a house full of such adorable cats!🥰🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈❤ And I never get tired of seeing Coco grab a toy and run away with it!😂Each kittens are uniquely beautiful 😻 Titi is so much like Coco he has so much energy and amazing beautiful blue eyes. It’s so nice to see Kiki enjoying her siblings. The owner is doing a great job taking care of the cat family they look so happy.😃 ❤❤❤ Thank you for the great videosWasn’t long ago Coco, Mimi and Kiki did the same thing, now beautiful Titi, so cute , love this beautiful cat family ️ all the way from Australia 🇦🇺Little angels are becoming more active day by day. It was nice to see daddy coco after a long time. Feel happy to watch this cat family everyday.🥰🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈♥🥰

Oh… this just abthank you for helping this precious baby You were probably the first person who ever did anything good in his life. It’s terrible to think that it might have been human causes that he got so aggressive.Thank you for being a source of love to the helpless. THANK YOU.How could people be so cruel to a helpless little kitten who did nothing to deserve what he went through

Any baby creature, kittens, pups or human should only be treated with love and kindness. It hurts to see how scared this tiny baby is, it also hurts to think he didn’t get this way by accident but by evil and cruelty, thanks for your work ❤❤❤ 🐱He is a feral kitten for sure, but he is still young which is why he warned up so fast. Well done in caring for him.It’s amazing how fare a little TLC goes. He learned that all humans aren’t out to hurt him.Just because u help someone u view may not change much But the people u help may be a new world for him🙂It’s a very sad story to see animals abandoned without a family and love Glad he’s okI’m glad someone treated him well… He looks SO MUCH better! Thank you sir for your selfless as actions for this kitty…. I’m sure he will love you forever for it!Mi auguro che ci siano tante di persone cosi. A me fa una tenerezza indescrivibile quando un esserino così bello piano piano da fiducia a chi lo aiuta e gli da AMORE che è quello che si meritano e non la cattiveria di certi esseri “viventi ” che non hanno ne compassione ne’ rispetto x nessuno.Thank you for helping this little guy! ❤❤

Thank you so much for saved this beautiful poor little angel and caring others homeless cats as well. Please bring them to the safe place or to your house. The world needs more people like you to help and love helpless animals. Best wishes to you all🙏What a wonderful, compassionate lady Luna was to give the poor little kitten a break when the kitten needed one so badly. God bless Luna! I so hope that the kitten will get a good home and people who will take care of it and love it.Thank you for rescuing and giving this kitten a chance in lifeThank you for rescuing and giving this kitten a chance in lifehank u 4 saving this adorable creature, l watch your videos, & am blown away by Jasmine & Luna cat, how different they are. Luna has saved & accepted so many orphans, she is truely an Angel. Your children are also gentle with the kittens. Keep up your good work.Wow! Your cat is very cute. I like trinity color hair. He is very active. I love animals especially is the kitten.Ahh, precious Luna took him in, how lovely! Good thing, because he seems too little to be separated from his mom.Son tan bellos…tan frágiles…no hay razón alguna en tirarlos los gatitos son demasiado especiales……abrazos desde cali Colombia 💚 💜GOD bless you kitty🙏♥🙏😘😘😍😍❤God bless you for helping this absolutely adorable little kitten you will be rewarded ten times more

Thank you for saving that beautiful kitten. The world is happier with the warmhearted people like you🥰😍🤩😻❤Thank you very much, for rescuing and helping the kitten!Thank you so much for everything you do for these cute little angels 💕🙋🏼‍♀💕We need more people in the world helping animals like u do instead of abusing themThank you for saving these kittens 🐈‍⬛ bless your kind heart 💜May good health and good fortune follow you all the days of your life for saving this precious kitten! 💖😻🙏I really love this video 📹 the kitten is adorable and the torti female is beautiful and the cat on the lead. Very pretty cats. Thank you for rescuing the little kitten. I shall call her molly xBlessings indeed 🙏 to save this little kitten indeed  ThankyouThank You and Bless You for saving these Sweet Beautiful Baby Kittens and finding their Mother.I pray they all get a good home with lots of Love and Hugs.🙏💜🤗😺

I was told by people who work for health care that kittens in that infant stage can drink goats milk. I gave my rescued kitten organic (I think it was unpasteurized) goat’s milk and she grew rapidly, opened her (beautiful) eyes and ran around like a sports trophy kitten very quickly after receiving this goat’s milk. So I think it can safely be used as well as baby kitten formula.Thank you for rescuing. The kitten there’s a great message hear that all life is employment, and God loves all his creatures.The poor baby. Do not blame the workers. They tried their best to take care of the kitten; they just didn’t know what else to do. Thank you for caring for the kitten.No criticism for the workers. They are not there for comforting kittens but to do hard work. And even then they saved the kitten and tried their best to care for it. I really respect that.

Don’t let this kitten’s cuteness fool you! She’s a wanted criminal in most countries for using her cuteness to get away with tax evasion, theft and even murder! In all seriousness, thank you so much for all that you do to save and help these precious babies. You two are shining lights in a world of darkness.I don’t think there’s anything more joyful than watching a kitten play! Thanks for sharing❣Nothing cuter than a kitten who does the “Crabby Puff Walk” when they are trying to be a bad-ass. Too adorbs!I loved the part when she saw her reflection and thought it was another cat she was looking at. So cute.I love how that baby tiger takes it easy on you. When she bowed her back and hopped sideways I just knew it was over for Mom. Thank you for sharing and being a good MommyThat is one very smart kitten. Has learned how to train its humans to respond, cuddle and pet. Then it rewards with purrs and head butts, plus love. Wonderful save for our world.😽🥰❤I watched the other video and loved seeing her progress from being scared, to being shy, to being confident, and finally to lovingly ruling her human subjects. 😁That’s so darn cute watching her sidle sideways in her attack with her fluff on end, and tail at attention 😂 Cats in general are fun to watch play, but kittens are just to cute & funny. She’s a little sweetie. 🥰”There is never a love more honest and true than the love an animal gives to you”


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